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Created Feb 2, 2017
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Code for my blog post on how classifying tweets using Naive Bayes
from collections import Counter
from math import log
import os.path
from sklearn.feature_extraction.text import HashingVectorizer
from sklearn.naive_bayes import MultinomialNB
import sklearn.feature_extraction.text
import numpy as np
_BANNED_TOKENS = ["#reactjs", "#javascript",]
class NaiveBayesModel():
def __init__(self, token_counter, nr_token_classes):
self.log_probs = {}
self.denom = sum(token_counter.values()) + nr_token_classes
self.default_log_prob = log(1 / self.denom)
for token, cnt in token_counter.items():
self.log_probs[token] = log((cnt + 1) / self.denom)
def log_prob(self, tokens):
total = 0
for token in tokens:
total += self.log_probs.get(token, self.default_log_prob)
return total
def _process_tweet(tweet):
s = tweet.strip().lower()
for to_replace in [". ", ": ", "? ", "! ", "; ", ", "]:
s = s.replace(to_replace, " ")
return s.split()
def _additive_smooth(token_counter):
tokens = token_counter.keys()
for token in tokens:
token_counter[token] += 1
def _read_tokens_from_file(path_to_file):
token_counter = Counter()
with open(path_to_file, "r") as f:
for line in f:
for token in _process_tweet(line):
if len(token) > 3 and token not in _BANNED_TOKENS:
token_counter[token] += 1
return token_counter
def _read_test_set_tokens(path_to_file):
with open(path_to_file, "r") as f:
for line in f:
token_counter = Counter()
for token in _process_tweet(line):
if len(token) > 3:
token_counter[token] += 1
yield token_counter, line
def _main():
reactjs_tokens = _read_tokens_from_file("reactjs-tweets-trg.txt")
other_tokens = _read_tokens_from_file("non-reactjs-tweets-trg.txt")
nr_token_classes = len(
reactjs_model = NaiveBayesModel(reactjs_tokens, nr_token_classes)
other_model = NaiveBayesModel(other_tokens, nr_token_classes)
# ReactJS tweets
error = 0
print("False negatives")
for tweet_tokens, line in _read_test_set_tokens("reactjs-tweets-test.txt"):
reactjs_log_prob = reactjs_model.log_prob(tweet_tokens)
other_log_prob = other_model.log_prob(tweet_tokens)
tweet_class = 1 if reactjs_log_prob > other_log_prob else -1
if tweet_class != 1:
error += 1
print("# false negatives: {}".format(error))
print("False positives")
error = 0
for tweet_tokens, line in _read_test_set_tokens("non-reactjs-tweets-test.txt"):
reactjs_log_prob = reactjs_model.log_prob(tweet_tokens)
other_log_prob = other_model.log_prob(tweet_tokens)
tweet_class = 1 if reactjs_log_prob > other_log_prob else -1
if tweet_class != -1:
error += 1
print("# false positives: {}".format(error))
# Using sklearn
stop_words = list(
vectorizer = HashingVectorizer(
all_tweets = []
nr_reactjs_tweets = 0
with open("reactjs-tweets-trg.txt", "r") as f:
for line in f:
nr_reactjs_tweets += 1
with open("non-reactjs-tweets-trg.txt", "r") as f:
for line in f:
x_train = vectorizer.transform(all_tweets)
y_train = np.empty(x_train.shape[0])
y_train[:nr_reactjs_tweets] = 1
y_train[nr_reactjs_tweets:] = -1
nb = MultinomialNB(), y_train)
print("sklearn MultinomialNB false negatives")
errors = 0
with open("reactjs-tweets-test.txt", "r") as f:
for line in f:
x_test = vectorizer.transform([line])
if nb.predict(x_test) != 1:
errors += 1
print("# false negatives: {}".format(errors))
print("sklearn MultinomialNB false positives")
errors = 0
with open("non-reactjs-tweets-test.txt", "r") as f:
for line in f:
x_test = vectorizer.transform([line])
if nb.predict(x_test) != -1:
errors += 1
print("# false positives: {}".format(errors))
if __name__ == "__main__":
How everyone should react
We're confident the Democrats will react to Trump's SCOTUS nomination in a calm, adult and responsible manner......AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Thinking about making my first react video. Whatcha guys thinkkkk
Don't be oppositional, be transformational. Don't let them bait you or scare you. Don't react to the darkness, just respond with the light.
Hibernian fans react to the news that Efe Ambrose won't be joining them
do you ever tell someone something and they don't react the way you wanted them to react and you immediately regret ever opening your mouth.
Celebs react to Trump's #MuslimBan (including @LaurenJauregui, @GiGiHadid, @MileyCyrus, #SAGAwards actors + more): …
This week has show a world of radically different views. I'm learning not to react in anger. Real dialogue is the only way through.
Do you ever tell someone something and they don't react the way you wanted them to react and you immediately regret ever opening your mouth?
i may not react but trust me i saw it
How the history books will react when it comes time to write about what's going on right now...
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. @fpcyap
Star Wars superfans (and one feisty Rebel soldier) react to #RogueOne.
You can't change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react to it.
i can't wait to see alex and maggie being cute girlfriends around kara, james, and winn, and how they'll react to their cuteness
Boss how Theresa May didn't say anything to Trump until everyone kicked off.. Let us vote in a leader who can lead not just react!!!!
Saddest part: once you take a stand on something people will keep telling you that's not how you should react on matters.
Lord, I don't want to react out of my runaway feelings today. Help me choose to extend grace. The same grace I so desperately need myself.
"Kung pangit ka, ano nalang kaya ako?" Don't react like that. Y'all should know that she's leading you into FALSE definition of humility.
do you ever tell someone something and they don't react the way you wanted them to react and you immediately regret ever opening your mouth
wonder how gloria diaz would react if someone told her she would be so beautiful if she wasn't so old
do you ever tell someone something and they don't react the way you wanted them to react and you immediately regret ever opening your mouth
At this point, no one is believing 20% mexico surcharge is real. We'd have to abrogate NAFTA in total to do that. That why no market react.
