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Print the dependencies of Windows EXE/DLL using winedump (deprecated; check instead)
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# WTFPL – Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License
import subprocess
import os
import sys
prefixes = {
'i386': '/usr/i686-w64-mingw32/bin',
'AMD64': '/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/bin'
def search_line(command, needle, callback):
output = subprocess.check_output(command)
ret = None
for line in output.splitlines():
line_ = line.decode('utf-8')
if needle not in line_:
ret = callback(line_)
return ret
def get_dependency(filename):
deps = []
def _add_dep(line):
deps.append(line.strip().split(' ')[2])
search_line(['winedump', '-j', 'import', filename], 'offset', _add_dep)
return deps
def dep_tree(root, prefix=None):
if not prefix:
arch = get_arch(root)
if arch not in prefixes:
sys.stderr.write('Error: unknown architecture %s\n' % arch)
print('Arch =', arch)
prefix = prefixes[arch]
print('Using default prefix', prefix)
dep_dlls = []
not_found = []
def dep_tree_impl(root, prefix):
for dll in get_dependency(root):
full_path = os.path.join(prefix, dll)
if not os.path.exists(full_path):
if dll not in not_found:
if full_path not in dep_dlls:
dep_tree_impl(full_path, prefix=prefix)
dep_tree_impl(root, prefix)
return (dep_dlls, not_found)
def get_arch(filename):
def _handle_line(line):
# (arch) is the last item. Use [1:-1] to get rid of parentheses
return line.strip().split(' ')[-1][1:-1]
return search_line(['winedump', 'dump', '-f', filename],
'Machine:', _handle_line)
if __name__ == '__main__':
filename = sys.argv[1]
deps, not_found = dep_tree(filename)
print('The following dependencies not found: ')
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