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@yangboz yangboz/pylint.xml
Created Jun 29, 2015

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Ant Pylint with Jenkins
<project default="all" basedir="../">
Define an environment variable pointing to PyLint folder or change this
<property environment="env"/>
<property name="src.python" location="./"/>
<property name="pylint.binary" location="/usr/local/bin/pylint"/>
<property name="report.pylint" location="./pylint.log"/>
<!-- @ref: -->
<target name="clean">
<delete dir="results"/>
<delete file="pylint.log"/>
<target name="report-pylint" depends="clean">
<exec dir="${src.python}" executable="${pylint.binary}" output="${report.pylint}">
<env key="PYTHONPATH" path="${build.bin}:${build.bin}/lib/"/>
<arg line="-f parseable -i y **/*.py --output-format=parseable --ignore-comments=y --min-similarity-lines=4 --disable-msg=R0903 --disable-msg=C0301"/>
<target name="all" depends="report-pylint"/>
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