My boy JRE reacting to me and loco. appreciate you as always boo. Now excuse me im going to react to him reacting to me
if this is his reaction when he first met Thor, I can already imagine how he's going to react at Tony.. xD #DoctorStrange
"The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react." - George Bernard Shaw
I'm so tired of staying quiet because I'm scared of how people will react #BellLetsTalk #BellLetsTalk
This is amazing. Jack Eichel's Dad & other Sabres parents in Nashville react to Eichel's game-winning goal in OT.
But God said they are too small..Isaiah 54v17 will speak..there will be from above and untouchable.ofm worldwide will react
I sit back and watch people switch up on me everyday, but I never react, only because I've learned that is only gone be me in that casket.
Patriots fans react on Twitter to ninth AFC Championship
@anthyhimemiyas you react the way I do to most ppl who say mushy things to me it's just a chain reaction
Things to Consider: read the article & not just the headline before you react & retweet. Less exciting, but better for all.
Hey @JuliDG are you going to continue to watch and react to orphan black
@hj_02104 My only question is "how is this gonna effect Julieta" & "how mcgillis gonna react to this because the banned weapon thing is kinda on him"
I love how the hyungs react to ilhoon's gwiyomi Especially the parents
@BahiRatchet625 @_rich_moore @lennon_surcot I don't know how I'd react to the audience with this big of a number.
"These kinds of actions will not lead us to hate each other or seek revenge." Canadians react to the attack on a mosque in Quebec.
I fucking hate when people over react
I'm very loud, I can be annoying and quick tempered asf and I ain't never gone react how you expect me to but that's JUST ME
@foxberryblue Bel! 1st: 7/10 didn't know how to react to you Now: 3/10 I care for you so much; you're an awesome friend.
#Japan remains the world’s apex predator of cetaceans When will the world react their barbaric crime #OpWhales
Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.
Ants react to their infection by climbing up plants and sinking their mandibles into plant tissue
The million dollar question. "How would you react if your #LoveLive best girl knocks your door?" *I would wake up from the dream I am in
keith completely failing to react in any way to allura falling in his arms and hugging her As A Friend,...i like this
@punk_assnerd @godoffanboys I am being nice. It's better for me not to react at all in things like this
I liked a @YouTube video from @dmmallows REACTION-CEPTION - Bronies React to Bronies React to Legends of
Yo she didn't even react wtf
If you're a #veteran, how do you react when someone calls you a hero? Here's my perspective on it
I liked a @YouTube video YouTubers React to Wendy's ROASTS Twitter!!!
When surrounded by hatred and ignorance, do not REACT with the same but rather RESPOND with love. That will speak better of who you are.
@Khlil10x react to the NFL games
Patriots fans react on Twitter to ninth AFC Championship
i miss him a lot but I guess I'm just scared of how he's gonna react when he sees me cause I've changed a lot in 5 years
@oxenfreejse @markiplier MARK REACT TO THIS PIC #MarkIsATool
That is the authoritarian way isn't it? @Kasparov63 says these folks lie as kind of a litmus test: to see how groups/people react.
.@Baseljanitors @AceOfWallStreet @Lunar_Trader @Telegraph the crowd didn't react to save itself that's a fantasy again I deal in reality
does a bad thing ever happen to u but ur so emotionally blunted u kinda just;; dont really react lol? thats me and lamb rn
Spending 10 Minutes a Day on Mindfulness Subtly Changes the Way You React to Everything Spending 10 Minutes a Day on Mindfulness Subtly Changes the Way You React to Everything
How I react to me being in love vs how I react to my friends being in love
I liked a @YouTube video Regressives React To Inauguration Riots
You ever like.. See something and not know how to react?.. Want to say something but don't know what to say?
Today, whatever I feel - I will not react upon it. 💚 #Peace, #love & #understanding - that's…
Lol i cant be around emotion people b, they react to thee littlest things
@TheKhabari2 I dono y most blame lopa for bani's overreacting behavior.If bani is so mature, then she shouldn't react...that 2 in last week!
Why ppl wud insult my father? Ppl wud react if I wud use my fathers name an absolute truth 2 impose n violate others basic rights.
@shadesofslaylor i was just wondering what would thse stans react
Still rooting for the Falcons in the SB, but part of me is curious to know how Goodell would react if forced to hand Brady the Lombardi lol.
When you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future. ~ D. Chopra
Listening to Democrats react to Neil Gorsuch nomination and struck by how utterly trivial and bankrupt their objections sound.
Just because I didn't react, don't assume I didn't notice.
.@realDonaldTrump nominates Judge Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court. We’ll have former classmate @NormEisen on tonight to react – TCT #Tucker
Seeing something that makes you fucking RAGING but you gotta breaaaaaathe and not react
I either show mad emotion or Im nonchalant AF. I pick & choose what Im gon' react to. cus 90% of the time, shit aint even worth a reaction b
A few people have asked me to make a Try Not to Laugh video. I think I'll pass. I prefer to make my own content rather than react to others.
Be disciplined about what you respond and react to. Not everyone or everything deserves your time, energy and attention. Stay in your light.
if your boyfriend doesn't scan your body and react like you lookin like a snack , leave him girl .
#TuesdayMotivation Islamic State Supporters React Angrily to Trump’s Temporary Refugee Halt - #MAGA #TrumpEffect
Big companies react to Trump's travel ban.
Before you talk, listen. Before you react, think. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try.
how am i supposed to react when two motorcyclists decide to chat in the middle of the road? yall want coffee? should i open up a table?
Y'all literally push people's buttons and push them completely to their limit then have the nerve to act surprised when they react or snap..
