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XR Tech Interview Questions

XR specific tech interview

AR / VR / MR / XR

  • Explain what is AR / VR / XR / MR, how are they connected? Why would you choose one over another?
  • Your client is saying "I want a HoloLens app that can do X".  How do you qualify if they're wasting their money?
  • Tell me about some logistical implications of this tech in the enterprise?
  • How does developing an XR app differ from a traditional 2D or 3D game / app?
  • Specifically, what are some downsides to translucent displays (HoloLens, Magic Leap), and how do you accommodate for them?

Rendering Tech

  • Explain to me a typical rendering pipeline - how do games go from "there's a cube here" to "this is on the screen"
    • Looking for key concepts: Transforms, Matrices, World Space, Object Space, View Space, Camera, Mesh, Material, Shader, Lighting
  • How does texturing work?
  • What is culling? (Frustum and Face)
  • Are you familiar with shader development? Talk me through how you would implement a force field effect in a shader
  • Why is transparency a pain in the butt?

3D concepts

  • What's the difference between a ray, a vector, a quaternion, a matrix
  • What is a ray cast, and when would you do it?
  • Why are Quaternions so damn useful?
  • What does the data structure for a mesh look like? Why?
  • What is a normal? Give some examples of how they are useful


  • The client wants to render a building with 200K triangles on a mobile / HoloLens.  What things do I need to consider?
    • 2M triangles?
    • 20M triangles?
  • Talk to me about a time you've taken a "shortcut" for performance reasons (eg. Blinn-Phong vs Phong)
  • What is overdraw, and what are some ways you can prevent it?


  • Go through the various aspects of lighting for PBR materials
    • Specifically, Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, Metallic, roughness etc.
  • What specific considerations do you need to take for VFX in a VR or MR?
  • What's a particle system?

Running the gig

  • Explain to me how you capture a client's desire, turn that into reality, and then confirm with the client that it's good?
  • You're working with an artist on an XR gig.  How do you share assets and work together (eg. 3d meshes, textures etc.)
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