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View where.rb
# encoding: utf-8
module Where
extend self
def where(cmd)
return enum_for(:where, cmd) unless block_given?
exts = ENV['PATHEXT'] ? ENV['PATHEXT'].split(';') : ['']
ENV['PATH'].split(File::PATH_SEPARATOR).each do |path|
exts.each do |ext|
(cd $(bundle show yajl-ruby)/ext/yajl; sed -i '.bak' 's/inline void/static void/g' yajl_ext.h yajl_ext.c; make clean all)
View exception.cause.rb
# quick and dirty back-port of Ruby 2.1's Exception#cause
class Exception
allocate.tap do |exception|
exception.send(:initialize, *args)
exception.cause = $!
# @return [Exception, nil]
View pry-kernel.raise.rb
# encoding: utf-8
require 'pry'
module Kernel
alias_method :raise_without_pry, :raise
def raise_with_pry(*a, &b)
# `exit true` to continue *without* raising.
binding.pry || raise_without_pry(*a, &b)
alias_method :raise, :raise_with_pry
View hourly-week-distribution
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Given STDIN of unix timestamps (one or more per line),
# analyze the weekly distribution at hourly granularity.
day_counts_by_hour = []
$stdin.each_line do |line|
next if line.chomp.empty?

Sometimes your redis needs a little help keeping up with expiries.

First, it's helpful to know how expiries are handled in redis internals:

Redis keys are expired in two ways: a passive way, and an active way.

A key is actively expired simply when some client tries to access it, and the key is found to be timed out.

yaauie / gi
Created Nov 21, 2014
Lately I've been fat-fingering git commands, injecting a space between `gi` and `t` and failing to inject a space between that `t` and the command; this simple script fixes that.
View gi
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# gi - a dynamic alias for poorly-typed git commands
# handle a command `gi tdiff --cached`,
# transparently as `git diff --cached`.
exit(127) if ARGV.empty?
exit(127) unless ARGV.first.start_with?('t')
argv = ARGV.dup
View easy-krypt.rb
# encoding: utf-8
require 'openssl'
class EasyKrypt
class Error < RuntimeError
def initialize(*args)
@cause = $!
attr_reader :cause
View united-states-simplified-sea-borders.geojson
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yaauie / resque-scheduler-find-delayed-job.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Scan through all Resque Scheduler delayed jobs and emit the timestamps and payload of all matching jobs.
View resque-scheduler-find-delayed-job.rb
# @param search [String, Regexp]
# @yieldparam time [Time]
# @yieldparam payload [String]
# @yieldreurn [void]
# @return [void]
def find_delayed_jobs(search)
return enum_for(__method__, search) unless block_given?
min = 0
max = '+inf'
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