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Created August 4, 2016 17:09
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Recent tweets and the source app from Donald Trump
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761219396635361280,,2016-08-04 15:17:01,"Looking forward to IA & WI with Gov. Pence, tomorrow. Join us! #MAGA",Twitter for iPhone
761025834350018561,,2016-08-04 02:27:52,"Thank you Jacksonville, Florida!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
760976212068106240,,2016-08-03 23:10:41,"Thank you for your support of my candidacy! #MAGA #ImWithYou",Twitter for iPhone
760960985524043777,,2016-08-03 22:10:11,"Thank you to the amazing law enforcement officers today- in Daytona Beach, Florida! #LESM #MAGA",Twitter for iPhone
760957697579708416,,2016-08-03 21:57:07,"THANK YOU Daytona Beach, Florida!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
760888078605090821,,2016-08-03 17:20:29,"RT @mike_pence: Join me in Colorado, today! Look forward to seeing you!
Denver- 2pm
Colorado Springs- 6pm
https:/…",Twitter for iPhone
760783130978648064,,2016-08-03 10:23:27,"Our incompetent Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was the one who started talks to give 400 million dollars, in cash, to Iran. Scandal!",Twitter for Android
760765818917515264,,2016-08-03 09:14:40,"There is great unity in my campaign, perhaps greater than ever before. I want to thank everyone for your tremendous support. Beat Crooked H!",Twitter for Android
760669268539301889,,2016-08-03 02:51:00,Great day in Virginia. Crowd was fantastic!,Twitter for Android
760594155835887616,,2016-08-02 21:52:32,My daughter @IvankaTrump will be on @Greta tonight at 7pm. Enjoy!,Twitter for iPhone
760560366447370241,,2016-08-02 19:38:16,Report raises questions about ‘Clinton Cash’ from Russians during ‘reset',Twitter for iPhone
760552601356267520,,2016-08-02 19:07:25,President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!,Twitter for Android
760550754692263936,,2016-08-02 19:00:04,RT @gatewaypundit: Democrat Fire Marshal Turns THOUSANDS of Trump Supporters Away at Columbus Rally via @gatewaypun…,Twitter for iPhone
760542646888652804,,2016-08-02 18:27:51,"#ICYMI: John Podesta’s Brother Pocketed $180,000 from Putin’s Uranium Company:",Twitter for iPhone
760538951581130754,,2016-08-02 18:13:10,#CrookedHillary,Twitter for iPhone
760535661699035136,,2016-08-02 18:00:06,"Join me in Florida tomorrow!
Daytona | 3pm-
Jacksonville | 7pm-",Twitter for iPhone
760532443061420033,,2016-08-02 17:47:19,STATEMENT IN RESPONSE TO PRESIDENT OBAMA'S FAILED LEADERSHIP:,Twitter for iPhone
760519847461658624,,2016-08-02 16:57:16,Thank you Virginia! #ImWithYou,Twitter for iPhone
760420894271471620,,2016-08-02 10:24:03,The Washington Post calls out #CrookedHillary for what she REALLY is. A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR! Watch that nose grow!,Twitter for iPhone
760299757206208512,,2016-08-02 02:22:42,Great afternoon in Ohio & a great evening in Pennsylvania - departing now. See you tomorrow Virginia!,Twitter for iPhone
760293742381244416,,2016-08-02 01:58:48,"Just leaving Mechanicsburg, PA. Incredible crowd-- so enthusiastic! Will be back soon. #MAGA",Twitter for iPhone
760289166324215808,,2016-08-02 01:40:37,"RT @DanScavino: .@realDonaldTrump stops by overflow room in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania- prior to main rally. #TrumpMovement #MAGA🇺🇸 https:…",Twitter for iPhone
760287440435187712,,2016-08-02 01:33:45,Vast numbers of manufacturing jobs in Pennsylvania have moved to Mexico and other countries. That will end when I win!,Twitter for iPhone
760255085561597952,,2016-08-01 23:25:11,"Thanks to @pnehlen for your kind words, very much appreciated.",Twitter for iPhone
760249495754006528,,2016-08-01 23:02:59,"Join me in Florida on Wednesday! Daytona & Jacksonville:
Daytona | 3pm-
Jacksonville | 7pm-",Twitter for iPhone
760247348673077248,,2016-08-01 22:54:27,"During the GOP convention, CNN cut away from the victims of illegal immigrant violence. They don’t want them heard.",Twitter for iPhone
760246898095775744,,2016-08-01 22:52:39,When will CNN do a segment on Hillary’s plan to increase Syrian refugees 550% and how much it will cost?,Twitter for iPhone
760246732152311808,,2016-08-01 22:52:00,Hillary Clinton raked in money from regimes that horribly oppress women and gays & refuses to speak out against Radical Islam.,Twitter for iPhone
760245342231158785,,2016-08-01 22:46:28,"Hillary, whose decisions have led to the deaths of many, accepted $ from a business linked to ISIS. Silence at CNN.",Twitter for iPhone
760229355784138752,,2016-08-01 21:42:57,Crooked Hillary Clinton is 100% owned by her donors. #ImWithYou #MAGA,Twitter for iPhone
760214225830772737,,2016-08-01 20:42:50,"Thank you Columbus, Ohio! I will be back soon. #ImWithYou #MAGA",Twitter for iPhone
760213628926779392,,2016-08-01 20:40:27,"Thank you Oklahoma & Virginia!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #ImWithYou",Twitter for iPhone
760185303483187201,,2016-08-01 18:47:54,People believe CNN these days almost as little as they believe Hillary....that's really saying something!,Twitter for iPhone
760185067054465024,,2016-08-01 18:46:58,"The people who support Hillary sit behind CNN anchor chairs, or headline fundraisers - those disconnected from real life.",Twitter for iPhone
760184664468418560,,2016-08-01 18:45:22,Will CNN send its cameras to the border to show the massive unreported crisis now unfolding -- or are they worried it will hurt Hillary?,Twitter for iPhone
760184336603811842,,2016-08-01 18:44:04,When will we see stories from CNN on Clinton Foundation corruption and Hillary's pay-for-play at State Department?,Twitter for iPhone
760184176591208448,,2016-08-01 18:43:25,"CNN anchors are completely out of touch with everyday people worried about rising crime, failing schools and vanishing jobs.",Twitter for iPhone
760184028293173248,,2016-08-01 18:42:50,CNN will soon be the least trusted name in news if they continue to be the press shop for Hillary Clinton.,Twitter for iPhone
760126146830794753,,2016-08-01 14:52:50,"Join Governor Mike Pence in Reno, Nevada- tonight at 7pm! Tickets available at:",Twitter for iPhone
760125021280960512,,2016-08-01 14:48:22,"#CrookedHillary",Twitter for iPhone
760098514319835136,,2016-08-01 13:03:02,"So with all of the Obama tough talk on Russia and the Ukraine, they have already taken Crimea and continue to push. That's what I said!",Twitter for Android
760095370185674752,,2016-08-01 12:50:32,"When I said in an interview that Putin is ""not going into Ukraine, you can mark it down,"" I am saying if I am President. Already in Crimea!",Twitter for Android
760074526059270144,,2016-08-01 11:27:43,"This story is not about Mr. Khan, who is all over the place doing interviews, but rather RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM and the U.S. Get smart!",Twitter for Android
760070280932982784,,2016-08-01 11:10:51,"Mr. Khan, who does not know me, viciously attacked me from the stage of the DNC and is now all over T.V. doing the same - Nice!",Twitter for Android
759915863600304128,,2016-08-01 00:57:15,"Wow, it is unbelievable how distorted, one-sided and biased the media is against us. The failing @nytimes is a joke. @CNN is laughable!",Twitter for Android
759848885900763141,,2016-07-31 20:31:06,"""@RealJamesWoods: Without absolutely OWNING the liberal media, HillaryClinton wouldn't stand a chance. #VoterFraud and #MSM her only hope.""",Twitter for Android
759843323909668865,,2016-07-31 20:09:00,"The dishonest media is fawning over the Democratic Convention. I wonder why, then, my speech had millions of more viewers than Crooked H?",Twitter for Android
759743648573435905,,2016-07-31 13:32:55,"I was viciously attacked by Mr. Khan at the Democratic Convention. Am I not allowed to respond? Hillary voted for the Iraq war, not me!",Twitter for Android
759734698415312897,,2016-07-31 12:57:21,"Captain Khan, killed 12 years ago, was a hero, but this is about RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR and the weakness of our ""leaders"" to eradicate it!",Twitter for Android
759592590106849280,,2016-07-31 03:32:40,Nielson Media Research final numbers on ACCEPTANCE SPEECH: TRUMP 32.2 MILLION. CLINTON 27.8 MILLION. Thank you!,Twitter for Android
759524001613918208,,2016-07-30 23:00:07,Thank you to all of the television viewers that made my speech at the Republican National Convention #1 over Crooked Hillary and DEMS.,Twitter for Android
759516008272932864,,2016-07-30 22:28:22,Can you imagine if I had the small crowds that Hillary is drawing today in Pennsylvania. It would be a major media event! @CNN @FoxNews,Twitter for Android
759515080010719232,,2016-07-30 22:24:40,"NATO commander agrees members should pay up via @dcexaminer:",Twitter for iPhone
759513644258525184,,2016-07-30 22:18:58,"Wow, NATO's top commander just announced that he agrees with me that alliance members must PAY THEIR BILLS. This is a general I will like!",Twitter for Android
759512042906587137,,2016-07-30 22:12:36,"The ""Rust Belt"" was created by politicians like the Clintons who allowed our jobs to be stolen from us by other countries like Mexico. END!",Twitter for Android
759509936002957314,,2016-07-30 22:04:14,"Crooked's stop in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where jobs have been absolutely decimated by dumb politicians, drew less than 200 - with Bill, VP",Twitter for Android
759507812963737600,,2016-07-30 21:55:48,"#CrookedHillary = Obama's third term, which would be terrible news for our economic growth - seen below.",Twitter for iPhone
759506712516784128,,2016-07-30 21:51:25,Word is that Crooked Hillary has very small and unenthusiastic crowds in Pennsylvania. Perhaps it is because her husband signed NAFTA?,Twitter for Android
759479059046883328,,2016-07-30 20:01:32,"I turned down a meeting with Charles and David Koch. Much better for them to meet with the puppets of politics, they will do much better!",Twitter for Android
759477522232901632,,2016-07-30 19:55:26,"Why doesn't the media want to report that on the two ""Big Thursdays"" when Crooked Hillary and I made our speeches - Republican's won ratings",Twitter for Android
759457253925785604,,2016-07-30 18:34:54,#CrookedHillary,Twitter for iPhone
759450265208651776,,2016-07-30 18:07:07,"Crooked Hillary Clinton is soft on crime, supports open borders, and wants massive tax hikes. A formula for disaster!",Twitter for iPhone
759450053379579905,,2016-07-30 18:06:17,"Violent crime is rising across the United States, yet the DNC convention ignored it. Crime reduction will be one of my top priorities.",Twitter for iPhone
759425642723246084,,2016-07-30 16:29:17,Just got back from Colorado. The love and enthusiasm at two rallies was incredible. Big crowds!,Twitter for Android
759393092554424320,,2016-07-30 14:19:56,"While I am in OH & PA - you can also join @Mike_Pence in Nevada on Mon!