Spicer on the Muslim ban: "We not going to waiting and react. We are trying to get ahead of threats." Shouldn't we ban Bannon & Miller then?
niggas wanna be sorry after the damage is done but didn't think twice about how you would feel until you react
Golly--wonder why? ISIS Supporters React Angrily to President Trump’s Temporary Refugee Halt #AmericaFirst #MAGA
Monday joy: people saying "don't react to Trump". Like he is some kind of Twitter egg account. And not a President actually employing nazis
when you show people a movie you love AND THEY DONT PAY ATTENTION or react to any of the important scenes
Liberals and media waiting to react to Quebec shootings. If they're white it's Trumps fault. If they're Muslim it has no ties to Islam.
If something is upsetting me I have the right to be mad, pissed, angry, or whatever else. Don't tell me how to feel or react to situations
Wonder how the "clique" would react if #jedward threw the water over coleen 😐 #CBB
Remember this?? Delight in seeing fans watch it for the first time in our #TheWalkingDead throwback react video:
Don't tell marginalized people how to react, protest, and express their feelings when you've never faced the oppression they have.
@DamonSilvers @sallykohn I think this is a good indication of how Trump will react to a 2020 election loss.
Your feelings are temporary. But how you react to those feelings can impact your life. Let go of negative feelings. Clean mind. Clean heart.
People are not able to grant you Paradise. Only the Almighty can do that. So don't be concerned with what they say & how they react to you!
Saddest part: once you take a stand on something people will keep telling you that's not how you should react on matters.
just because I don't react, doesn't mean I didn't notice.
People are not able to grant you Paradise. Only the Almighty can do that. So don't be concerned with what they say & how they react to you!
Celebrities such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Kerry Washington react to Donald Trump's new #MuslimBan.
World leaders react to the reality of a Trump presidency
Don't buy this whole "the players Klopp wants aren't available". Try throwing £30m+ at Leverkusen for Brandt and see how they react.
Before you talk, listen. Before you react, think. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try.
Being sensitive is a good character but over-sensitivity is not. When we react at everyone who insults us, nothing would get done.
Maturity doesn't mean age. It means sensitivity, manners and how you react.
5 Different ways idols react to hate
My mom didn't react to my tattoo very well...gonna have a new video of that soon hahaha
namjoon writing "the album is crazy" on v app knowing Damn Well how the fans will react
It's all about how you react.
How you react to people and situations, especially when challenges arise, is the best indicator of how deeply you know yourself.
Being sensitive is a good character but over-sensitivity is not. When we react at everyone who insults us, nothing would get done.
"ohhhh chickens, I call them chickens or nuggets" her raspy voice and the way she react.. so precious angel
You'll know the difference between a woman and a lil girl by the way she react to certain situations
"This is the first time I have no problems with the Reserves." The #InsidetheNBA crew react to the #NBAAllStar Western Conference Reserves
Sorry I didn't react to your drama. I was busy not giving a fuck.
You Don't Always Control How People Perceive You But, You Can Always Control How You React To It
Woah this was a year ago. Should I react to myself reacting to myself react to kpop?
Just saw Deyonta Davis give a Walgreens cashier a $90 tip at Walgreens. She had no idea how to react. So overwhelmed.
lmao first time ever seeing snoop react to kanye rant
Rogue NOAA? But NOAA isn't currently being restricted. First, they came for EPA, and we did nothing. Next, they came for? Act, not react.
When people are rude to you. Smile and choose not to react. Stay on the high road. Keep your peace. Do that & you take their power away.
My intensity scares or facinates others. But I don't hav the patience 2 care abt how U'll react 2Me. Pretend I'm simple. I'll lik U more
@danisnotonfire you and Tyler should react to potty help with daddy next
They call a 7-year building up relationship as gay jokes taken too far but we can't react to it bc it's "hate". Do you even hear yourself?
Texas border cities react to Donald Trump’s wall
Being #trans is NOT a mental health prob. But living in fear of how society will react leads to isolation, depression, suicide #BellLetsTalk
Humbled ! This is starting to look like the best rated film of my career. How do I react! Thank u !!
Living in a tornado-heavy state myself, I've been dreading how admin would react. Now we know. My heart goes out to Georgia and Mississippi.
Do you want to know who your best teammates are? Watch how they react when someone else does something good! – Phil Beckner
Cool. Now say this about an undocumented Hispanic immigrant and see how Hollywood and the media react.
Hope the news isn't true about my fan Nandini not being there in this world anymore.. and if it's true I don't know how I would react
Watch the cast of #Shadowhunters react to tonight's CRAZY episode!
[Link in our bio] Red Velvet's comeback teasers are out!!! Knets react~
CYMI: Things escalate a little as #LFC fans react to the defeat against Swansea. It's #FanDenial...
Love how Rohan didn't react & kept smiling while Manveer and Manu made fun of him. Cool as always
The Internet of Things is changing the way soldiers react on the battlefield:
@rabbyte Sometimes stopping people is best for everyone concerned - non-violence is more about how you react to violence against yourself
Celebrity Big Brother Geordie Shore Stars React To Chloe’s … : .
IMO HC is going to react with great confidence this Tuesday, when Azaria back in front of judges, now that the "Messiah" finally in charge.
@cd_hooks Think about how he'll react when Putin pulls basically the same thing he did with Merkel and his dogs
01-23 Met Gala 2016: Karolina Kurkova's dress includes 150 LED lights which react to #MetGala #metgala
I'm not the only one who love this videos... "TEENS REACT TO 1000 DEGREE KNIFE COMPILATION" vía @YouTube >> Arsenal fans react to Granit Xhaka’s performance vs Burnley
@Igbtdeadpool angry react
I'm actually glad I left California just because of how they react to water falling from the sky
New update Singer Jemiriye Shares Bum Short Photo & Writes “Keep The Sabbath Holy”, Fans React
How Do People React To A Period Mess In Public? b
How Did Selena Gomez React to Justin Bieber’s Condition of... #Selena
Villarreal react to drawing Liverpool mid-flight #Liverpool... #Liverpool #liverpool
I liked a @YouTube video from @daniihenriique Pabllo Vittar - Todo Dia ft. Rico Dalasam (VIDEO REACT)
The Obamas showed her genuine kindness. She seems so like... shocked. She doesn't know how to react to it. I'm hurt.
