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Created Mar 14, 2009
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A frontend of WordNet-Ja database file (sqlite3 format) which is available on
#!/usr/bin/env python2.6
# encoding: utf-8
import sys
import sqlite3
from collections import namedtuple
conn = sqlite3.connect("wnjpn-0.9.db")
Word = namedtuple('Word', 'wordid lang lemma pron pos')
def getWords(lemma):
cur = conn.execute("select * from word where lemma=?", (lemma,))
return [Word(*row) for row in cur]
def getWord(wordid):
cur = conn.execute("select * from word where wordid=?", (wordid,))
return Word(*cur.fetchone())
Sense = namedtuple('Sense', 'synset wordid lang rank lexid freq src')
def getSenses(word):
cur = conn.execute("select * from sense where wordid=?", (word.wordid,))
return [Sense(*row) for row in cur]
def getSense(synset, lang='jpn'):
cur = conn.execute("select * from sense where synset=? and lang=?",
row = cur.fetchone()
return row and Sense(*row) or None
Synset = namedtuple('Synset', 'synset pos name src')
def getSynset(synset):
cur = conn.execute("select * from synset where synset=?", (synset,))
return Synset(*cur.fetchone())
SynLink = namedtuple('SynLink', 'synset1 synset2 link src')
def getSynLinks(sense, link):
cur = conn.execute("select * from synlink where synset1=? and link=?",
(sense.synset, link))
return [SynLink(*row) for row in cur]
def getSynLinksRecursive(senses, link, lang='jpn', _depth=0):
for sense in senses:
synLinks = getSynLinks(sense, link)
if synLinks:
print ''.join([' '*2*_depth,
' ',
_senses = []
for synLink in synLinks:
sense = getSense(synLink.synset2, lang)
if sense:
getSynLinksRecursive(_senses, link, lang, _depth+1)
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv)>=3:
words = getWords(sys.argv[1].decode('utf-8'))
if words:
sense = getSenses(words[0])
link = len(sys.argv)>=3 and sys.argv[2] or 'hypo'
lang = len(sys.argv)==4 and sys.argv[3] or 'jpn'
getSynLinksRecursive(sense, link, lang)
print >>sys.stderr, "(nothing found)"
print """usage: word link [lang]
word to investigate
syns - Synonyms
hype - Hypernyms
inst - Instances
hypo - Hyponym
hasi - Has Instance
mero - Meronyms
mmem - Meronyms --- Member
msub - Meronyms --- Substance
mprt - Meronyms --- Part
holo - Holonyms
hmem - Holonyms --- Member
hsub - Holonyms --- Substance
hprt - Holonyms -- Part
attr - Attributes
sim - Similar to
entag - Entails
causg - Causes
dmncg - Domain --- Category
dmnug - Domain --- Usage
dmnrg - Domain --- Region
dmtcg - In Domain --- Category
dmtug - In Domain --- Usage
dmtrg - In Domain --- Region
antsg - Antonyms
lang (default: jpn)
jpn - Japanese
eng - English
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