Carson City:
Reno:",Twitter for iPhone
759389559385952257,,2016-07-30 14:05:54,"Join me Monday in Columbus, Ohio & Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! #MAGA
3pm in OH:
7pm in PA:",Twitter for iPhone
759381869267980288,,2016-07-30 13:35:20,American homeownership rate in Q2 2016 was 62.9% - lowest rate in 51yrs. WE will bring back the 'American Dream!',Twitter for iPhone
759372422692954112,,2016-07-30 12:57:48,We are suffering through the worst long-term unemployment in the last 70 years. I want change - Crooked Hillary Clinton does not.,Twitter for iPhone
759371648764108801,,2016-07-30 12:54:44,"Hillary can never win over Bernie supporters. Her foreign wars,
NAFTA/TPP support & Wall Street ties are driving away millions of votes.",Twitter for iPhone
759371377002553344,,2016-07-30 12:53:39,"Colorado was amazing yesterday! So much support. Our tax, trade and energy reforms will bring great jobs to Colorado and the whole country.",Twitter for iPhone
759282300135809024,,2016-07-30 06:59:41,"""@patrioticpepe: @realDonaldTrump ONLY TRUMP CAN UNITE AMERICA AND FIX OBAMA'S MISTAKES!!! #Trump2016""",Twitter for Android
759227755494072320,,2016-07-30 03:22:57,"Thank you Denver, Colorado!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain!",Twitter for iPhone
759222916387069952,,2016-07-30 03:03:43,"As usual, Hillary & the Dems are trying to rig the debates so 2 are up against major NFL games. Same as last time w/ Bernie. Unacceptable!",Twitter for iPhone
759192213234393088,,2016-07-30 01:01:43,#CrookedHillary Job Application,Twitter for iPhone
759191265988653056,,2016-07-30 00:57:57,Hillary Clinton should not be given national security briefings in that she is a lose cannon with extraordinarily bad judgement & insticts.,Twitter for iPhone
759185456818860032,,2016-07-30 00:34:52,"Thank you to the amazing law enforcement officers in Colorado!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #LESM",Twitter for iPhone
759152897602916352,,2016-07-29 22:25:29,Thank you Colorado Springs. Get out & VOTE #TrumpPence16 in November!,Twitter for iPhone
759117301517996032,,2016-07-29 20:04:03,"""Only a Reagan or a Trump-like figure in the White House will achieve this goal.""",Twitter for iPhone
759093740497764353,,2016-07-29 18:30:25,"Even Bill is tired of the lies, SAD!",Twitter Web Client
759088844683608064,,2016-07-29 18:10:58,"Join me in Colorado Springs at 2pm- or in Denver tonight at 7pm!
Colorado Springs:
Denver:",Twitter for iPhone
759084522705068032,,2016-07-29 17:53:47,What Bernie Sanders really thinks of Crooked Hillary Clinton.,Twitter for iPhone
759082026687352834,,2016-07-29 17:43:52,"I am watching Crooked Hillary speak. Same old stuff, our country needs change!",Twitter for Android
759071976182861824,,2016-07-29 17:03:56,"Wow, my campaign is hearing from more and more Bernie supporters that they will NEVER support Crooked Hillary. She sold them out, V.P. pick!",Twitter for Android
759070976181084160,,2016-07-29 16:59:58,In Hillary Clinton's America - things get worse. #TrumpPence16,Twitter for iPhone
759070106546638849,,2016-07-29 16:56:30,The dishonest media didn't mention that Bernie Sanders was very angry looking during Crooked's speech. He wishes he didn't make that deal!,Twitter for Android
759064533814038528,,2016-07-29 16:34:22,"Thank you!
Instagram:",Twitter for iPhone
759029315006705664,,2016-07-29 14:14:25,"Crooked Hillary said that I ""couldn't handle the rough and tumble of a political campaign."" Really,I just beat 16 people and am beating her!",Twitter for Android
759027356434518016,,2016-07-29 14:06:38,"If Michael Bloomberg ran again for Mayor of New York, he wouldn't get 10% of the vote - they would run him out of town! #NeverHillary",Twitter for Android
759025610249216000,,2016-07-29 13:59:42,"""Little"" Michael Bloomberg, who never had the guts to run for president, knows nothing about me. His last term as Mayor was a disaster!",Twitter for Android
759024055123009536,,2016-07-29 13:53:31,"General John Allen, who I never met but spoke against me last night, failed badly in his fight against ISIS. His record = BAD #NeverHillary",Twitter for Android
759021886055387136,,2016-07-29 13:44:54,Crooked Hillary Clinton mentioned me 22 times in her very long and very boring speech. Many of her statements were lies and fabrications!,Twitter for Android
759017481633542145,,2016-07-29 13:27:24,Join @mike_pence at the University of Northwestern Ohio- tonight at 7pm. Tickets:,Twitter for iPhone
759014707277598720,,2016-07-29 13:16:22,"""@AnnCoulter: ""I believe in science"" Dem code for ""we're shutting down coal mines, steel plants and any other remaining manufacturing""""",Twitter for Android
759013928315686917,,2016-07-29 13:13:16,"CAMPAIGN STATEMENT:",Twitter for iPhone
759013889761697794,,2016-07-29 13:13:07,"Two policemen just shot in San Diego, one dead. It is only getting worse. People want LAW AND ORDER!",Twitter for Android
759008377577967616,,2016-07-29 12:51:13,"Crooked Hillary Clinton made up facts about me, and ""forgot"" to mention the many problems of our country, in her very average scream!",Twitter for Android
759005597899436032,,2016-07-29 12:40:10,The media coverage this morning of the very average Clinton speech and Convention is a joke. @CNN and the little watched @Morning_Joe = SAD!,Twitter for Android
758874457142284288,,2016-07-29 03:59:04,No one has worse judgement than Hillary Clinton - corruption and devastation follows her wherever she goes.,Twitter for iPhone
758873961425805312,,2016-07-29 03:57:06,"Hillary's wars in the Middle East have unleashed destruction, terrorism and ISIS across the world.",Twitter for iPhone
758873275044798464,,2016-07-29 03:54:22,"Hillary's vision is a borderless world where working people have no power, no jobs, no safety.",Twitter for iPhone
758872873234681860,,2016-07-29 03:52:46,Hillary will never reform Wall Street. She is owned by Wall Street!,Twitter for iPhone
758872422028148740,,2016-07-29 03:50:59,Our way of life is under threat by Radical Islam and Hillary Clinton cannot even bring herself to say the words.,Twitter for iPhone
758871653547806724,,2016-07-29 03:47:56,"Hillary's refusal to mention Radical Islam, as she pushes a 550% increase in refugees, is more proof that she is unfit to lead the country.",Twitter for iPhone
758851150175055874,,2016-07-29 02:26:27,"Departing now - thank you Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This is a MOVEMENT!",Twitter for iPhone
758802697763958784,,2016-07-28 23:13:55,#CrookedHillary,Twitter for iPhone
758778607489708032,,2016-07-28 21:38:12,"""Dems warn not to underestimate Trump's potential win""",Twitter for iPhone
758771144140820481,,2016-07-28 21:08:32,Great to be back in Iowa! #TBT with @JerryJrFalwell joining me in Davenport- this past winter. #MAGA,Twitter for iPhone
758768028595032064,,2016-07-28 20:56:09,Median household income is down for the middle class since Obama took office. It will only go further down under Clinton.,Twitter for iPhone
758761945910669312,,2016-07-28 20:31:59,"A vote for Clinton-Kaine is a vote for TPP, NAFTA, high taxes, radical regulation, and massive influx of refugees.",Twitter for iPhone
758761521317023744,,2016-07-28 20:30:18,"AMERICA'S FUTURE",Twitter for iPhone
758732782348623874,,2016-07-28 18:36:06,Bernie caved!,Twitter Web Client
758731880183193601,,2016-07-28 18:32:31,"""@LallyRay: Poll: Donald Trump Sees 17-Point Positive Swing in Two Weeks - Breitbart @realdonaldtrump"" Great!",Twitter for Android
758690714268143616,,2016-07-28 15:48:56,"RT @mike_pence: Good morning! Join me in Lima, Ohio - tomorrow evening at 7pm. #MAGA
Tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
758685974637473793,,2016-07-28 15:30:06,"RT @piersmorgan: Trump makes a funny, obvious joke about Russia going after Hillary's emails & U.S. media goes insane with fury.
He plays t…",Twitter Web Client
758681061786263552,,2016-07-28 15:10:35,RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: Obama Refers to Himself 119 Times During Hillary Nominating Speech...,Twitter Web Client
758680707979943937,,2016-07-28 15:09:11,President Obama spoke last night about a world that doesn’t exist. 70% of the people think our country is going in the wrong direction. #DNC,Twitter Web Client
758512401629192192,,2016-07-28 04:00:23,"""@trumplican2016: @realDonaldTrump @DavidWohl stay the course mr trump your message is resonating with the PEOPLE""",Twitter for Android
758511494669664256,,2016-07-28 03:56:47,"""@DavidWohl: Barack is offended that @realDonaldTrump will demand that #NATO allies pay their fair share. #DemsInPhilly""",Twitter for Android
758492727583576064,,2016-07-28 02:42:13,"Our country does not feel 'great already' to the millions of wonderful people living in poverty, violence and despair.",Twitter for iPhone
758491947409481728,,2016-07-28 02:39:07,Shooting deaths of police officers up 78% this year. We must restore law and order and protect our great law enforcement officers!,Twitter for iPhone
758452289376022529,,2016-07-28 00:01:31,"Join me live in Toledo, Ohio!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
758422125254471680,,2016-07-27 22:01:40,#CrookedHillary,Twitter for iPhone
758421383063961604,,2016-07-27 21:58:43,"Thank you Pennsylvania!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
758380358874247168,,2016-07-27 19:15:42,Thank you to our amazing law enforcement officers! #MAGA,Twitter for iPhone
758367154232320000,,2016-07-27 18:23:14,"""Trump right: Illegal families crossing border set to double, 51,152 so far""",Twitter for iPhone
758350470402408449,,2016-07-27 17:16:56,"Great new poll - thank you!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
758335147183788032,,2016-07-27 16:16:02,"If Russia or any other country or person has Hillary Clinton's 33,000 illegally deleted emails, perhaps they should share them with the FBI!",Twitter for iPhone
758331893809090560,,2016-07-27 16:03:07,"Join our next Vice President, @Mike_Pence in Wisconsin tonight & Michigan Thursday!
WI:",Twitter for iPhone
758286077400580096,,2016-07-27 13:01:03,Not one American flag on the massive stage at the Democratic National Convention until people started complaining-then a small one. Pathetic,Twitter for Android
758285141982711808,,2016-07-27 12:57:20,"Our not very bright Vice President, Joe Biden, just stated that I wanted to ""carpet bomb"" the enemy. Sorry Joe, that was Ted Cruz!",Twitter for Android
758242674646323200,,2016-07-27 10:08:35,Crooked Hillary Clinton wants to flood our country with Syrian immigrants that we know little or nothing about. The danger is massive. NO!,Twitter for Android
758240929564258305,,2016-07-27 10:01:39,Hopefully the violent and vicious killing by ISIS of a beloved French priest is causing people to start thinking rationally. Get tough!,Twitter for Android
758238226180083712,,2016-07-27 09:50:55,The Democratic Convention has paid ZERO respect to the great police and law enforcement professionals of our country. No recognition - SAD!,Twitter for Android
758236300554174465,,2016-07-27 09:43:16,"Funny how the failing @nytimes is pushing Dems narrative that Russia is working for me because Putin said ""Trump is a genius."" America 1st!",Twitter for Android
758233935230959617,,2016-07-27 09:33:52,"As I have been saying, Crooked Hillary will approve the job killing TPP after the election, despite her statements to the contrary: top adv.",Twitter for Android
758135085820416000,,2016-07-27 03:01:04,"Just like I have warned from the beginning, Crooked Hillary Clinton will betray you on the TPP.",Twitter for iPhone
758122684798607360,,2016-07-27 02:11:47,Many of Bernie's supporters have left the arena. Did Bernie go home and go to sleep?,Twitter for Android
758121939365982208,,2016-07-27 02:08:50,"I hate to say it, but the Republican Convention was far more interesting (with a much more beautiful set) than the Democratic Convention!",Twitter for Android
758120321845235712,,2016-07-27 02:02:24,"No matter what Bill Clinton says and no matter how well he says it, the phony media will exclaim it to be incredible. Highly overrated!",Twitter for Android
758117640200187905,,2016-07-27 01:51:45,"You have no idea what my strategy on ISIS is, and neither does ISIS (a good thing). Please get your facts straight - thanks. @megynkelly",Twitter for Android
758071952498159616,,2016-07-26 22:50:12,"For the record, I have ZERO investments in Russia.",Twitter for Android
758071264128806912,,2016-07-26 22:47:28,"In order to try and deflect the horror and stupidity of the Wikileakes disaster, the Dems said maybe it is Russia dealing with Trump. Crazy!",Twitter for Android
758030957530255360,,2016-07-26 20:07:18,"#CrookedHillary",Twitter for iPhone
758026136299397120,,2016-07-26 19:48:08,Dems don't want to talk ISIS b/c Hillary's foreign interventions unleashed ISIS & her refugee plans make it easier for them to come here.,Twitter for iPhone
758021060503756804,,2016-07-26 19:27:58,"Bernie's exhausted, he just wants to shut down and go home to bed!",Twitter for iPhone
758020997383684096,,2016-07-26 19:27:43,The invention of email has proven to be a very bad thing for Crooked Hillary in that it has proven her to be both incompetent and a liar!,Twitter for iPhone
758004154417553409,,2016-07-26 18:20:48,"Thank you New Hampshire!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
757997327269306369,,2016-07-26 17:53:40,"Join us in Toledo, Ohio- tomorrow night at 8pm! #TrumpPence16 #MAGA
Tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
757994830110658560,,2016-07-26 17:43:45,"Join us tomorrow in Scranton, Pennsylvania at 3pm!