Fans react to Diego Costa's Chelsea return on Twitter …
Locals react to President Donald Trump's inauguration
If Falcons win the Super Bowl, @elTrock7 gonna react like a mug lol
i dob't know how to react if these news about the summer set's break-up are true.
Moss and Fabo React to the Sacramento Kings Chicago Bulls Thriller! MUST SEE!
Jeremy rlly has it out for Damon but didn't react when stefan said he killed vicki dhsndhsk
"Imma use a coupon on this first date as a test and see how she react"
I liked a @YouTube video WOULD YOU RATHER?! (Teens React: Gaming)
Don't text me back fast enough and see how I react.
I liked a @YouTube video STRANGERS REACT TO F*CKBOY MUSICAL.LYS (feat. Andrew Lowe) | Chris Klemens
Kids react to #DonaldTrump: "He speaks his mind, but his mind isn't right" #DonaldTrump
I liked a @YouTube video from @erikz Twenty One Pilots REACT to Teens Reacting to Twenty One Pilots - 2016
Spending 10 Minutes a Day on Mindfulness Subtly Changes the Way You React to Everything #productivity #leadership
so i was choking on my food and my brother really said "omg you over react" instead of helping me
@Lyndsay_Greene @lifeismerry_ im literally so appalled by this tweet that i don't even know how to react
I luv the man, but President Trump please don't react to the little indignations. Go after the big stuff; the lies affecting ability to MAGA
I liked a @YouTube video from @markdice Liberals React to President Trump Inauguration
Something's you just shouldn't react to. Your inner peace deserve better.
Good stand up and nasty bars are the same to me I react the same way
Which one are you? How do you react in the snow?
It's not so much what happens to you, it's more about how you react to something.
@punk_assnerd @godoffanboys we do know each other. I just don't know how to react to his MCM kink
KIDS REACT TO #DONALDTRUMP @realdonaltrump U should be ashamed of kids not liking you
How do you react when a hoe nigga wanna take you out ??
For the first time in a long time, people are being forced to confront the real issues at hand. How you react shows where you stand.
I'm such a laid back person. I see everything for what it is, but I don't react. My inner peace is more important to me right now.
@DMashak @30somethinggal @bob_owens Not sure how adults react to gals in giant vagina costumes other than to laugh, not be cruel, but laugh
Don't react to provocations You will serving it's purpose only And you will be giving importance to it Ignore It's not worthy To upset you
It's so unnecessary for Kenya to bring up the past she acts like porsha didn't have the right to react in all the situations #rhoa
If you love boats do you know what a React Keel is? RT @FranchiseCoun
Dikit or sticking knife drills help you feel and react to the attack and eventually from many different angles....
Why does Facebook have an option to angrily react to posts? It's quite mean. I miss the days when if you didn't like it, you just didn't.
@xCelestialFlare You should react to "Seohyun - Don't Say No". It's blowing up recently.
@Tentanman_ I've heard that way too many times in my life. They should be honest & say "I'm going to insult you now but don't react OK". -_-
I liked a @YouTube video from @iisuperwomanii Fifth Harmony - Work From Home | My Parents React (Ep. 18)
Hi @TWEETZachary, pls react to the Asia's Pop Princess, Julie Anne San Jose vids of covers and performance. Thank u
I wonder how will people react when @ObviousOstrich actually tweets something not obvious
How did your family react when u came out — We been knew . Just about... or "you were the one w...
Think and communicate, don't just react.
yeah because liberals never react irrationally to something they disagree with - New brain study sheds light on why it can be so hard to change someone's political beliefs; how we react to inco
@ShewantsThe___D @St8y_Golden we gon stage a series of events and see how you react to them
When everything becomes so awkward and you don't know how to react. Kill me now.
P344: @jamadrop & @kyleflippin watch & react to Donald #Trump's inauguration w/ a #NewJersey flavor
you could say anything to me and i'd probably react by shrugging my shoulders
Classic gaslighting. Abuser does something abusive. Normal people react normally. Abuser & flying monkeys pretend the reaction is a mystery.
@truman_hills I react way better to your selfies and that's an apron!
47. how do you react when someone is being with dry with you, giving you one word answers?
I just be doing shit to see how people react
How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.- Wayne Dyer #quote
I don't react anymore, just block em & keep it moving
Another divisive rascal politician. Hindus must react to this appeasement CC @Swamy39
I don't know how to react to compliments
Last time I check this hasn't been an issue until recently. I'll give them the courtesy of time to react.
I liked a @YouTube video Nintendo Fans Around the World React to Switch
"Is my butt getting touched and if so how should I react?" A question I just asked @emmatfink #yapm
Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it. -Mia Hamm
@Kandi right so why did you react.
@prettydimpless_ I was just tryna see how you was goin to react
@BlackJackRazak @alexunivxrse @cphagoo @Giants I am here to be annoyed. I react so well. Will have to learn names of the Falcons players
@nikkialdridge @AmberLPortwood I'm a private counsellor (@brantford_girl) & as a rule, I know better than to over-react/be judgemental.
@megaserg @github Actually, I've made some improvements, and next time when github is down, you'll still be able to react. Woot! :P
Remember this: Anticipation is the ultimate power. Losers react; leaders anticipate.- @TonyRobbins #quote
@johannabrown No worries! Thanks! I hope it stays not tied to evals....Ss impt is import. but my 1st react is not 2 tie 2 eval #WAteachlead
I don't get mad. lmao I can't even react to things anymore.
people never react the way you want them to
#NFL players react to the Patriots lopsided victory over the Steelers …
The author should not feel she needs to react to this celebrity gossip monger.
@KissedByaRose3 do you really not realize how awful it is 4 you 3 tell WOC to "suck it up"? How wld u react to a man saying that? Disgustin
We don't care how morons react.
i now have an arsenal of pidge faces to react to every situation bless
The Falcons logo is on a Super Bowl shirt and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to react to this.
