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Last active Jan 21, 2018
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Use latest prebuilt toolchain: (the one at the top)

New build step has been added, after vita-elf-create you need to run: vita-make-fself homebrew.velf eboot.bin You need to run vita-make-fself on the .velf, not .elf The resulting eboot.bin can then be put into a .vpk archive, read below

Homebrew installer uses a .vpk format which is just a ZIP file, start from this template: (try installing it from the shell)

  • replace eboot.bin with your eboot.bin
  • you can also add template.xml and stuff like icon/background/etc that will be displayed in livearea, check out how it's done in molecular shell (launch it and go to app0)
  • make sure to run pngquant on all your png images
  • to make param.sfo, use vita-mksfoex -s TITLE_ID=XXXX00001 "homebrew name" output/param.sfo

When developing homebrew instead of rebuilding the vpk and reinstalling it on every change, you can upload your new eboot.bin to ux0:app/TITLE_ID/eboot.bin over ftp

NB: all files you place to .vpk will be available as read-only inside app0:. For example, you can add vpk/something.txt and later in your app read app0:something.txt. In the same way, you can read app0:sce_sys/param.sfo and app0:eboot.bin.

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ghost commented Aug 8, 2016

Awesome tutorial, thanks for the help with this

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ghost commented Aug 8, 2016

A question though, whats the legality of this SDK? Is it open source or what?

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