#TrumpPence16 #MAGA
Tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
757919034755076096,,2016-07-26 12:42:33,Pocahontas bombed last night! Sad to watch.,Twitter for Android
757918002339778560,,2016-07-26 12:38:27,"Why aren't the Democrats speaking about ISIS, bad trade deals, broken borders, police and law and order. The Republican Convention was great",Twitter for Android
757916962269704192,,2016-07-26 12:34:19,"Funny, if you listen to @FoxNews, the Democrats did not have a good day. If you listen to the other two, they are fawning. What a difference",Twitter for Android
757777369272815617,,2016-07-26 03:19:38,"Bernie Sanders totally sold out to Crooked Hillary Clinton. All of that work, energy and money, and nothing to show for it! Waste of time.",Twitter for Android
757775689525309440,,2016-07-26 03:12:57,"Elizabeth Warren, often referred to as Pocahontas, just misrepresented me and spoke glowingly about Crooked Hillary, who she always hated!",Twitter for Android
757773671545044992,,2016-07-26 03:04:56,Sad to watch Bernie Sanders abandon his revolution. We welcome all voters who want to fix our rigged system and bring back our jobs.,Twitter for iPhone
757760973419712512,,2016-07-26 02:14:29,"If Cory Booker is the future of the Democratic Party, they have no future! I know more about Cory than he knows about himself.",Twitter for iPhone
757696233427312640,,2016-07-25 21:57:14,I was at @FoxNews and met Juan Williams in passing. He asked if he could have pictures taken with me. I said fine. He then trashes on air!,Twitter for Android
757693383481626624,,2016-07-25 21:45:54,"Hard to believe that Bernie Sanders has done such a complete fold. He got NOTHING for all of the time, energy and money. The V.P. a joke!",Twitter for Android
757690343181737984,,2016-07-25 21:33:49,"While Bernie has totally given up on his fight for the people, we welcome all voters who want a better future for our workers.",Twitter for iPhone
757690132111777792,,2016-07-25 21:32:59,"Clinton betrayed Bernie voters. Kaine supports TPP, is in pocket of Wall Street, and backed Iraq War.",Twitter for iPhone
757688331597668353,,2016-07-25 21:25:50,"Thank you OHIO! #TrumpPence16",Twitter for iPhone
757687988189065216,,2016-07-25 21:24:28,"Thank you Roanoke, Virginia- be back soon! #TrumpPence16",Twitter for iPhone
757650904896139264,,2016-07-25 18:57:06,"MAKE AMERICA SAFE AND GREAT AGAIN! #TrumpPence16",Twitter for iPhone
757618048664829952,,2016-07-25 16:46:33,"#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
757577508346888192,,2016-07-25 14:05:27,"Great POLL numbers are coming out all over. People don't want another four years of Obama, and Crooked Hillary would be even worse. #MAGA",Twitter for Android
757576490213146624,,2016-07-25 14:01:25,The State of Florida is so embarrassed by the antics of Crooked Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz that they will vote for CHANGE!,Twitter for Android
757573051215147008,,2016-07-25 13:47:45,"Wow, the Republican Convention went so smoothly compared to the Dems total mess. But fear not, the dishonest media will find a good spinnnn!",Twitter for Android
757571837463240704,,2016-07-25 13:42:55,"Here we go again with another Clinton scandal, and e-mails yet (can you believe). Crooked Hillary knew the fix was in, B never had a chance!",Twitter for Android
757565892146454532,,2016-07-25 13:19:18,"Crooked Hillary Clinton knew everything that her ""servant"" was doing at the DNC - they just got caught, that's all! They laughed at Bernie.",Twitter for Android
757552876348645377,,2016-07-25 12:27:35,"If Bernie Sanders, after seeing the just released e-mails, continues to look exhausted and done, then his legacy will never be the same.",Twitter for Android
757552713873891328,,2016-07-25 12:26:56,Thank you! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain,Twitter for iPad
757546442240167936,,2016-07-25 12:02:01,Hillary was involved in the e-mail scandal because she is the only one with judgement so bad that such a thing could have happened!,Twitter for Android
757545252026712064,,2016-07-25 11:57:17,"How much BAD JUDGEMENT was on display by the people in DNC in writing those really dumb e-mails, using even religion, against Bernie!",Twitter for Android
757538729170964481,,2016-07-25 11:31:22,"The new joke in town is that Russia leaked the disastrous DNC e-mails, which should never have been written (stupid), because Putin likes me",Twitter for Android
757364534873128960,,2016-07-24 23:59:10,Watched Crooked Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine on 60 Minutes. No way they are going to fix America's problems. ISIS & all others laughing!,Twitter for Android
757361504895246336,,2016-07-24 23:47:08,"The ratings for the Republican National Convention were very good, but for the final night, my speech, great. Thank you!",Twitter for Android
757343025983057922,,2016-07-24 22:33:42,"The highly neurotic Debbie Wasserman Schultz is angry that, after stealing and cheating her way to a Crooked Hillary victory, she's out!",Twitter for Android
757338816487235584,,2016-07-24 22:16:59,The Democrats are in a total meltdown but the biased media will say how great they are doing! E-mails say the rigged system is alive & well!,Twitter for Android
757336511436075008,,2016-07-24 22:07:49,"Even though Bernie Sanders has lost his energy and his strength, I don't believe that his supporters will let Crooked Hillary off the hook!",Twitter for Android
757335224397225984,,2016-07-24 22:02:42,"Crooked Hillary Clinton was not at all loyal to the person in her rigged system that pushed her over the top, DWS. Too bad Bernie flamed out",Twitter for Android
757332905047752704,,2016-07-24 21:53:29,"If the Republican Convention had blown up with e-mails, resignation of boss and the beat down of a big player. (Bernie), media would go wild",Twitter for Android
757315800466272256,,2016-07-24 20:45:31,"The @CNN panels are so one sided, almost all against Trump. @FoxNews is so much better and the ratings are much higher. Don't watch CNN!",Twitter for Android
757311921095925760,,2016-07-24 20:30:06,"I always said that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was overrated. The Dems Convention is cracking up and Bernie is exhausted, no energy left!",Twitter for Android
757309616254545920,,2016-07-24 20:20:57,"Today proves what I have always known, that @Reince Priebus is the tough one and the smart one, not Debbie Wasserman Shultz (@DWStweets.)",Twitter for iPhone
757206444148158464,,2016-07-24 13:30:59,"Sorry folks, but Bernie Sanders is exhausted, just can't go on any longer. He is trying to dismiss the new e-mails and DNC disrespect. SAD!",Twitter for Android
757205678821928960,,2016-07-24 13:27:56,"There is no longer a Bernie Sanders ""political revolution."" He is turning out to be a weak and somewhat pathetic figure,wants it all to end!",Twitter for Android
757191160481873920,,2016-07-24 12:30:15,An analysis showed that Bernie Sanders would have won the Democratic nomination if it were not for the Super Delegates.,Twitter for Android
757187537681154048,,2016-07-24 12:15:51,"Looks like the Bernie people will fight. If not, their BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS was a total waste of time. Kaine stands for opposite!",Twitter for Android
757182723089895424,,2016-07-24 11:56:43,"Wow, President Obama's brother, Malik, just announced that he is voting for me. Was probably treated badly by president-like everybody else!",Twitter for Android
757174767547977728,,2016-07-24 11:25:06,"Bernie Sanders started off strong, but with the selection of Kaine for V.P., is ending really weak. So much for a movement! TOTAL DISRESPECT",Twitter for Android
757172536882913280,,2016-07-24 11:16:15,The Crooked Hillary V.P. choice is VERY disrespectful to Bernie Sanders and all of his supporters. Just another case of BAD JUDGEMENT by H!,Twitter for Android
757012114460569604,,2016-07-24 00:38:47,"#MakeAmericaGreatAgain
#TrumpPence16",Twitter for iPhone
756975589110779904,,2016-07-23 22:13:39,"""@NancyNielsenn: @realDonaldTrump Dinesh D'Sousa Hillary's America. see it""",Twitter for Android
756974970312462336,,2016-07-23 22:11:11,"""@OliMauritania: @realDonaldTrump Kaine supported the stupidest deal in the history of deals #HillaryKaine2016""",Twitter for Android
756973646216884225,,2016-07-23 22:05:55,Thank you to everyone for the wonderful reviews of my speech on Thursday night. From the heart!,Twitter for Android
756962332228612096,,2016-07-23 21:20:58,"The Wikileaks e-mail release today was so bad to Sanders that it will make it impossible for him to support her, unless he is a fraud!",Twitter for iPhone
756952917152784384,,2016-07-23 20:43:33,Just saw Crooked Hillary and Tim Kaine together. ISIS and our other enemies are drooling. They don't look presidential to me!,Twitter for Android
756883131685273605,,2016-07-23 16:06:15,I will bring jobs back and get wages up. People haven't had a real wage increase in almost twenty years. Clinton killed jobs!,Twitter for Android
756875689924694016,,2016-07-23 15:36:41,Tim Kaine has been praising the Trans Pacific Partnership and has been pushing hard to get it approved. Job killer!,Twitter for Android
756866912848584704,,2016-07-23 15:01:48,Funny that the Democrats would have their convention in Pennsylvania where her husband and her killed so many jobs. I will bring jobs back!,Twitter for Android
756864330054893568,,2016-07-23 14:51:32,Crooked Hillary Clinton has destroyed jobs and manufacturing in Pennsylvania. Against steelworkers and miners. Husband signed NAFTA.,Twitter for Android
756804886038192128,,2016-07-23 10:55:20,"Leaked e-mails of DNC show plans to destroy Bernie Sanders. Mock his heritage and much more. On-line from Wikileakes, really vicious. RIGGED",Twitter for Android
756801575193042944,,2016-07-23 10:42:10,"Pocahontas wanted V.P. slot so badly but wasn't chosen because she has done nothing in the Senate. Also, Crooked Hillary hates her!",Twitter for Android
756799923648102400,,2016-07-23 10:35:37,"Tim Kaine is, and always has been, owned by the banks. Bernie supporters are outraged, was their last choice. Bernie fought for nothing!",Twitter for Android
756798838900396032,,2016-07-23 10:31:18,"The Bernie Sanders supporters are furious with the choice of Tim Kaine, who represents the opposite of what Bernie stands for. Philly fight?",Twitter for Android
756699517534212100,,2016-07-23 03:56:38,"""@Theresa_Cali: @realDonaldTrump General Michael Flynn will make a great Secretary of Defense when you become POTUS! #MakeAmericaSafeAgain""",Twitter for Android
756697615509688320,,2016-07-23 03:49:04,I highly recommend the just out book - THE FIELD OF FIGHT - by General Michael Flynn. How to defeat radical Islam.,Twitter for Android
756691116464959488,,2016-07-23 03:23:15,Is it the same Kaine that took hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts while Governor of Virginia and didn't get indicted while Bob M did?,Twitter for Android
756625700539465728,,2016-07-22 23:03:19,"Another attack, this time in Germany. Many killed. God bless the people of Munich.",Twitter for Android
756490485116575744,,2016-07-22 14:06:01,"One of the best produced, including the incredible stage & set, in the history of conventions. Great unity! Big T.V. ratings! @KarlRove",Twitter for Android
756477153986895872,,2016-07-22 13:13:02,Thank you Cleveland. We love you and will be back many times!,Twitter for Android
756475847004057601,,2016-07-22 13:07:51,What a great four days in Cleveland. So proud of the great job done by the RNC and all. The police and Secret Service were fantastic!,Twitter for Android
756355884956127232,,2016-07-22 05:11:10,"MAKE AMERICA SAFE AND GREAT AGAIN! #RNCinCLE",Twitter for iPhone
756338260230623232,,2016-07-22 04:01:07,FORMAL ACCEPTANCE OF THE NOMINATION! #TrumpPence16,Twitter for iPhone
756308357804335106,,2016-07-22 02:02:18,You can watch 360 video live from the podium! #RNCinCLE #TrumpIsWithYou #MakeAmericaGreatAgain,Twitter Web Client
756216362784161792,,2016-07-21 19:56:45,This is a MOVEMENT! #RNCinCLE,Twitter for iPhone
756171983407243264,,2016-07-21 17:00:24,Thank you @DonaldJTrumpJr. Proud of you! #RNCinCLE #TrumpPence2016,Twitter for iPhone
756140881862766594,,2016-07-21 14:56:49,"Great job @IvankaTrump! #RNCinCLE",Twitter for iPad
756138994728071168,,2016-07-21 14:49:19,"Other than a small group of people who have suffered massive and embarrassing losses, the party is VERY united. Great love in the arena!",Twitter for Android
756129793054220288,,2016-07-21 14:12:45,"Ted Cruz talks about the Constitution but doesn't say that if the Dems win the Presidency, the new JUSTICES appointed will destroy us all!",Twitter for Android
756105919470116864,,2016-07-21 12:37:53,"I am soooo proud of my children, Don, Eric and Tiffany - their speeches, under enormous pressure, were incredible. Ivanka intros me tonight!",Twitter for Android
755983654728245248,,2016-07-21 04:32:03,"Great job @EricTrump! Proud of you!
