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Dashing Ringing Hotness Widget

Are you dashing? Are you hot? Then you need the Dashing Ringing Hotness Widget!

See the blog post for more details.

This widget is a fork of original Hotness widget with support for sound alert added.



Dashing Hot Status Widget

You like the Dashing Hotness Widget and you like the text widget ? You will love the Dashing Hot Status Widget !


This widget is heavily inspired by the hotness widget except it will change its color based on the text displayed instead of the status text displayed (OK, WARNING, CRITICAL or UNKNOWN)


Hot Progress Bar Widget


This widget is a fork of the original Progress Bar Widget, a widget made for Dashing.

The original widget shows multiple animated progress bars and reacts dynamically to new information being passed in. This forked widget adds the possibility to define warning and critical thresholds for each progress bars, which will change their color depending on the threshold reached.

Anything with a current state and with a projected max/goal state can easily be represented with this widget.