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Campaign Page - Pull Request

Note: This is just an example Pull Request... all links that would point to our git repo will simply redirect you tho this gist. All external links have remained.

A note from the engineer

(i.e. "The Fun Stuff")

This update highly optimizes the Gift Campaign page flow to emphasize the most important modules while making it easy to find and use the not-so important modules while guiding the user through a seamless purchasing process.

This update began with the intent to optimize the placement of the 'Pitch-In' (primary) and 'Invite Friends' (secondary) buttons on the Gift Campaign page and turned into an optimization of the entire page, payment, and share flow to get one step closer to the Contributor User Funnel. Up-and-beyond changing, removing, adding, and updating components within the page, the page itself is getting a major update.

Most noticeably, the pitch in grid has a button directly beneath it allowing the a user to click a few tiles and click "pitch in" a lot quicker and easier than they could before. Much more, on large screens, the pitch in grid and pitch in buttons are always visible throughout the entire interaction with the campaign page. This allows the user to ALWAYS be able to click more (or less, which is highly accommodating) tiles and pitch in. Still, on mobile, the user has an opportunity to click the pitch in button once beneath the pitch in grid and again at the end of the campaign details.

The tech stuff

(i.e. "The (also) Fun Stuff")

Fixes: #135, #252 Introduces: #371, #372, #373, #375 Unrelated, but known bugs: #132, #374

New technology:

Removed/updated technology:

  • Funding Bar
  • Begin removing some custom, legacy logic that relies on secondsLeft. (defined here, and seen here). secondsLeft and campaignComplete() still being used to determine an active campaign in some areas.

Noticeable Changes:

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