#AmericaFirst #RNCinCLE",Twitter Web Client
755975695940001792,,2016-07-21 04:00:25,MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,Twitter for iPhone
755974701172817920,,2016-07-21 03:56:28,"Arena was packed, totally electric!",Twitter for Android
755973944054681600,,2016-07-21 03:53:28,.@mike_pence was fantastic tonight. Will be a great V.P.,Twitter for Android
755972980069376000,,2016-07-21 03:49:38,"Our next Vice President of the United States of America, Gov. @Mike_Pence!
#GOPinCLE #GOPConvention
#AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
755972015249645568,,2016-07-21 03:45:48,"Wow, Ted Cruz got booed off the stage, didn't honor the pledge! I saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway. No big deal!",Twitter for Android
755954295728541696,,2016-07-21 02:35:23,"Great job @EricTrump! Proud of you!
#AmericaFirst #RNCinCLE",Twitter for iPhone
755944618802286592,,2016-07-21 01:56:56,"Thank you @ScottWalker! #AmericaFirst
#RNCinCLE",Twitter Web Client
755936439993589761,,2016-07-21 01:24:26,Thank you to Governor @ScottWalker for such warm support. Great speech!,Twitter for Android
755932444310724608,,2016-07-21 01:08:33,Thank you @IngrahamAngle! #AmericaFirst,Twitter Web Client
755927861878460417,,2016-07-21 00:50:21,"#AmericaFirst #RNCinCLE",Twitter for iPhone
755912497643806720,,2016-07-20 23:49:18,"Watching the #GOPConvention
#AmericaFirst #RNCinCLE",Twitter for iPhone
755836720197795840,,2016-07-20 18:48:11,John Kasich was never asked by me to be V.P. Just arrived in Cleveland - will be a great two days!,Twitter for Android
755810077307727872,,2016-07-20 17:02:19,"STATEMENT ON MELANIA SPEECH",Twitter for iPhone
755788382618390529,,2016-07-20 15:36:06,The media is spending more time doing a forensic analysis of Melania's speech than the FBI spent on Hillary's emails.,Twitter Web Client
755787159735570432,,2016-07-20 15:31:15,Good news is Melania's speech got more publicity than any in the history of politics especially if you believe that all press is good press!,Twitter Web Client
755747074939949056,,2016-07-20 12:51:58,"In November, I think the people of Ohio will remember that the Republicans picked Cleveland instead of going to another state. Jobs!",Twitter for Android
755746062204280833,,2016-07-20 12:47:56,Bill Hemmer of @FoxNews was very nice in explaining the excitement and energy in the arena. More than in past years.,Twitter for Android
755708398537154560,,2016-07-20 10:18:17,"Congratulations to my children, Don and Tiffany, on having done a fantastic job last night. I am very proud of you!",Twitter for Android
755551039244341253,,2016-07-19 23:52:59,Such a great honor to be the Republican Nominee for President of the United States. I will work hard and never let you down! AMERICA FIRST!,Twitter for Android
755525857456844800,,2016-07-19 22:12:56,The ROLL CALL is beginning at the Republican National Convention. Very exciting!,Twitter for Android
755502053003190273,,2016-07-19 20:38:20,"#MakeAmericaWorkAgain
#TrumpPence16 #RNCinCLE",Twitter for iPhone
755486029742641152,,2016-07-19 19:34:40,"#MakeAmericaWorkAgain
#TrumpPence16 #RNCinCLE",Twitter for iPhone
755395950089211904,,2016-07-19 13:36:43,"""@RoxaneTancredi: Democrats are coming to TRUMP. I used to be proud of the dem party. No more It is crooked and not for the people.""",Twitter for Android
755254384062263296,,2016-07-19 04:14:11,"It was truly an honor to introduce my wife, Melania. Her speech and demeanor were absolutely incredible. Very proud! #GOPConvention",Twitter for iPhone
755195907658883072,,2016-07-19 00:21:49,Will be on @OreillyFactor tonight at 8:30pm @FoxNews- prior to Melania's speech at the #GOPConvention. Tune in- she will do great! #RNCinCLE,Twitter for iPhone
755176368783187969,,2016-07-18 23:04:11,"#MakeAmericaSafeAgain!
#GOPConvention #RNCinCLE",Twitter for iPhone
755143081666744320,,2016-07-18 20:51:55,Networks other than low ratings @CNN have been very fair and exciting!,Twitter for Android
755142098190475265,,2016-07-18 20:48:00,".@CNN is the worst.They go to their dumb, one-sided panels when a podium speaker is for Trump! VAST MAJORITY want: Make America Great Again!",Twitter for Android
755091783013507072,,2016-07-18 17:28:04,"Looking forward to being at the convention tonight to watch all of the wonderful speakers including my wife, Melania. Place looks beautiful!",Twitter Web Client
755087399286411266,,2016-07-18 17:10:39,"Thank you Mahoning County, Ohio! See you soon! #MakeAmericaSafeAgain",Twitter for iPhone
754992591402328064,,2016-07-18 10:53:55,RT @foxandfriends: STILL AHEAD: @realDonaldTrump joins us at 7am/et! #RNCinCLE,Twitter for iPhone
754789482621243392,,2016-07-17 21:26:50,"President Obama just had a news conference, but he doesn't have a clue. Our country is a divided crime scene, and it will only get worse!",Twitter for Android
754788362368741376,,2016-07-17 21:22:23,"Our country is totally divided and our enemies are watching. We are not looking good, we are not looking smart, we are not looking tough!",Twitter for Android
754747849737461760,,2016-07-17 18:41:24,"""@60Minutes: DonaldTrump and his running mate @Mike_Pence to appear on #60Minutes in first joint interview. CBS""",Twitter for Android
754747397700485120,,2016-07-17 18:39:36,I will be on @60Minutes tonight at 7:00 P.M. with Mike Pence talking about LAW AND ORDER and many other subjects! Bad times for divided USA!,Twitter for Android
754744188856565760,,2016-07-17 18:26:51,"We are TRYING to fight ISIS, and now our own people are killing our police. Our country is divided and out of control. The world is watching",Twitter for Android
754730058913308673,,2016-07-17 17:30:42,"We grieve for the officers killed in Baton Rouge today. How many law enforcement and people have to...",Twitter for iPhone
754664207799451648,,2016-07-17 13:09:02,The ratings at @FoxNews blow away the ratings of @CNN - not even close. That's because CNN is the Clinton News Network and people don't like,Twitter for Android
754662980164386816,,2016-07-17 13:04:10,".@FoxNews is much better, and far more truthful, than @CNN, which is all negative. Guests are stacked for Crooked Hillary! I don't watch.",Twitter for Android
754652888752910336,,2016-07-17 12:24:04,"If Goofy Elizabeth Warren, a very weak Senator, didn't lie about her heritage (being Native American) she would be nothing today. Pick her H",Twitter for Android
754650547932758016,,2016-07-17 12:14:46,"I hope that Crooked Hillary picks Goofy Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, as her V.P. Then we can litigate her fraud!",Twitter for Android
754648419151511552,,2016-07-17 12:06:18,"It doesn't matter that Crooked Hillary has experience, look at all of the bad decisions she has made. Bernie said she has bad judgement!",Twitter for Android
754645662357159936,,2016-07-17 11:55:21,"As the days and weeks go by, we see what a total mess our country (and world) is in - Crooked Hillary Clinton led Obama into bad decisions!",Twitter for Android
754530838386208768,,2016-07-17 04:19:05,We are going to have a great time in Cleveland. Will lead to special results for our country. We will Make America Great Again!,Twitter for Android
754530019200884737,,2016-07-17 04:15:49,"Goofy Elizabeth Warren, who may be the least productive Senator in the U.S. Senate, must prove she is not a fraud. Without the con it's over",Twitter for Android
754520788917780482,,2016-07-17 03:39:09,"Thank you to Jack Morgan, Tamara Neo, Cheryl Ann Kraft and all of my friends and supporters in Virginia. GREAT JOB!",Twitter for Android
754516280615501824,,2016-07-17 03:21:14,"""@TrumpDoonbeg: Great news! We've been nominated for Ireland's Best Golf Hotel 2016.We would appreciate your vote!""",Twitter for Android
754514805264973824,,2016-07-17 03:15:22,Thank you to Chris Cox and Bikers for Trump - Your support has been amazing. I will never forget. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,Twitter for Android
754348235951661056,,2016-07-16 16:13:29,Thank you! #TrumpPence16,Twitter for iPhone
754305404302139392,,2016-07-16 13:23:17,"Crooked Hillary Clinton is bought and paid for by Wall Street, lobbyists and special interests. She will sell our country down the tubes!",Twitter for Android
754304371186405376,,2016-07-16 13:19:11,"Very sad that a person who has made so many mistakes, Crooked Hillary Clinton, can put out such false and vicious ads with her phony money!",Twitter for Android
754303051389861888,,2016-07-16 13:13:56,"Crooked Hillary, who embarrassed herself and the country with her e-mail lies, has been a DISASTER on foreign policy. Look what's happening!",Twitter for Android
754301737431928832,,2016-07-16 13:08:43,"Crooked Hillary is spending big Wall Street money on ads saying I don't have foreign policy experience, yet look what her policies have done",Twitter for Android
754291925616852992,,2016-07-16 12:29:43,Look forward to introducing Governor Mike Pence (who has done a spectacular job in the great State of Indiana). My first choice from start!,Twitter for Android
754136526087487488,,2016-07-16 02:12:13,Look forward to Governor Mike Pence V.P. introduction tomorrow in New York City.,Twitter for Android
753965070003109888,,2016-07-15 14:50:55,I am pleased to announce that I have chosen Governor Mike Pence as my Vice Presidential running mate. News conference tomorrow at 11:00 A.M.,Twitter for Android
753962659293396992,,2016-07-15 14:41:20,Four more years of weakness with a Crooked Hillary Administration is not acceptable. Look what has happened to the world with O & Hillary!,Twitter for Android
753960134422900736,,2016-07-15 14:31:18,#NeverTrump is never more. They were crushed last night in Cleveland at Rules Committee by a vote of 87-12. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,Twitter for Android
753750790590828544,,2016-07-15 00:39:27,"My prayers and condolences to the victims and families of the terrible tragedy in Nice, France. We are with you in every way!",Twitter for iPhone
753728269019549696,,2016-07-14 23:09:57,"In light of the horrible attack in Nice, France, I have postponed tomorrow's news conference concerning my Vice Presidential announcement.",Twitter for Android
753720863606775809,,2016-07-14 22:40:31,"Another horrific attack, this time in Nice, France. Many dead and injured. When will we learn? It is only getting worse.",Twitter for Android
753641197588152320,,2016-07-14 17:23:58,"I employ many people in the State of Virginia - JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! Crooked Hillary will sell us out, just like her husband did with NAFTA.",Twitter for iPhone
753603401854881793,,2016-07-14 14:53:46,"Another new poll. Thank you for your support! Join the MOVEMENT today!