U.S. regulators say driver in fatal Tesla crash had 7 seconds to react (via VentureBeat) #Nottingham
Designers React to the Mozilla Rebraing … via @CreativeBloq
A kind heart Is quick to fall in love quick to react w/o thinking quick to give in to anger But, that ❤is quick To says "I'm sorry"
how did you mom react to you being pregnant? & were... — She wasn't happy that it happened but she was still...
They Were Nervous How Their Fur Babies Would React To The Newborn, But They LOVE Him trending news
Strong sentiments showcased in the capital: #tellusatoday. Readers react to the inaugural weekend events.
the system has ALWAYS been for us/designed to help us succeed which is why people react the way they do when ppl bring up 'reverse racism'
"You're always letting things happen to you. You just wait to react. Do something"
@SteampunkTimmy Can you make a react video to react videos for me? Easier to digest.
We wouldn't have so many problems if can be together. Simply coz we could react to each other, wouldn't need to guess and wound ourselves
When your team loses a big game, how do you react? #NFLPlayoffs
think about how u would feel if everyone stared at you with hate. how u would react if u saw this happen to someone of another background.
We need to adapt rather than react to changes that are coming with tech. Our rules/liabilities are changing in this space. #spsm
Learn how to adapt & react or get clap murdered
@jamalmemes @kyIieactivity how would social media react if trump touched Mrs. Obama in that manner...
look @ how fucking crazed he is like if a qualified candidate would've won, no one would react to "not my president" like that …
U.S. dollar drops as markets react to Trump's "America first" speech
NASCAR drivers react to Ken Roczen's nasty Supercross crash | FOX Sports
Sometimes, I react to things in my mind and a dorky face is the result 🤣 In this case, I was…
ever want to tell somebody how you feel but you're not sure how they'd react so you keep to yourself?
@ShieldedDame OH man! That would be a great ship. Imagine how Cap would react when he finds out his daughter is with Bucky. haha
*Searches YouTube for "KIDS REACT TO WOMEN'S MARCH!"* Zero hits... so far.
When a good looking female hits me up to hang I'm not sure how to react
New section in React Forms doc: handling multiple inputs. Thanks @keyanzhang! …
The Strengths of Ember, Angular & React Explored … via @InfoQ
Build React Native Apps for Android and iOS Coupon Save 40 % - ReactJS News
When you finally figure out how to cache the data from your @reactjs component and you see a 73% performance increase >:D #mobiledev
reboots (0.1.9) … reboots FE solution build on top React React-route Webpack
You can read about our migration from Angular to React @smallimprove #ReactJs Insightful tips on how to bridge the components
RT#1871Chicago: 1871Chicago … out "Intro to React JS Workshop" w/ John Contreras, Co-Founder Stridekick on Feb. 1 …
Tips to learn React ; Redux - RWieruch - A learning, teaching and writing software engineer … #reactjs #redux
Added exact class names feature to should-enzyme@1.0.0 #reactjs #js Test your React Apps.
[#Packt] Work better with React | 50% off master tier #ReactJS #B_DotNet #CelesteSoftware #ExpertDay
@PostPCEra Lessons learned buildout a Django site with a React js front-end … github …
Which react library will you try next? @dan_abramov #reactjs #inferno #preact #rax
Learning #ReactJS by practice — React Router for beginners: #JavaScript
Building a React Universal Blog App: A Step-by-Step Guide - ReactJS News … #Applications #content #Developers
Tales of a React Native beginner: After a year of learning #ReactJS #JavaScript
Build Realtime Apps | React Js, Golang & RethinkDB #udemy #paid #video #tutorials #couponforyou
Has someone an idea how I integrate a Mailchimp sign up form into a react js component #reactjs? #howtobuildthis
Perfect React JS Course - ReactJS News
Tic-tac-toe game in React and Redux by softwaremill … #javascript #reactjs #redux via JavaScriptKicks
#React at #60fps, good insights by @okonetchnikov 📽 🖥 #javascript #reactjs …
How To Add Redux To Create React App #ReactJS #Redux #React
#React #ReactJS #Preact #PreactJS #VueJS and #RaxJS folks: BOOM, hello #MarkoJS! =>
Setting up Segment Analytics with a Rails/React App #javascript #reactjs #rails #analytics #seo #ga #rubyonrails
Just published a Bonus free module (4 lessons) on #ES6 in the Free React on Rails course - … #reactjs #rubyonrails
React Studio Public Beta 1 is out now! #Reactjs #JavaScript #UX #WebDev
Remote job: Senior Javascript Developer (React Native) at Purepoint - #javascript #reactjs
Reactjs By Example - Building Modern Web Applications With React here #reactjs @javascriptbot_
Lead Front End Software Developer Javascript Node Js React Js Jobs in Austin, TX #Austin #TX #jobs #jobsearch …
Why MVC cannot beat React-like libraries? #javascript #reactjs #backbonejs …
Software Developer (React JS) ¦ London
Spotlight on Electrode Explorer — React Component Reuse Without the Hassle – WalmartLabs #reactJs #webdev
Loops inside react jsx render function #angularjs #reactjs
@alexmacy here's that React Router tutorial that helped me #reactjs
"A fairer Vue of React": Comparing #ReactJS to #VueJS for dynamic tabular data #ReactJS
Mastering React here #reactjs @javascriptbot_
exploring a dotnet core & React Js stack
#dotnetcore #reactjs #dotnet #react #opensource #blog #blogging
Using redux-saga to simplify your growing React Native codebase: #Redux #ReactJS #JavaScript
Lead Full Stack Engineer React Js Php Mongodb Jobs in London, ENG #London #ENG #jobs #jobsearch …
Learn React! Join us 2/1 for Intro to React JS Workshop w/ John Contreras, Co-Founder @Stridekick. RSVP: @CodeLatino
Angular, React, and Vue: What's Coming in 2017? … #reactjs
JavaScript Developer – React JS / React Native /Redux Manchester … #AngularJS #jobs
Hire React js Developers | Offshore React js Programmers India: #ReactjsDevelopment #ReactjsDevelopers
React From The Ground Up ☞
I’m speaking at the February React meetup here in Austin about cross platform JavaScript: … #reactjs
HEY LET’S BUILD SOMETHING TOGETHER: How to Create React Native Apps With NativeBase #reactJs #webdev
snappydb backend for a more performant AsyncStorage in React Native on Android … #react #reactnative #reactjs
I just earned the First Steps in React badge using the @treehouse iPad App! #reactjs …
Why I like Vue over React - #vuejs #reactjs
Build a simple messaging app with React Native and #ReactJS
Complete Intro To React (feat. Redux and React Router) #javascript #reactjs #redux #ReactRouter #Router
"How I converted my React app to VanillaJS" I finally had time to read it :) #javascript #reactjs
Need an React Js Developer by mak94pk
Learning React by Practice React Router for Beginners #javascript #reactjs #css #ReactRouter #Router #jsx
zoe-react-component - A reactjs component,build with antd … #npm #javascript #nodejs
RT @ReactDOM Different layouts with React Router #reactjs #javascript #ReactRouter #Router #layouts
Tutorial: React Calendar with Google Calendar as CMS  #learntocode #reactjs #frontend #coding
Weekly React Digest Issue #78 #reactjs
The power of React JS... …
22 Amazing open source React projects … #learntocode #javascript #reactjs
Curating 20 Progressively More Complex Open Source React Apps by appendto … #javascript #reactjs #opensource
these "google trends" charts can show almost whatever you want. people search for "React" rather than "React.js" …
Animate React Native UI elements: #ReactJS #JavaScript
Animating particles using React Motion #ReactJS
React js routing isue
An Unconventional Review of React #react
#100DaysOfCode Day 6! Dabbled on React js on @Codecademy over the weekend!
