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Using PostgreSQL on Windows with ADO and VB
' The problem with PostgreSQL is lack of documentation for Windows interfaces. Visual Basic uses
' the ADO library to connect to the PostgreSQL ODBC driver, which in turns connects to the server.
' This example covers a unique requirement - the network has over 300 individual desktop machines,
' all of which must be able to access the planned PostgreSQL server via Access, VBA or VB6.
' However, they do not want to go and setup a data source name (DSN) on each machine separately
' (installing ODBC is easier via the Windows deployment tools). Unfortunately, the ODBC driver has
' absolutely zero documentation as to how to setup an ADO connection WITHOUT a DSN. After some prolonged
' tries and failures, we both were finally able to come up with a solution which I am posting here for
' others to benefit from.
' Normally, an ADO connection requires a "DSN=xxx" in its ConnectionString property of the Connection object.
' However, for PostgreSQL it is possible to set it up without a DSN as follows:
Dim conNew as New ADODB.Connection()
conNew.ConnectionString = "PROVIDER=PostgreSQL;" & _
"LOCATION=testdb;" & _
"USER ID=someuser;" & _
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