#ImWithYou",Twitter for iPhone
753580257895211008,,2016-07-14 13:21:48,"Great new poll- thank you America!
#Trump2016 #ImWithYou",Twitter for iPhone
753398572515725312,,2016-07-14 01:19:51,I will be making the announcement of my Vice Presidential pick on Friday at 11am in Manhattan. Details to follow.,Twitter for iPhone
753355507721646080,,2016-07-13 22:28:44,"If I win the Presidency, we will swamp Justice Ginsburg with real judges and real legal opinions!",Twitter for iPhone
753355262363181056,,2016-07-13 22:27:45,Even the @NYTimes and @WashingtonPost Editorial Boards condemned Justice Ginsburg for her ethical and legal breach. What was she thinking?,Twitter for iPhone
753354905897668608,,2016-07-13 22:26:20,Is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg going to apologize to me for her misconduct? Big mistake by an incompetent judge!,Twitter for iPhone
753354233311731712,,2016-07-13 22:23:40,On my way to San Diego to raise money for the Republican Party. I am spending a lot myself and also helping others.,Twitter for iPhone
753353898472017920,,2016-07-13 22:22:20,Voters understand that Crooked Hillary's negative ads are not true- just like her email lies and her other fraudulent activity.,Twitter for iPhone
753353259411054592,,2016-07-13 22:19:48,Despite spending $500k a day on TV ads alone #CrookedHillary falls flat in nationwide @QuinnipiacPoll. Having ZERO impact. Sad!!,Twitter for iPhone
753351063407767554,,2016-07-13 22:11:04,Lyin' Crooked Hillary's email stories all have one thing in common.,Twitter for iPhone
753349911983235072,,2016-07-13 22:06:30,Is President Obama trying to destroy Israel with all his bad moves? Think about it and let me know!,Twitter for iPhone
753349629870084096,,2016-07-13 22:05:22,"The Republican platform is most
pro-Israel of all time!",Twitter for iPhone
753347448743964672,,2016-07-13 21:56:42,New GOP platform now includes language that supports the border wall. We will build the wall and MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!,Twitter for iPhone
753338900647665664,,2016-07-13 21:22:44,"#CrookedHillary is outspending me by a combined 31 to 1 in Florida, Ohio, & Pennsylvania. I haven't started yet!",Twitter for iPhone
753209883202351104,,2016-07-13 12:50:04,"Thank you Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania! #CrookedHillary is not qualified. #ImWithYou",Twitter for iPhone
753205648154767360,,2016-07-13 12:33:15,Thank you! #ImWithYou,Twitter for iPhone
753090242203283457,,2016-07-13 04:54:40,Justice Ginsburg of the U.S. Supreme Court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me. Her mind is shot - resign!,Twitter for Android
753063644578144260,,2016-07-13 03:08:58,THANK YOU INDIANA! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
752990888171831296,,2016-07-12 22:19:52,"Thank you Iowa- see you soon!
#Trump2016 #ImWithYou",Twitter for iPhone
752985826993332224,,2016-07-12 21:59:45,I will be interviewed by @oreillyfactor tonight on @FoxNews at 8pm. Enjoy!,Twitter for iPhone
752973319675273218,,2016-07-12 21:10:03,The American people agree. No free pass for #CrookedHillary!,Twitter for iPhone
752911479251296258,,2016-07-12 17:04:19,"To all the Bernie voters who want to stop bad trade deals & global special interests, we welcome you with open arms. People first.",Twitter for iPhone
752911332756840448,,2016-07-12 17:03:44,Bernie sanders has abandoned his supporters by endorsing pro-war pro-TPP pro-Wall Street Crooked Hillary Clinton.,Twitter for iPhone
752910855939952640,,2016-07-12 17:01:51,Bernie Sanders endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs.,Twitter for iPhone
752906803810279424,,2016-07-12 16:45:45,"#CrookedHillary is not qualified!",Twitter for iPhone
752860045084241920,,2016-07-12 13:39:56,I am somewhat surprised that Bernie Sanders was not true to himself and his supporters. They are not happy that he is selling out!,Twitter for Android
752859250628648962,,2016-07-12 13:36:47,"Bernie Sanders, who has lost most of his leverage, has totally sold out to Crooked Hillary Clinton. He will endorse her today - fans angry!",Twitter for Android
752849315094298624,,2016-07-12 12:57:18,"This election is a choice between law, order & safety - or chaos, crime & violence. I will make America safe again for everyone. #ImWithYou",Twitter for iPhone
752848856317059073,,2016-07-12 12:55:29,"For too many years, our inner cities have been left behind. I am going to deliver jobs, safety and protection for those in need.",Twitter for iPhone
752834632907943936,,2016-07-12 11:58:58,"Crime is out of control, and rapidly getting worse. Look what is going on in Chicago and our inner cities. Not good!",Twitter for Android
752686998826131456,,2016-07-12 02:12:19,"#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #ImWithYou",Twitter for iPhone
752667913820209152,,2016-07-12 00:56:29,Senior United States District Judge Robert E. Payne today ruled in favor of Trump campaign delegates who had argued..,Twitter for iPhone
752628125389955073,,2016-07-11 22:18:22,"Speech on Veterans' Reform:",Twitter for iPhone
752618593196597248,,2016-07-11 21:40:30,Great poll- Florida! Thank you!,Twitter for iPhone
752591157641744384,,2016-07-11 19:51:29,"Thoughts and prayers with the victims, and their families- along with everyone at the Berrien County Courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan.",Twitter for iPhone
752471941416620033,,2016-07-11 11:57:45,"Join me in Westfield, Indiana- tomorrow night at 7:30pm! #Trump2016
Tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
752215352122208256,,2016-07-10 18:58:10,"I heard that the underachieving John King of @CNN on Inside Politics was one hour of lies. Happily, few people are watching - dead network!",Twitter for Android
752211419634933760,,2016-07-10 18:42:32,"The media is so dishonest. If I make a statement, they twist it and turn it to make it sound bad or foolish.They think the public is stupid!",Twitter for Android
752207752852832256,,2016-07-10 18:27:58,President Obama thinks the nation is not as divided as people think. He is living in a world of the make believe!,Twitter for Android
752110630031749120,,2016-07-10 12:02:02,Look what is happening to our country under the WEAK leadership of Obama and people like Crooked Hillary Clinton. We are a divided nation!,Twitter for Android
751889266934964224,,2016-07-09 21:22:25,"New poll - thank you! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
751797800690708480,,2016-07-09 15:18:58,Way to go @serenawilliams - you are a true champion. Proud of you!,Twitter for Android
751558217075945476,,2016-07-08 23:26:56,"MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!",Twitter for iPhone
751529041988116485,,2016-07-08 21:31:01,Isn't it sad that on a day of national tragedy Hillary Clinton is answering softball questions about her email lies on @CNN?,Twitter for iPhone
751423658627829760,,2016-07-08 14:32:15,"Due to the horrific events taking place in our country, I have decided to postpone my speech on economic opportunity- today in Miami.",Twitter for iPhone
751405672877744128,,2016-07-08 13:20:47,Last night's horrific execution-style shootings of 12 Dallas law enforcement officers...,Twitter for iPhone
751370918027489280,,2016-07-08 11:02:41,Prayers and condolences to all of the families who are so thoroughly devastated by the horrors we are all watching take place in our country,Twitter for Android
751232353129955328,,2016-07-08 01:52:04,"After today, Crooked Hillary can officially be called Lyin' Crooked Hillary.",Twitter for Android
751146264956395521,,2016-07-07 20:09:59,"Thank you Speaker @PRyan!
#AmericaFirst #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
751145333107879936,,2016-07-07 20:06:17,#MakeAmericaGreatAgain,Twitter for iPhone
751145002147966976,,2016-07-07 20:04:58,Thank you Rep. Collins! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
751115433273688064,,2016-07-07 18:07:28,Just leaving D.C. Had great meetings with Republicans in the House and Senate. Very interesting day! These are people who love our country!,Twitter for Android
751016366925344768,,2016-07-07 11:33:49,"Great being in Cincinnati, Ohio last night- thank you! Off to Washington D.C. now. #Trump2016 #AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
750865499660091393,,2016-07-07 01:34:20,"Where is the outrage for this Disney book? Is this the 'Star of David' also?
