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Chukify - PHP utils to break function with large array parameter into multiple calls and combine the result
class Helper {
* Break up process for function with first large array parameter into multiple time and merge
* Can be useful when thing are slow querying database or requesting api with large size of array at once
public static function chunkify(callable $fn, array $fnFirstParam = [], $chunkSize=1000, ...$fnRestParams) {
$result = [];
foreach (array_chunk($fnFirstParam, $chunkSize) as $chunk) {
$result = array_merge($result, $fn($chunk, ...$fnRestParams));
return $result;
class Report
private $header = 'Amount';
public function get($rawReport, $prefix, $separator) {
return array_map($this->formatter($prefix, $separator), $rawReport);
private function formatter($prefix, $separator) {
return function ($row) use ($prefix, $separator) {
return $this->header . $prefix . $row . $separator;
// use it
$rawReport = ['a', 'b', 'c'];
$prefix = ' : ';
$separator = '<br />';
$result = Helper::chunkify([new Report, 'get'], $rawReport, 1000, $prefix, $separator);
class Call3rdPartyAPI
public function getUsersInfo($userList) {
// call api
return $userList;
// let's say this 3rd party api has limit on calling this function on $userList with maximum length of 100
// and we have 1000 in our user list
$3rdPartyApiParamLimit = 100;
$result = Helper::chunkify([new Call3rdPartyAPI, 'getUsersInfo'], $1000UsersList, $3rdPartyApiParamLimit);
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