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// getting the key
private KeyClient KeyClient => new KeyClient(
vaultUri: new Uri(_configuration["KeyVaultUri"]),
credential: _getCredentialService.GetKeyVaultCredentials());
public async Task<KeyVaultKey> GetEncryptionKey()
var keyResponse = await KeyClient.GetKeyAsync("encryption-key");
return keyResponse.Value;
// usage
public async Task<string> Encrypt(string rawValue)
var encryptionKey = await _keyVaultService.GetEncryptionKey();
var cryptoClient = new CryptographyClient(encryptionKey.Id, _getCredentialService.GetKeyVaultCredentials());
var byteData = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(rawValue);
var encryptResult = await cryptoClient.EncryptAsync(EncryptionAlgorithm.RsaOaep, byteData);
return Convert.ToBase64String(encryptResult.Ciphertext);
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