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Last active February 9, 2018 06:08
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GSoC 2017: Se-Edu

Improving Se-Edu application (addressbook-level4)


se-edu is used for training students to work in TEAMMATES. It is a sample address book application that is designed with modern software engineering (SE) principles in mind, so that students are able to understand how such principles can be applied in a real project, rather than just focusing on theories without any real sense of how they all fit in. Additionally, they are given a chance to expand on the project and implement their own features, to further hone and strengthen their practical SE skills.

Progress Made in GSoC

As addressbook-level4 still requires many improvements that would allow extension of new address book features, the objective of my GSoC program is to tidy up all components of addressbook-level4, so that the project's architecture and components are good enough to be elevated to addressbook-level5. This includes adding missing test cases, brushing up the architecture to remove unnecessary coupling or violations of SE principles, and ensure that the design is sound. By doing so, students need not worry about having to fix the architecture or design when they want to implement more features to the application. These changes are also applicable when we add more features in addressbook-level5.

During the GSoC, I have merged 33 PRs, and also reviewed 105 PRs for the se-edu project.

PR List

To see a list of PRs that I have created, click here

To see a list of PRs that I have reviewed, click here

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@yamgent minor nits:

  1. strengthen their their
  2. "lacks many viable improvements" -> phrasing sounds weird
  3. my GSoC program
  4. to remove unnecessary decoupling
  5. they want to


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