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MacVim: Fix don't input Space with Shift using Japanese IME on Yosemite
commit 6b36374325cbcfe58172edfe95b6bbeff42b3bae
Author: Masayuki Yamaya <>
Date: Wed Oct 22 23:59:30 2014 +0900
Fix dont input space with shift on yosemite
diff --git a/src/MacVim/MMTextViewHelper.m b/src/MacVim/MMTextViewHelper.m
index fdc7aaf..3da0c29 100644
--- a/src/MacVim/MMTextViewHelper.m
+++ b/src/MacVim/MMTextViewHelper.m
@@ -187,6 +187,11 @@ KeyboardInputSourcesEqual(TISInputSourceRef a, TISInputSourceRef b)
// with Ctrl-6 or Ctrl-^ when IM is active.
[self doKeyDown:@"\x1e"];
string = nil;
+ } else if ((flags & NSShiftKeyMask) && [string isEqualToString:@" "]) {
+ // HACK! for Yosemite - Fix for Shift+Space inputing
+ // do nothing
} else {
// HACK! interpretKeyEvents: may call insertText: or
// doCommandBySelector:, or it may swallow the key (most likely the

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@yamaya yamaya commented Oct 22, 2014


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