Tips to optimise rendering of a set of elements in React - … @reactjs
React Cheat Sheet … #React #webdev #javascript #reactjs
I just managed to build a small React app with the @dribbble API and I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER #ReactJS #Dribbble #JSON
Jest, Mocha, Chai, Enzyme, TestUtils... What does React testing landscape consist of? My answer: …
React Navigation for React Native is now in beta! …
Best kept React secret: you can declare state changes separately from the component classes.
Perf tip: Don't ship React's DEV mode to production. Use Webpack's DefinePlugin to set NODE_ENV + minify + gzip for faster, smaller bundles.
Presentation: The Strengths of #Ember, #Angular & #React Explored …
@reactjs: Want to see #Fiber in action? beta test Fiber on Facebook itself! #ReactJS … Info.
Internationalizing React Apps #React #App #Localization
@raquelxmoss @jergason love Rails. Though we are setting up the React on Rails gem for the next version of our UI. It’s sweet.
An exciting new way to use CSS with React …
#Pass props into TabIcon with React Native Router Flux #Tech #Internet #Question #HowTO …
Practical Guide to React and CSS Modules
Kolau: Full-Stack Developer (Rails/React) …
BabylonJS with React and Redux (ES6 HMR starter kit)
React Interview Questions
3 Libraries and 3 Ways to Handle AJAX in React Apps:
Got bored, added React Native support to Aesthetic, because reasons.
Konsul by @mohebifar: React renderer that renders to the browser console. With styling + clickable buttons. #reactjs
Great description of React Fiber #reactjs #js
#Issues regarding npm start for react js #Tech #Internet #Question #HowTO …
“Why Rails developers should learn React” by @hrishio … #reactjs #rubyonrails #frontend #javascript
Survivejs - Webpack And React: From Apprentice To Master here #reactjs @javascriptbot_
reactjs-spinner (1.0.4) … React Spinner
Home Automation: Raspberry Pi 3 based home automation with NodeJS and React Native. #JavaScript #ReactJS
Video playback: React Native vs. Ionic: #ReactJS #AngularJS #JavaScript
Server-side Rendering Shootout with Marko, Preact, Rax, React and Vue #reactJs #webdev
Instant form field validation with React's controlled inputs by goshakkk … #javascript #reactjs via JavaScriptKicks
Fast source map generation for React Native: #ReactJS #JavaScript
@Billy_Halim @reactjs Just learn React. In the future Fiber will get new features, but for now the difference is only in implementation.
Learning React here #reactjs @javascriptbot_
Great read on React Native ART and D3: #ReactJS #JavaScript
Best part: #reactjs DOM and #reactnative can use their own renderers while sharing the same reconciler, provided by React core.
Amazing ressource on React fiber's project: acdlite/react-fiber-architecture #reactjs #javascript
A toolkit for React Preact & Inferno apps! #javascript #php #nodejs #java #webdesign #css #code #angularjs #reactjs
Learning React JS in the SharePoint Framework. #ReactJS #SharePoint #SPFX
Pro Mern Stack: Full Stack Web App Development With Mongo, Express, React, And Node here #reactjs @javascriptbot_
unexpected-react (3.4.0) … Plugin for unexpected, to allow for assertions on the React.js virtual DOM, and the shall…
Start your next react project in seconds #web #nodejs #javascript #reactjs
Why and How to Use PureComponent in React: #javascript #reactjs #purecomponent
React JS and react-bootstrap : can't pass a value as prop to a child
Cross-platform React stories by hugo__df … #javascript #reactjs via JavaScriptKicks
Our react js web app developers are more happy to serve SMEs with amazing concepts and will make your product succeed. #TrendProKenya
Livecoding #30: Dipping my toes in React Native by Swizec … #javascript #reactjs #reactnative via JavaScriptKicks
Excellent articel - Leveraging React for Easy Image Management: … #reactJSNews #reactJS
Rax is a React Native, not just a React by jiyinyiyong … #javascript #reactjs #rax via JavaScriptKicks
Some useful notes of React-Fiber the new version of #reactjs #fiber
Handle Browser Window Resize in React … #JavaScript #ReactJS via @hawatel_company
One of the first talks about React in 2013 #reactjs #javascript
React JS and Redux - Mastering Web Apps ☞
React - Basic theoretical concepts #reactjs
Uploading Files with React and Node: #javascript #reactjs #nodejs
Write once, use everywhere with React Native: #ReactJS #JavaScript
Vue.js Is Good, But Is It Better Than Angular Or React? … #reactjs
redux-inputs: A Library for Taming Forms in React - #javascript #reactjs #redux #forms
Create React apps with no build configuration #NodeJS #javascript #reactjs #web
Retweeted React (@reactjs): What is React Fiber, you ask? Well… we rewrote React. 😳 @acdlite has a great dive...
