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Check pacman last upgrade time
# won't handle situations where /var/log/pacman.log doesn't exist or full system upgrade not run once
last_upgrade_time=$(grep "\[PACMAN\] starting full system upgrade" /var/log/pacman.log | tail -1 | grep -oP '\[\K[^\]]+' | head -1)
last_upgrade_utime=$(date '+%s' -d "$last_upgrade_time")
current_utime=$(date '+%s')
time_diff=$(( $current_utime - $last_upgrade_utime ))
day_diff=$(( $time_diff / 86400 ))
hour_diff=$(( ($time_diff - 86400 * $day_diff) / 3600 ))
# colors
if (( $day_diff > 6 )); then
echo -e "${RED}You have not upgraded your system for ${day_diff} days ${hour_diff} hours!${NC}"
echo "Check Arch news page and Run \"pacman -Syu\" to upgrade."
echo "System last upgraded at ${last_upgrade_time} (${day_diff} days ${hour_diff} hours ago)."
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