Dishonest media! #Frozen",Twitter for iPhone
750811268219543552,,2016-07-06 21:58:50,"To all of my twitter followers, please contribute whatever you can to the campaign. We must beat Crooked Hillary.",Twitter for iPhone
750714064574218245,,2016-07-06 15:32:35,Convention speaker schedule to be released tomorrow. Let today be devoted to Crooked Hillary and the rigged system under which we live.,Twitter Web Client
750692436687585280,,2016-07-06 14:06:38,"I have over seven million hits on social media re Crooked Hillary Clinton. Check it out Sleepy Eyes, @MarkHalperin @NBCPolitics",Twitter for Android
750691056551878656,,2016-07-06 14:01:09,"Sleepy eyes Chuck Todd, a man with so little touch for politics, is at it again.He could not have watched my standing ovation speech in N.C.",Twitter for Android
750681915565477888,,2016-07-06 13:24:50,Even the once great Caesars is bankrupt in A.C. Others to follow. Ask the Democrat City Council what happened to Atlantic City.,Twitter for Android
750678866532990977,,2016-07-06 13:12:43,"Hillary Clinton should ask why the Democrat pols in Atlantic City made all the wrong moves - Convention Center, Airport - and destroyed City",Twitter for Android
750677864379453440,,2016-07-06 13:08:44,"I made a lot of money in Atlantic City and left 7 years ago, great timing (as all know). Pols made big mistakes, now many bankruptcies.",Twitter for Android
750668480559607808,,2016-07-06 12:31:27,"Crooked Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI and to the people of our country. She is sooooo guilty. But watch, her time will come!",Twitter for Android
750663349025767424,,2016-07-06 12:11:03,"The rigged system may have helped Hillary Clinton escape criminal charges, but...",Twitter for iPhone
750650894040064000,,2016-07-06 11:21:34,"Crooked Hillary has once again been proven to be a person who is dishonest, incompetent and of very bad judgement.",Twitter for Android
750648675186147328,,2016-07-06 11:12:45,"Crooked Hillary Clinton and her team ""were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information."" Not fit!",Twitter for Android
750548959240843265,,2016-07-06 04:36:31,Crooked Hillary Clinton is unfit to serve as President of the U.S. Her temperament is weak and her opponents are strong. BAD JUDGEMENT!,Twitter for Android
750547338817638401,,2016-07-06 04:30:04,"I don't think the voters will forget the rigged system that allowed Crooked Hillary to get away with ""murder."" Come November 8, she's out!",Twitter for Android
750545570293506048,,2016-07-06 04:23:03,Raised a lot of money for the Republican Party. There will be a big gasp when the figures are announced in the morning. Lots of support! Win,Twitter for Android
750514941753434113,,2016-07-06 02:21:20,I will be interviewed by @oreillyfactor tonight on @FoxNews at 11pm. Enjoy!,Twitter for iPhone
750492628362334208,,2016-07-06 00:52:40,"My son, @EricTrump will be interviewed by @SeanHannity tonight at 10pm on @FoxNews. Enjoy!",Twitter for iPhone
750397898861445120,,2016-07-05 18:36:15,Looking forward to meeting with @SenBobCorker in a little while. We will be traveling to North Carolina together today.,Twitter Web Client
750353319084843008,,2016-07-05 15:39:06,FBI director said Crooked Hillary compromised our national security. No charges. Wow! #RiggedSystem,Twitter Web Client
750352884106223616,,2016-07-05 15:37:23,"The system is rigged. General Petraeus got in trouble for far less. Very very unfair! As usual, bad judgment.",Twitter Web Client
750299631792291840,,2016-07-05 12:05:46,It was great spending time with @joniernst yesterday. She has done a fantastic job for the people of Iowa and U.S. Will see her again!,Twitter for Android
750286846534582272,,2016-07-05 11:14:58,Taxpayers are paying a fortune for the use of Air Force One on the campaign trail by President Obama and Crooked Hillary. A total disgrace!,Twitter for Android
750101826821877760,,2016-07-04 22:59:46,"On @FoxNews at 7:00 P.M. ""Special: Meet the Trumps"" Hope you enjoy!",Twitter for Android
750094399456026624,,2016-07-04 22:30:15,Why is President Obama allowed to use Air Force One on the campaign trail with Crooked Hillary? She is flying with him tomorrow. Who pays?,Twitter for Android
749989709275885568,,2016-07-04 15:34:15,"With Hillary and Obama, the terrorist attacks will only get worse. Politically correct fools, won't even call it what it is - RADICAL ISLAM!",Twitter for Android
749987869452828672,,2016-07-04 15:26:56,"Crooked Hillary Clinton is ""guilty as hell"" but the system is totally rigged and corrupt! Where are the 33,000 missing e-mails?",Twitter for Android
749972298086645760,,2016-07-04 14:25:04,The only people who are not interested in being the V.P. pick are the people who have not been asked!,Twitter for Android
749970824766091264,,2016-07-04 14:19:13,I look forward to meeting @joniernst today in New Jersey. She has done a great job as Senator of Iowa!,Twitter for Android
749968796618817538,,2016-07-04 14:11:09,"Spent time with Indiana Governor Mike Pence and family yesterday. Very impressed, great people!",Twitter for Android
749965127278034944,,2016-07-04 13:56:34,"Senator Tom Cotton was great on Meet the Press yesterday. Despite a totally one-sided interview by Chuck Todd, the end result was solid!",Twitter for Android
749961528422625281,,2016-07-04 13:42:16,"Dishonest media is trying their absolute best to depict a star in a tweet as the Star of David rather than a Sheriff's Star, or plain star!",Twitter for Android
749959090210832386,,2016-07-04 13:32:35,Happy 4th of July! #Trump2016 #AmericaFirst,Twitter for iPhone
749935837748596736,,2016-07-04 12:00:11,Crooked Hillary will NEVER be able to handle the complexities and danger of ISIS - it will just go on forever. We need change!,Twitter for Android
749934450868387840,,2016-07-04 11:54:40,"The third mass attack (slaughter) in days by ISIS. 200 dead in Baghdad, worst in many years. We do not have leadership that can stop this!",Twitter for Android
749929565661884417,,2016-07-04 11:35:16,"In Bangladesh, hostages were immediately killed by ISIS terrorists if they were unable to cite a verse from the Koran. 20 were killed!",Twitter for Android
749721116911034368,,2016-07-03 21:46:58,I believe that Crooked Hillary sent Bill to have the meeting with the U.S.A.G. So Bill is not in trouble with H except that he got caught!,Twitter for Android
749720224220475393,,2016-07-03 21:43:25,"The SECRET meeting between Bill Clinton and the U.S.A.G. in back of closed plane was heightened with FBI shouting ""go away, no pictures.""",Twitter for Android
749718947973529600,,2016-07-03 21:38:20,"Does anybody really believe that Bill Clinton and the U.S.A.G. talked only about ""grandkids"" and golf for 37 minutes in plane on tarmac?",Twitter for Android
749709462974435329,,2016-07-03 21:00:39,"""THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED!""",Twitter for Android
749706242579247105,,2016-07-03 20:47:51,"On Saturday a great man, Elie Wiesel, passed away.The world is a better place because of him and his belief that good can triumph over evil!",Twitter for Android
749699315367612416,,2016-07-03 20:20:20,Crooked Hillary Clinton knew that her husband wanted to meet with the U.S.A.G. to work out a deal. The system is totally rigged & corrupt!,Twitter for Android
749698321074180096,,2016-07-03 20:16:23,Only a fool would believe that the meeting between Bill Clinton and the U.S.A.G. was not arranged or that Crooked Hillary did not know.,Twitter for Android
749659173353299968,,2016-07-03 17:40:49,"Just watched @meetthepress and how totally biased against me Chuck Todd, and the entire show, is against me.The good news-the people get it!",Twitter for Android
749350193095667713,,2016-07-02 21:13:02,"It was just announced-by sources-that no charges will be brought against Crooked Hillary Clinton. Like I said, the system is totally rigged!",Twitter for Android
749341789102960640,,2016-07-02 20:39:39,It is impossible for the FBI not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. What she did was wrong! What Bill did was stupid!,Twitter for Android
749264697233383424,,2016-07-02 15:33:19,Thank you @greta. #ImWithYou,Twitter for iPhone
749264383990194176,,2016-07-02 15:32:04,"Thank you for your support!
#AmericaFirst #LeadRight2016",Twitter for iPhone
749263772703985664,,2016-07-02 15:29:38,"RT @GOP: Reminder: last year, Clinton pledged she had turned over all work-related email under penalty of perjury ⬇️",Twitter for iPhone
749262206672445441,,2016-07-02 15:23:25,Thank you! #AmericaFirst,Twitter for iPhone
749261242137710592,,2016-07-02 15:19:35,"If I become the next POTUS- they will not be ignoring! #AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
749261175968436224,,2016-07-02 15:19:19,"Crooked Hillary -- Makes History!
#ImWithYou #AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
749240145442922496,,2016-07-02 13:55:45,The #2A to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep & bear Arms shall not be infringed upon.,Twitter for iPhone
749237508916056064,,2016-07-02 13:45:16,#AmericaFirst #ImWithYou,Twitter for iPhone
749209816732672000,,2016-07-02 11:55:14,"The speakers slots at the Republican Convention are totally filled, with a long waiting list of those that want to speak - Wednesday release",Twitter for Android
749208070505586688,,2016-07-02 11:48:18,"Just read in the failing @nytimes that I was not aware ""the event had to be held in Cleveland"" - a total lie. These people are sick!",Twitter for Android
749052325130534912,,2016-07-02 01:29:25,When you can't say it - or see it -- you can't fix it. We will MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN! #ImWithYou #AmericaFirst,Twitter for iPhone
749049896431415296,,2016-07-02 01:19:46,Just returned from Colorado. Amazing crowd!,Twitter for Android
748966167549603840,,2016-07-01 19:47:04,"Thank you for inviting me to the Western Conservative Summit in Colorado! #ImWithYou #WCS16",Twitter for iPhone
748926103931150336,,2016-07-01 17:07:52,Thank you for your support! We will MAKE AMERICA SAFE AND GREAT AGAIN! #ImWithYou #AmericaFirst,Twitter for iPhone
748920081942327296,,2016-07-01 16:43:56,"These crimes won't be happening if I'm elected POTUS. Killer should have never been here. #AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
748906952713875456,,2016-07-01 15:51:46,"Yet another terrorist attack today in Israel -- a father, shot at by a Palestinian terrorist, was killed while:",Twitter for iPhone
748871858553024512,,2016-07-01 13:32:19,Horrible killing of a 13 year old American girl at her home in Israel by a Palestinian terrorist. We must get tough.,Twitter for iPhone
748869825208913921,,2016-07-01 13:24:14,.@TraceAdkins great job on FOX this morning. Keep up the good work!,Twitter for iPhone
748851849185243136,,2016-07-01 12:12:48,Take a look at what happened w/ Bill Clinton. The system is totally rigged. Does anybody really believe that meeting was just a coincidence?,Twitter for iPhone
748851673313873920,,2016-07-01 12:12:06,Bill Clinton's meeting was a total secret. Nobody was to know about it but he was caught by a local reporter.,Twitter for iPhone
748851569190318080,,2016-07-01 12:11:41,"As Bernie Sanders said, Hillary Clinton has bad judgement. Bill's meeting was probably initiated and demanded by Hillary!",Twitter for iPhone
748712661764804608,,2016-07-01 02:59:43,"#ThrowbackThursday #Trump2016",Twitter Web Client
748647669707350016,,2016-06-30 22:41:28,I will be interviewed by @SeanHannity tonight at 10pm on FOX! Enjoy!,Twitter for iPhone
748599711792234496,,2016-06-30 19:30:54,"The reason I put up approximately $50 million for my successful primary campaign is very simple, I want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for iPhone
748599572230975492,,2016-06-30 19:30:20,I have self funded my winning primary campaign with an approx. $50 million loan. I have totally terminated the loan!,Twitter for iPhone
748599438034206720,,2016-06-30 19:29:48,The very dishonest @NBCNews refuses to accept the fact that I have forgiven my $50 million loan to my campaign. Done deal!,Twitter for iPhone
748599094252273664,,2016-06-30 19:28:27,"One of the reasons Hillary hid her emails was so the public wouldn't see how she got rich- selling out America.",Twitter for iPhone
748590222988947457,,2016-06-30 18:53:11,"Why would college graduates want Crooked Hillary as their President? She will destroy them!",Twitter for iPhone
748569874042064900,,2016-06-30 17:32:20,New book by @ericbolling is absolutely terrific and a must read! #WakeUpAmerica,Twitter Web Client
748528593634992128,,2016-06-30 14:48:18,The story with Hillary will never change.,Twitter Web Client
748525411341049857,,2016-06-30 14:35:39,RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: 43-39,Twitter Web Client
748345210372038656,,2016-06-30 02:39:36,"For reasons only they can explain, the @USChamber wants to continue our bad trade deals rather than renegotiating and making them better.",Twitter for Android
748343042994733056,,2016-06-30 02:30:59,Tremendous day in Massachusetts and Maine. Thank you to everyone for making it so special!,Twitter for Android