From ReactJS to React-Native, what are the main differences between both?
@Chiedo Great tutorial for integrating devise with React! You rock 👍🏻 #reactjs #rails #devise …
Getting Started with React Native Development for Windows #ReactNative #JavaScript #Reactjs
See my new koa.js 2 middleware koa-react-router … @reactjs routing & rendering on the server with little config 🙌 #npm
kea - High level architecture for React apps by mariusandra … #javascript #reactjs via JavaScriptKicks
@Emily_0Brien @reactjs I'm going! Should we organize a meet up for women who are going? I'd love to connect with other female React devs!
React Tetris: A Game of Tetris Built in React - #javascript #reactjs #tetris #gamedev #indiedev … Boilerplate for building a modern Isomorphic React/Redux application. #ReactJS #Redux #ES6 #BabelJS #Webpack
reactjs, react-router, expressjs isomorphic rendering redirects assets files
loop inside React JSX #javascript #reactjs #react-jsx
Optimizing react-redux store for high performance updates #redux #reactjs
RT @ReactJS_News: Top #JavaScript React for visual learners Coupon Save 50 % #reactjs #De…
React Speed Coding: Learn React With Es6, Redux, Webpack, Enzyme, And Flexbox. here #reactjs @javascriptbot_
React Native Basics: Geolocation – Hacker Noon - ReactJS News … #android #AI
Full-Stack Javascript Developer – React,Js/Node London … #Node.js #jobs
That makes a lot of sense to use #preact #preactjs instead of #react #reactjs. #FrontEnd #Programming #Coding
Angular2 vs React: web wars! #web #development #angular2 #react #reactjs
Role based authorization in React #javascript #reactjs
Reagent: #JavaScript Testing Utilities for React #JS #JavaScriptCode
Check out "Intro to React JS Workshop" w/ John Contreras, Co-Founder @Stridekick on Feb. 1, pres. by @codelatino |
React - (Reactjs) | Front End | Contract | Chichester | Excellent Rates | 6 month contract, Chichest.. #jobs #hiring
Check out the great #React for Beginners Course #reactjs #javascript #frontend #webdev #js #nodejs #firebase #html5
vim-react: A Vim plugin that provides functions that modify #ReactJS source files #JavaScript
React’s Five Fingers of Death. Master these five concepts, then master React #reactjs by @SachaGreif …
Issues regarding npm start for react js
React Native at WalmartLabs – WalmartLabs – Medium - ReactJS News … #Develop #project
DOM is slow, so how #reactjs could be fast? Read "React at 60fps" by @okonetchnikov
"Views from the 6 weeks in hell I spent rewriting bumpers in react" by @fat … #javascript #reactjs #redux #webpack
I liked a @YouTube video from @learncodeacad Redux Tutorial #1 - React js tutorial - How Redux Works
Our react js web app developers are more happy to serve SMEs with amazing concepts and will make your product succeed. #TrendProKenya
#100DaysofCode Day 14 played with canvas app, attend a meet up and got an intro to react Js
Enhancing React Components: Inheritance & Composition #javascript #reactjs #javascript #tutorial
Best way to spend my Sunday. Intro to react with @holtbt on @FrontendMasters #reactjs #pumped #javascript 😎
Crafting a high-performance TV user interface using React … #pkdev #appdev #dev #webdev #react #reactjs #javascript
Developing A React Edge: The Javascript Library For User Interfaces here #reactjs @javascriptbot_
Interesting ...“React or Vue: Which Javascript UI Library Should You Be Using?” by @anthonygore … #reactjs #javascript
React Newsletter - Issue 60 - Jan 19th 2017 #react
From Sketch to Views to React - some journey for a rounded shape, few icons and a text label @reactjs @SketchLabsHQ No hand-off is close!!!
