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let techspooks = ["3D","4D","4.21-bit","5.0","5g","6g","8-bit","128-bit","10x engineer","adversarial","agile","AI","algorithm","always-online","as a Service","Assistant","big data","bitcoin","black box","blast processing","blockchain","brain interface","buffer overflow","C++","camel-case","CI/CD","cloud","Code of Conduct","coin","combinator","crowdfunding","crowdsourcing","crypto","cyber","data mining","database","decentralized","deep learning","deep web","DevOps","discrimination","E2EE","easy deployment","edge computing","encrypted","enterprise","emoji support","event-driven","federated","floating point","fog-computing","FPGA","free","functional","gaming","garbage collection","generative","generator","graphics","hardcoded","hardware","hash","infinite","instruction manual","IoT","Java","keylogger","L-system","lifelike","linear search","list","localhost","lootbox","low-latency","machine learning","man-in-the-middle","microservice","minimalist","Mixed Reality","memristor","mobile","monads","Murphy's Law","nanos
View dirty 3.5.2
302e40: 7048
302e50: dbc8
302e60: dc7c
302e70: 7059
302e80: e37c
302e90: 703f
302ea0: 7058
302eb0: 705a
302ec0: d578
302ed0: dce8
View sbks2.ahk
#IfWinActive ahk_exe citra-qt.exe
; macOS/GNU+Linux: use "~/.config/citra-emu/config/qt-config.ini"
configDir := A_AppData . "\Citra\config\qt-config.ini"
global buttonA = "A"
global buttonB = "S"
global buttonY = "X"
global buttonX = "Z"
y-ack / find-missing.ps1
Last active Mar 19, 2019
mssing documentation
View find-missing.ps1
Set-Clipboard ((((Invoke-WebRequest "updog" -Credential "junkdata").Content) -split "`n") -match "missing!" | sort)
View citrakeyboardUDP2.ps1
[uint32]$first_packet = 0,
[int]$port = 26760,
[System.Net.IPAddress]$address = [System.Net.IPAddress]::Parse(""),
[bool]$listen_thread = $false
$packetcount = $first_packet
#keeps track of how many more frames a packet should be sent for
$activePackets = @(0,0,0)
View EditGrid.ps1
using namespace System.Collections.Generic
using namespace System.Management.Automation.Host
using module .\Widget.psm1
class EditGrid : Widget
[Bool]$CursorOn = $True
y-ack /
Last active Mar 11, 2019
Necessary Study For Being a Clever Youkai


Introductory statistics at minimum. p-values, different significance tests, precision vs. accuracy, sampling and bias.

Basic Computer Skills


Speed and use of keyboard shortcuts to the point that a mouse is unnecessary for 70%+ of tasks


Understand filesystem, ability to navigate a unix shell.

  • ls, cd, pwd, tail, tee, strings, rm, patch, nohup, more, mkdir, man, ls, ln, kill, grep, find, fg, echo, du, diff, df, dd, date, cut, cp, chown, chmod, chgrp, cd, cat, bg, alias, sudo, umount
  • extra credit: sed/awk, emacs/vi, curl, which, mkfs, lsblk, blkid
y-ack / instruction
Created Dec 7, 2018
The decided categories placement for instructions
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BREAKControl Flow
CALLControl Flow
COMMONControl Flow/Functions
CONTINUEControl Flow
DEFControl Flow/Functions
ELSEpart of IF page
ELSEIFpart of IF page


Every markup language sucks

  • HTML is unambiguous but painful to type
  • Markdown syntax is bad (links are backwards)
  • Others supported on github don’t suit our needs

In general markups have one or more of four problems:

  • Missing features [1]
  • Bad syntax [2]
  • Bad implementations [3]
  • Evil [4]
View test.creole
PRINT [value_1 [, ...][; ...]]

{{{ haskell PRINT [value_1 [, ...][; ...]] }}}

{{{ .haskell PRINT [value_1 [, ...][; ...]]

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