748331931616579585,,2016-06-30 01:46:50,"""@Gengm7: @jakeda @realDonaldTrump As of April this year, Hillary had spent $264,000,000 on her campaign Mr.Trump $55,000,000. self funding""",Twitter for Android
748289375801323520,,2016-06-29 22:57:44,I will be on @oreillyfactor at 8:00 P.M. Enjoy!,Twitter for Android
748219891577131010,,2016-06-29 18:21:38,ISIS exploded on Hillary Clinton's watch- she's done nothing about it and never will. Not capable!,Twitter for iPhone
748166232298381312,,2016-06-29 14:48:24,"Will be in Bangor, Maine today! Join me- 4pmE at the Cross Insurance Center!",Twitter for iPhone
748163921383723008,,2016-06-29 14:39:13,New Q poll out- we are going to win the whole deal- and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
748163517455413248,,2016-06-29 14:37:37,Just watched Senator John Barrasso on @FoxNews - He was great! Thank you John.,Twitter for Android
748142709932756992,,2016-06-29 13:14:56,Why would the USChamber be upset by the fact that I want to negotiate better and stronger trade deals or that I want penalties for cheaters?,Twitter for Android
748141420528140288,,2016-06-29 13:09:49,"The @USCHAMBER must fight harder for the American worker. China, and many others, are taking advantage of U.S. with our terrible trade pacts",Twitter for Android
747986907162877952,,2016-06-29 02:55:50,Iron Mike Tyson was not asked to speak at the Convention though I'm sure he would do a good job if he was. The media makes everything up!,Twitter for Android
747950659111006208,,2016-06-29 00:31:48,"""@jtsbk: @AllenWest thanks for sharing Eric we need @realDonaldTrump now as this administration is incapable of keeping our country safe""",Twitter for Android
747900114363092992,,2016-06-28 21:10:57,We must do everything possible to keep this horrible terrorism outside the United States.,Twitter Web Client
747899586593890309,,2016-06-28 21:08:51,"Yet another terrorist attack, this time in Turkey. Will
the world ever realize what is going on? So sad.",Twitter Web Client
747888895581372416,,2016-06-28 20:26:22,"Hillary Clinton’s Presidency would be catastrophic for
the future of our country. She is ill-fit with bad judgment.",Twitter Web Client
747888354126069761,,2016-06-28 20:24:13,"Benghazi is just another Hillary Clinton failure. It just
never seems to work the way it's supposed to with Clinton.",Twitter Web Client
747874856130183168,,2016-06-28 19:30:35,"Check it out - 2nd video on Lying Crooked Hillary is now online! Watch it here:
#CrookedHillary #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
747874261583470592,,2016-06-28 19:28:13,"""@kridan1: Canceled cable - sick of their bad coverage of you and the fawning over Clinton ... Listened to your great speech on YouTube""",Twitter for Android
747873880103059457,,2016-06-28 19:26:42,"""@bluedogdemky: @CWAUnion @iowa_trump @RichardTrumka @AFLCIO This is why I would think the unions would support @realDonaldTrump for #POTUS""",Twitter for Android
747873381077356545,,2016-06-28 19:24:43,"""@arnold_ziffel: @AnnCoulter also can't help but notice the stock market's reaction as @realDonaldTrump was speaking. #UPUPUP""",Twitter for Android
747873311531614208,,2016-06-28 19:24:26,"""@Patricia_Graf: @GovBrewer @cvpayne let's get Trump supporters out in massive numbers and make America Great Again - create jobs""",Twitter for Android
747873024515407872,,2016-06-28 19:23:18,"""@vegas_sports: Good for @realDonaldTrump he's smart on business. Maybe If corporations weren't overtaxed they would stay. Voting for #Trump",Twitter for Android
747872257872125952,,2016-06-28 19:20:15,"""@GovBrewer: I'll be a guest today on Making Money with @cvpayne on @ Fox Business 6 PM ET / 3 PM PT Discussing @realDonaldTrump. Tune in!""",Twitter for Android
747424042181791744,,2016-06-27 13:39:12,.@CNN is all negative when it comes to me. I don't watch it anymore.,Twitter for Android
747418754255052802,,2016-06-27 13:18:12,"The media is unrelenting. They will only go with and report a story in a negative light. I called Brexit (Hillary was wrong), watch November",Twitter for Android
747415955400196096,,2016-06-27 13:07:04,"Crooked Hillary is wheeling out one of the least productive senators in the U.S. Senate, goofy Elizabeth Warren, who lied on heritage.",Twitter for Android
747241330552737793,,2016-06-27 01:33:10,"""@LindaSuhler: Trump voters don't scare or back down. Our numbers are growing & we're taking our country BACK. #Trump2016🇺🇸 #MAGA",Twitter for Android
747240949370261504,,2016-06-27 01:31:40,"""@w4djt: ""Under a Trump presidency, America will make brilliant new trade deals!"" —Donald Trump #dtmag""",Twitter for Android
747227503329173505,,2016-06-27 00:38:14,"""@brazosboys: Hillary read ""sigh"" off the Teleprompter, She's so fake she has to be told how to feel: @FoxNews",Twitter for Android
747208970201333760,,2016-06-26 23:24:35,"""@JimVitari: @ABC @washingtonpost we know they're fake just like poles during primary. I'm sure u will crush #CrookedHillary in general""",Twitter for Android
747206160806219776,,2016-06-26 23:13:25,"The ""dirty"" poll done by @ABC @washingtonpost is a disgrace. Even they admit that many more Democrats were polled. Other polls were good.",Twitter for Android
747194865633595392,,2016-06-26 22:28:32,Crooked Hillary Attacks Foreign Government Donations - While Ignoring Her Own:,Twitter for iPhone
747191624535511040,,2016-06-26 22:15:40,Crooked Hillary Clinton got Brexit wrong. I said LEAVE will win. She has no sense of markets and such bad judgement. Only a question of time,Twitter for Android
747190075344162817,,2016-06-26 22:09:30,"Hillary Clinton is not a change agent, just the same old status quo! She is spending a fortune, I am spending very little. Close in polls!",Twitter for Android
747178078682644480,,2016-06-26 21:21:50,"People in our country want borders, and without them the old line pols like Crooked Hillary will not win. It is time for CHANGE -- and JOBS!",Twitter for Android
747105049352888320,,2016-06-26 16:31:38,Top 50 Facts About Crooked Hillary Clinton From Trump 'Stakes Of The Election' Address:,Twitter for iPhone
747102432862273536,,2016-06-26 16:21:15,The @ABC poll sample is heavy on Democrats. Very dishonest - why would they do that? Other polls good!,Twitter for Android
747098691492786176,,2016-06-26 16:06:23,"Crooked Hillary just took a major ad of me playing golf at Turnberry. Shows me hitting shot, but I never did = lie! Was there to support son",Twitter for Android
747030708678430720,,2016-06-26 11:36:14,Clinton is trying to wash away her bad judgement call on BREXIT with big dollar ads. Disgraceful!,Twitter for Android
747029963702996992,,2016-06-26 11:33:17,"Crooked Hillary Clinton, who called BREXIT 100% wrong (along with Obama), is now spending Wall Street money on an ad on my correct call.",Twitter for Android
747027629652443136,,2016-06-26 11:24:00,"George Will, one of the most overrated political pundits (who lost his way long ago), has left the Republican Party.He's made many bad calls",Twitter for Android
746908869134262272,,2016-06-26 03:32:05,"Just landed in New York - a one night stay in Scotland. Turnberry came out magnificently. My son, Eric, did a great job - under budget!",Twitter for Android
746895785338544128,,2016-06-26 02:40:06,Obama has blocked ICE officers and BP from doing their jobs. That ends when I am President!,Twitter for iPhone
746895602798178304,,2016-06-26 02:39:23,I have never liked the media term 'mass deportation' -- but we must enforce the laws of the land!,Twitter for iPhone
746895252884164608,,2016-06-26 02:37:59,We only want to admit those who love our people and support our values. #AmericaFirst,Twitter for iPhone
746895065591783424,,2016-06-26 02:37:14,We must suspend immigration from regions linked with terrorism until a proven vetting method is in place.,Twitter for iPhone
746734772928528384,,2016-06-25 16:00:18,Thank you to everyone who came out & joined us @TrumpTurnberry yesterday! @EricTrump @IvankaTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr,Twitter for iPhone
746721493061632000,,2016-06-25 15:07:32,"On the 13th tee box @TrumpScotland with my grand daughter, Kai! @DonaldJTrumpJr",Twitter for iPhone
746718385828859904,,2016-06-25 14:55:11,"Arriving @TrumpScotland with @DonaldJTrumpJr & @EricTrump. Back to New York tonight.
Video:",Twitter for iPhone
746674420605980672,,2016-06-25 12:00:29,"So funny, Crooked Hillary called BREXIT so incorrectly, and now she says that she is the one to deal with the U.K. All talk, no action!",Twitter for Android
746560976921706500,,2016-06-25 04:29:41,Thoughts and prayers are with everyone in West Virginia- dealing with the devastating floods. #ImWithYou,Twitter for iPhone
746470769862017024,,2016-06-24 22:31:14,"""@Jolena3: @realDonaldTrump And we will get it back once we have President Trump! Can't wait!""",Twitter for Android
746465982026289152,,2016-06-24 22:12:13,"""@DarrenWaggener: @realDonaldTrump What has happened in the UK in the last 12 hours is exactly what will happen in TRUMP 2016",Twitter for Android
746458701565988864,,2016-06-24 21:43:17,"Many people are equating BREXIT, and what is going on in Great Britain, with what is happening in the U.S. People want their country back!",Twitter for Android
746456564337344512,,2016-06-24 21:34:48,"The opening of Trump Turnberry in Scotland was a big success. Good timing, I was here for BREXIT. Very exciting news conference today!",Twitter for Android
746453765935366144,,2016-06-24 21:23:40,Crooked Hillary called it totally wrong on BREXIT - she went with Obama - and now she is saying we need her to lead. She would be a disaster,Twitter for Android
746415333741756418,,2016-06-24 18:50:57,I want all Americans to succeed together. President Obama's illegal executive amnesty undermines job prospects for...,Twitter for iPhone
746414797416243200,,2016-06-24 18:48:50,New Government data by the Center for Immigration Studies shows more than 3M new legal & illegal immigrants settled..,Twitter for iPhone
746289768707698688,,2016-06-24 10:32:00,"America is proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder w/a free & ind UK. We stand together as friends, as allies, & as a people w/a shared history.",Twitter for iPhone
746289394231828480,,2016-06-24 10:30:31,"Self-determination is the sacred right of all free people's, and the people of the UK have exercised that right for all the world to see.",Twitter for iPhone
746273889160957952,,2016-06-24 09:28:54,"Getting ready to open the magnificent Turnberry in Scotland. What a great day, especially when added to the brave & brilliant vote.",Twitter for Android
746273866322829312,,2016-06-24 09:28:49,"Statement Regarding British Referendum on E.U. Membership",Twitter for iPhone
746272130992644096,,2016-06-24 09:21:55,"Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back. No games!",Twitter for Android
746145338608713728,,2016-06-24 00:58:06,"Congratulations to my son, Eric, on the fantastic job he has done in rebuilding Turnberry, and its great Ailsa Course. Always support kids!",Twitter for Android
746144027616120833,,2016-06-24 00:52:53,Leaving now for a one night trip to Scotland in order to be at the Grand Opening of my great Turnberry Resort. Will be back on Sat. night!,Twitter for Android
746094507201077248,,2016-06-23 21:36:06,Meet the amazing mother whose letter I read during my speech. She lost her son to policies supported by Clinton.,Twitter Web Client
746072493950107650,,2016-06-23 20:08:38,"Read my full statement here on the Supreme Court's executive amnesty decision #imwithyou",Twitter Web Client
746064216373731328,,2016-06-23 19:35:45,Here is another CNN lie. The Clinton News Network is losing all credibility. I’m not watching it much anymore.,Twitter Web Client
746063926597672960,,2016-06-23 19:34:35,"CNN, which is totally biased in favor of Clinton, should apologize. They knew they were wrong.",Twitter Web Client
746059859951509504,,2016-06-23 19:18:26,RT @ScottAdamsSays: Trump's speech today is the best persuasion I have ever seen. Game over. Now running unopposed:…,Twitter Web Client
746057926800977920,,2016-06-23 19:10:45,Our inner cities have been left behind. We will never have the resources to support our people if we have an open border.,Twitter Web Client
746052286640689157,,2016-06-23 18:48:20,"On immigration, I’m consulting with our immigration officers
& our wage-earners. Hillary Clinton is consulting with Wall Street.",Twitter Web Client
746047705709961216,,2016-06-23 18:30:08,"Obama & Clinton should stop meeting with special interests, & start meeting with the victims of illegal immigration.",Twitter Web Client
746044729343741956,,2016-06-23 18:18:18,Hillary Clinton’s open borders are tearing American families apart. I am going to make our country Safe Again for all Americans. #Imwithyou,Twitter Web Client
746042076211593216,,2016-06-23 18:07:46,"SC has kept us safe from exec amnesty--for now. But Hillary has pledged to expand it, taking jobs from Hispanic & African-American workers.",Twitter Web Client
746035913814310912,,2016-06-23 17:43:17,"RT @FoxBusiness: .@JerryJrFalwell: ""I was so impressed by [@realDonaldTrump's] speech yesterday. He was the best I've ever seen him."" https…",Twitter Web Client
