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Last active Apr 25, 2020
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Helm 3

Install Helm

brew install helm

Initialize official Helm chart repository

helm repo add stable

List all the Helm chart in the repo

helm search repo stable

Install a Helm chart

helm install stable/redis --generate-name # Let Helm generate a name
helm install myredis stable/redis # Specify a name

Create your own chart

helm create mychart # Create the chart
helm install mychart --generate-name # Install the chart
helm list # List all release
helm delete <release_name> # Delete a release
helm upgrade --set key1.key2=value <release_name> . # The key value pairs override value in values.yaml
helm history <release_name>
helm rollback <release_name> <revision>

Install a Jenkins chart

# Run as non-root user
$ helm install jenkins stable/jenkins --set rbac.create=true,master.runAsUser=1000,master.fsGroup=1000
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