Incredibly simple to get up and running with create-react-app. It just works! #reactjs #javascript
Check out our video #tutorial series: Using React JS for Front-End Development #code
Send your React app to cloud with a button click and test on any device. #reactJS #react #ReactStudio
Hacker News - React Studio Mac - A design tool for React JS
React Studio Beta is now shipped! I'm so proud of our @neontostudio team! #ReactLondon #reactjs
React Studio Beta has landed! Download yours today! #reactjs #react …
React AHA Moments! Nice read for developers who want to go deeper on concepts … via @tylermcginnis33 #react #js
Uploaded my slides from my talk about React Fiber @ReactVienna … #reactjs #react #javascript
React Universal with Next.js: Server-side React ➤ #ReactJS #Javascript
New @reactjs screencast today! Loading data from APIs in React: …
Instant React, Preact and Inferno apps from a single .js file #react #reactjs
KEEP CALM AND REACT NATIVE #reactnative #reactjs #javascript @JavaScriptDaily @leokaessner @reactjs
Token based authentication in React - @SimacanBV #reactjs #authentication #informationsecurity
Deploying React pages to Share - ReactJS News … #Develop #javascript #service
Pro Mern Stack: Full Stack Web App Development With Mongo, Express, React, And Node here #reactjs @javascriptbot_
Reaxpress: React apps with reusable server/client components, no redundant server reqs for client views. … #reactjs
Comparing different ways to implement CSS in JS for React #reactjs #css #webdesign #javascript
Now Hacking! "Finishing building blog with Jekyll and React" #weekend #time #React.js @nowlivecodingtv @li
React Native — a gotcha with fetch() – React Native Institute – Medium - ReactJS News … #project #Security
JavaScript Developer - React JS / React Native /Redux - Manches #JavaScript
Playing with React Native Animations #reactjs #webdev
ReactSiema – Lightweight and simple carousel for React … #pkdev #dev #webdev #frontend #javascript #react #reactjs
Remote job: Remote Javascript/React Developer at Fracture - #javascript #reactjs #nodejs
Building a PWA using React, Webpack, and other stuff … #js #javascript #reactjs #react
In the Boston area tonight? Come hear @atticoos talk at the Boston React Native meet up! … #ReactJS #Redux #React
RT @bohinjc: Steam Learn react native @inoviateam @steamlearn #reactjs #reactnative #meetup
Started using these React snippets in Atom and it's saved me a ton of time, would recommend #ReactJS #javascript
How to install the Facebook SDK into a React Native Android or iOS app: #ReactJS #JavaScript
“A starting point on using D3 with React” by @AdilBaaj … #javascript #reactjs #d3
React Native animations revisited — Part III – Blog @ #reactJs #webdev
Pretty stoked on this react sticky element … #reactjs #javascript #frontend
Can anyone recommend any React docs or tutorials for beginners? #web #react #js
Is React reactive? by @mauricedb #reactive #reactjs … via @SlideShare
React: Up & Running: Building Web Applications here #reactjs @javascriptbot_
React Workshop at PayPal 2016-12-13 : reactjs 19 points and 0 comments so far on reddit
React Native forms with react-native-clean-form & Immutable.js #reactnative #javascript #reactjs #redux #immutablejs
Watch "Ways to measure and boost performance of your React app" with @krambertech. #reactnative #reactjs
Experimenting with React at @Engage_Talent :) Loving the dev workflow w/ hot reloading and unidirectional data flow! #reactjs
@jwkeeley Have we reached the point, yet, where “React” means “React-native”? Or “React.js“? Not in the market, just curious about the term
Performance engineering with react #JS #reactjs
ES6? Webpack? Babel? Node? React? #JavaScript #ES6 #Webpack #BabelJS #NodeJS #ReactJS
Remote job: Full-Stack Developer (Rails/React) at Kolau - #ruby #rspec #reactjs
Anyone have a tip for an easy way to find the parent component for a given React component? An editor plugin would be ideal. #reactjs
Big thank you to @wesbos and @FrontendNE for the 'React For Beginners' course! Looking forward to getting started 😀 #React #Reactjs #ES6
@reactjs Have the emails for React Conf 2017 tickets been sent out yet?
Which is faster than react js and regular html ajax for json parse?
Holiday in the beautiful Mozambique done and dusted. Time to get on the React train and show 2017 what I've got
Creating a style guide for a react based app. What do you do/use? #webdev #react #js
We at Maystar are using our extra time to learn React. Having so much fun! #ReactJS @Codecademy
@browniefed will guide you through on building React Native To do App #ReactJS #ReactNative
Learning React Native like... #reactjs #react #reactnative #programming #coding #javascript #code #seriouslythough #itsme
2017 React Tutorial for Beginners via @YouTube via @CodePen #ReactJS
Good Practices: Why you should use JavaScript whenever possible with React Native #reactJs #webdev
Using Ex-Navigation in React Native #reactnative #javascript #reactjs #navigation #nav #cli
Starting to learn #reactjs today, and found this little gem! React Inline Styles and the Future of #CSS
Learning React? Start with a single html file and use React, ES6 and JSX #reactjs #jsxMassive Pixel added,
React Toggler - … @reactjs
7 React "Aha" Moments #ReactJS
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist REACT JS TUTORIAL #6 - React Router & Intro to Single Page Apps with
Render Basic SVG Components in React #SVG #ReactJS #javascript #frontend #webdevelopment
There's still time to submit a talk to React Conf 2017! #reactjs @reactjs
Create React components faster with Trot, my first open source project. … #javascript #reactjs #npm @freeCodeCamp
"react Redux universal boilerplate" 2.0.0 released #react
Thanks to whomever invented create react app #reactjs #createreactapp
Things you may or may not need to know in React but you may find helpful none the less. #ReactJS
Introduction To React here #reactjs @javascriptbot_
The FREE React on Rails course is live! Sign up & learn the basics of React with Rails in a day #reactjs #rubonrails
Building React Components Library - ReactJS News
Mastering React here #reactjs @javascriptbot_
React Tutorial Pt 1: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Apps with React.js
finally Completed my first react native app . Its a Whatsapp ui clone . Check it out … . #100DaysOfCode #reactjs
11 lessons learned as a React contractor @jolyon_russ #Reactjs #JavaScript #WebDev
Why and How to Use PureComponent in React.js by 60devs … #javascript #reactjs via JavaScriptKicks
Streaming now! "Looking into React Native" #tech #developers #React.js @nowlivecodingtv @livecodingtv
React is gaining ground as a universal server side templating system … #webdev #reactjs #javascript
React JS Tutorial - Refactoring Stateless Functional Components | Learn React Web App Developers: via @YouTube
React JS Tutorial - Aside Arrow Functions - Routing Weather App | Learn React Web App Developers: via @YouTube
React JS Tutorial - Creating Weather Formhh - Routing Weather App| Learn React Web App Developers: via
Made my first React app. If anyone has any comments on my code or structure would be greatly appreciated. … #reactjs
How To Add React Router To Create React App … #reactjs #javascript #webdev
Implementing Array Methods as React Components #array #javascript #es6 #reactjs #components
React vs. Angular 2 integration with Rails (Example) | hack.guides() via @pluralsight #reactjs #rails #angular2
@ketacode @mholzschlag @itsmisscs Salute to @SaraSoueidan for the `will-change` article. I dev @reactjs often. Still, "CSS in React JS" ===
Optimize Conversion Rates in Your React App with This A/B-testing Component by tomat … #javascript #reactjs #testing
How to declare React Components in 2017 #javascript #es6 #reactjs #components
Do you allow className props in your React components? Please explain #Reactjs
@reactjs GitHub issues have worked great for me with react related libraries.
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