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Comparison of open-source SSO implementations
Aerobase Keycloak WSO2 Identity Server Gluu CAS OpenAM Shibboleth IdP
OpenID Connect/OAuth support yes yes yes yes yes yes third-party
Multi-factor authentication yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Admin UI yes yes yes yes yes yes no
OpenJDK support yes yes yes yes no
Identity brokering yes yes yes
Middleware NGINX, Wildfly Wildfly, JBOSS WSO2 Carbon Jetty, Apache HTTPD any Java app server any Java app server Jetty, Tomcat
Open source yes yes Note 1 yes yes yes yes
Commercial support yes no yes yes third-party yes third-party
Add federation metadata no no yes
Add metadata from URL no no yes
Installation trivial easy difficult
  1. The downloadable binaries on their site don't appear to include the latest security patches. While you could compile and package yourself from the source code, it's not clear if the latest security patches are open-sourced. (

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ahochsteger commented Apr 8, 2019

Information about federation metadata + metadata from URL for WSO2 Identity Server can be found here:

The Carbon Middleware is running on Apache Tomcat (see

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