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A script to anonymize a Word document's track changes.
#change the working directory to the Desktop
cd ~/Desktop
#unzip the word doc into a new directory called anonDocument
unzip myDocument.docx -d anonDocument/
#search all of the files in the word doc package and replace any comment or track changes author with anonymous edit
grep -rl "w:author" ./anonDocument | xargs sed -i '' 's/w:author="[a-zA-Z0-9 ]*"/w:author="anonymous edit"/g'
#change the working directory to the anonDocument directory
cd anonDocument
#create a new word doc on the Desktop called cleanDocument.docx
zip -r ../cleanDocument.docx .
#change the working directory back to the Desktop
cd ..
#remove unzipped document folder from the desktop
rm -r anonDocument
#open the new document
open cleanDocument.docx

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@yanofsky yanofsky commented Aug 25, 2013

You can read more about this script on my blog

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