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Created Jul 8, 2011
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PFTT Task list
[-] Bootstrap
[X] Autoloading, etc.
[-] Logging functionality
[X] Log levels
[X] Linear/stream logs
[-] Template logs
[X] TypedArray class
[-] Common
[X] PhpIni class - builds config file for php
[X] Host class*- control a host, including getting file contents and putting a file (requires cat in path)
[X] local via cmd shell
[X] remote windows via WinRM
[-] remote linux via ssh # some problems here with executables being different and/or in different paths. back-burnered until it becomes important.
[X] TestBenchFactor module
[X] allow attachment of results
[X] * indicates that a class implements this functionality
[-] PhpBuild class\
[X] given a folder or archive, determine the type and build accordingly.
[ ] provide sensible ini file for the build
[-] Middleware classes *
[X] IIS/FastCgi
[X] Apache/ModPhp
[X] CLI # not really middleware, but the interface for executing php code is different than other middleware
[-] Functional Testing
[X] Phpt::TestCase* class
[X] Parse standard phpt
[X] Parse --PFTT-- options
[X] Load ini into PhpIni object
[X] report bork
[X] report unsupported
[ ] Phpt::FilesystemContext* classes
[ ] Basic - local to current Host
[ ] UNC
[-] Phpt::Result classes
[X] Properly compare result to get status
[ ] Save out relevant parts
[X] Attach to factors
[-] Phpt::TestBenchIterator function
[-] Takes Array of factors, for each combination of types runs a block of code
[-] Hard-Skip (no result) factors that are not compatible (e.g. Apache/ModPHP and an NTS build)
[ ] Performance Testing
[ ] Perf::WcatController*
[ ] Perf::WcatLoadAgentConfiguration*
# essentially a hash for holding number of physical/virtual load agents
[ ] Perf::TestApplication*
[ ] Perf::Result
[ ] Perf::TestBenchIterator
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