746026900502487040,,2016-06-23 17:07:28,"Hillary Lies to Benghazi Families
#CrookedHillary",Twitter for iPhone
745969778267926532,,2016-06-23 13:20:29,"ISIS threatens us today because of the decisions Hillary Clinton has made along with President Obama."" -- Donald J. Trump",Twitter for Android
745969049943875585,,2016-06-23 13:17:35,"""Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency."" -- Donald J. Trump",Twitter for Android
745967990236143616,,2016-06-23 13:13:22,"Thank you to Donald Rumsfeld for the endorsement. Very much appreciated. Clinton's conduct has been ""disqualifying.""",Twitter for Android
745821138773774341,,2016-06-23 03:29:50,"""@AllegrettiVicki: You have great children, future presidents...and we all see were raised right and out there for their father."" Thank you.",Twitter for Android
745805112732430337,,2016-06-23 02:26:09,"""@1lion: brilliant 3 word response to Hillary's 'I'm With You' slogan @realDonaldTrump""",Twitter for Android
745804574699692032,,2016-06-23 02:24:01,"""@justininglv: @realDonaldTrump great speech today!! It's all about America and that's why you will become president!!!!"" Thank you.",Twitter for Android
745733029289615361,,2016-06-22 21:39:43,#Imwithyou,Twitter Web Client
745693121095303168,,2016-06-22 19:01:09,#Imwithyou,Twitter for iPhone
745693029089034240,,2016-06-22 19:00:47,Hillary says things can't change. I say they have to change. It's a choice between Americanism and her corrupt globalism. #Imwithyou,Twitter Web Client
745463436188934145,,2016-06-22 03:48:27,"""@chrisboydbrew: @LouDobbs @realDonaldTrump @FoxBusiness.. Saw your interview.You are the best! Great questions, great answers"" Lou is great",Twitter for Android
745455382882033664,,2016-06-22 03:16:27,Crooked Hillary refuses to say that she will be raising taxes beyond belief! She will be a disaster for jobs and the economy!,Twitter for Android
745356618125152256,,2016-06-21 20:44:00,I will be interviewed by @LouDobbs tonight on @FoxBusiness 7pm ET,Twitter Web Client
745305119256875008,,2016-06-21 17:19:22,"Hillary defrauded America as Secy of State. She used it as a personal hedge fund to get herself rich! Corrupt, dangerous, dishonest.",Twitter Web Client
745304731346702336,,2016-06-21 17:17:49,"If you want to know about Hillary Clinton's honesty & judgment, ask the family of Ambassador Stevens.",Twitter Web Client
745304333483393024,,2016-06-21 17:16:14,Hillary took money and did favors for regimes that enslave women and murder gays.,Twitter Web Client
745299161130635264,,2016-06-21 16:55:41,"I am ""the king of debt.""That has been great for me as a businessman, but is bad for the country. I made a fortune off of debt, will fix U.S.",Twitter for Android
745298514096308225,,2016-06-21 16:53:07,Obama-Clinton inherited $10T in debt and turned it into nearly $20T. They have bankrupted…,Instagram
745296338758270976,,2016-06-21 16:44:28,Hillary Clinton's open borders immigration policies will drive down wages for all Americans - and make everyone less safe.,Twitter for iPhone
745295914076672001,,2016-06-21 16:42:47,How can Hillary run the economy when she can't even send emails without putting entire nation at risk?,Twitter Web Client
745294739092684800,,2016-06-21 16:38:07,"Hillary Clinton surged the trade deficit with China 40% as
Secretary of State, costing Americans millions of jobs.",Twitter Web Client
745294375584956416,,2016-06-21 16:36:40,"Hillary says this election is about judgment. She's right. Her judgement has killed thousands, unleashed ISIS and wrecked the economy.",Twitter Web Client
745260520282951681,,2016-06-21 14:22:08,I will be making a big speech tomorrow to discuss the failed policies and bad judgment of Crooked Hillary Clinton.,Twitter Web Client
745204320593940480,,2016-06-21 10:38:49,"Crooked Hillary Clinton is totally unfit to be our president-really bad judgement and a temperament, according to new book, which is a mess!",Twitter for Android
744838252369043456,,2016-06-20 10:24:12,"When I said that if, within the Orlando club, you had some people with guns, I was obviously talking about additional guards or employees",Twitter for Android
744701872456536064,,2016-06-20 01:22:16,.@DJohnsonPGA We are so proud of you Dustin. Your reaction under pressure was amazing. First of many Majors. You are a true CHAMPION!,Twitter for Android
744519497764184064,,2016-06-19 13:17:35,"""@bfraser747: Watch out HillaryClinton 👿 Support @realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain 🇺🇸""",Twitter for Android
744364393962569728,,2016-06-19 03:01:15,"Yesterday's failing @NYTimes fraudulently shows an empty room prior to my speech, when in fact, it was packed!",Twitter for iPhone
744363535635996672,,2016-06-19 02:57:51,How can the NY Times show an empty room hours before my speech even started when they knew it was going to be packed? So totally dishonest!,Twitter for iPhone
744355251365511169,,2016-06-19 02:24:56,"Donald Trump's Speech Is a Game Changer. #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
744341058109247488,,2016-06-19 01:28:32,See you soon Arizona! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
744336626411700227,,2016-06-19 01:10:55,"I love you Arizona! Thank you!
#Trump2016 #AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
744260469431513088,,2016-06-18 20:08:18,"MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!
#Trump2016 #AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
744253170218524672,,2016-06-18 19:39:17,"Thank you Las Vegas, Nevada!
#Trump2016 #AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
744225952465489920,,2016-06-18 17:51:08,"In Las Vegas, getting ready to speak!",Twitter for Android
744218749822083072,,2016-06-18 17:22:31,"Join me in Phoenix, Arizona today at 4pm! #Trump2016 #AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
743997751734657024,,2016-06-18 02:44:21,"Thank you Houston, Texas!
#AmericaFirst #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
743955609851068417,,2016-06-17 23:56:54,Thank you! #AmericaFirst,Twitter for iPhone
743955253226135552,,2016-06-17 23:55:29,The convention in Cleveland will be amazing!,Twitter for iPhone
743954307351908354,,2016-06-17 23:51:43,Thank you- on my way!,Twitter for iPhone
743947386720923648,,2016-06-17 23:24:13,Thank you @DallasPD!,Twitter for iPhone
743914866063212544,,2016-06-17 21:14:59,"Join me in Phoenix, Arizona tomorrow at 4pm! #Trump2016 #AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
743852552257626112,,2016-06-17 17:07:23,THANK YOU! #AmericaFirst,Twitter for iPhone
743827444960899073,,2016-06-17 15:27:37,"RT @robertjeffress: Honored to pray for my friend, @realDonaldTrump, at tonight's Dallas rally. #TrumpDallas c: @DanScavino…",Twitter for iPhone
743766155093934080,,2016-06-17 11:24:04,MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!,Twitter for Android
743765281898536960,,2016-06-17 11:20:36,People very unhappy with Crooked Hillary and Obama on JOBS and SAFETY! Biggest trade deficit in many years! More attacks will follow Orlando,Twitter for Android
743761349910487043,,2016-06-17 11:04:58,"Amazing crowd last night in Dallas - more spirit and passion than ever before. Today, all over the great State of Texas!",Twitter for Android
743747439954264065,,2016-06-17 10:09:42,"""@VoteTrumpMAGA: The media attack on @realDonaldTrump is relentless. They are desperate. But, they keep #Trump in the news - a good thing.",Twitter for Android
743628318402961408,,2016-06-17 02:16:21,"Thank you Dallas, Texas!",Twitter for iPhone
743543327467810817,,2016-06-16 20:38:38,"Houston, TX:
Las Vegas, NV
Phoenix, AZ:",Twitter for iPhone
743522630230228993,,2016-06-16 19:16:23,"Join me in Houston, Texas tomorrow night at 7pm! Tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
743520455873683456,,2016-06-16 19:07:45,RT @Reince: Flying to Dallas now with @realDonaldTrump...Reports of discord are pure fiction. Great events lined up all over Texas. Rs wil…,Twitter for iPhone
743488055240196096,,2016-06-16 16:59:00,"""Donald Trumps Speech Is a Game Changer.""",Twitter for iPhone
743486962670141440,,2016-06-16 16:54:39,The trade deficit rose to a 7yr high thanks to horrible trade policies Clinton supports. I will fix it fast- JOBS!,Twitter for iPhone
743485792585146368,,2016-06-16 16:50:00,"McAllen, Texas- 8 miles from
U.S. - Mexico border. #Trump2016
Video:",Twitter for iPhone
743271067238674432,,2016-06-16 02:36:46,"""@realericjallen: @realDonaldTrump is a Common Sense Conservative! President Trump=Competence, Safety, Unity, & US JOBS, JOBS, JOB.",Twitter for Android
743215968869097473,,2016-06-15 22:57:49,"RT @AnnCoulter: Trump's speech today was Churchillian, only better. You can tell by the spluttering hysteria on TV about @realDonaldTrump.",Twitter for iPhone
743213971122044928,,2016-06-15 22:49:53,I will be interviewed on @greta at 7:00 P.M. @FoxNews,Twitter for Android
743192668017205249,,2016-06-15 21:25:14,"Finally an accurate story from the Washington Post!",Twitter for iPhone
743184492907610112,,2016-06-15 20:52:45,"Join me in Dallas, Texas on Thursday!
#AmericaFirst #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
743172421654568960,,2016-06-15 20:04:47,"Thank you Atlanta, Georgia! Will be back soon! #AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
743078235408195584,,2016-06-15 13:50:31,"I will be meeting with the NRA, who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no fly list, to buy guns.",Twitter for Android
743076652662431744,,2016-06-15 13:44:14,The press is so totally biased that we have no choice but to take our tough but fair and smart message directly to the people!,Twitter for Android
743075154507489280,,2016-06-15 13:38:17,"An: Media fell all over themselves criticizing what DonaldTrump ""may have insinuated about @POTUS."" But he's right:",Twitter for Android
742909628338601985,,2016-06-15 02:40:32,"Thank you Greensboro, North Carolina! Will be back soon! #AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
742785878679007232,,2016-06-14 18:28:48,"TONIGHT! NORTH CAROLINA:
SATURDAY! NEVADA:",Twitter for iPhone
742781221260922883,,2016-06-14 18:10:18,RT @realDonaldTrump: HAPPY 241st BIRTHDAY to the @USArmy! THANK YOU!,Twitter for iPhone
742781133197299712,,2016-06-14 18:09:57,HAPPY 241st BIRTHDAY to the @USArmy! THANK YOU!,Twitter for iPhone
742771576039460864,,2016-06-14 17:31:58,Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs.,Twitter Web Client
742695148241313792,,2016-06-14 12:28:16,AMERICA FIRST!,Twitter for Android
742694780933656576,,2016-06-14 12:26:49,"American must now get very tough, very smart and very vigilant. We cannot admit people into our country without extraordinary screening.",Twitter for Android
742512112614944768,,2016-06-14 00:20:57,"Join me in Atlanta on Wednesday- at noon! #Trump2016
Tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
742470476824477696,,2016-06-13 21:35:30,Crooked Hillary says we must call on Saudi Arabia and other countries to stop funding hate. I am calling on- cont'd:,Twitter for iPhone
742469778560929793,,2016-06-13 21:32:44,Saudi Arabia and many of the countries that gave vast amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation- cont'd:,Twitter for iPhone
742464647878561794,,2016-06-13 21:12:21,"I thought people weren’t celebrating? They were cheering all over, even this savage from Orlando. I was right.",Twitter for iPhone
742464168482201602,,2016-06-13 21:10:26,"In my speech on protecting America I spoke about a temporary ban, which includes suspending immigration from nations tied to Islamic terror.",Twitter for iPhone
742456254837215232,,2016-06-13 20:38:59,"Based on the incredibly inaccurate coverage and reporting of the record setting Trump campaign, we are hereby:",Twitter for iPhone
742455297059475456,,2016-06-13 20:35:11,"I am no fan of President Obama, but to show you how dishonest the phony Washington Post is:",Twitter for iPhone
742442391219646464,,2016-06-13 19:43:54,RT @AnnCoulter: Anyone who plans to talk about Trump ever again has to see this speech. Your opinion is irrelevant unless you listened to…,Twitter for iPhone
742437914731286530,,2016-06-13 19:26:07,"TERRORISM, IMMIGRATION, AND NATIONAL SECURITY SPEECH- TRANSCRIPT:",Twitter for iPhone
742418415047090176,,2016-06-13 18:08:38,"Congratulations to the 2016 #StanleyCup Champions, Pittsburgh @Penguins!",Twitter for iPhone
742373042140123137,,2016-06-13 15:08:20,"I am watching @FoxNews and how fairly they are treating me and my words, and @CNN, and the total distortion of my words and what I am saying",Twitter for Android
742371820867878913,,2016-06-13 15:03:29,"I will be going to New Hampshire today, home of my first primary victory, to discuss terror and the horrible events of yesterday. 2:30 P.M.",Twitter for Android
742370798850199552,,2016-06-13 14:59:25,I have been hitting Obama and Crooked Hillary hard on not using the term Radical Islamic Terror. Hillary just broke-said she would now use!,Twitter for Android
742096033207844864,,2016-06-12 20:47:36,What has happened in Orlando is just the beginning. Our leadership is weak and ineffective. I called it and asked for the ban. Must be tough,Twitter for Android
742069634652835841,,2016-06-12 19:02:42,"""@WandaWalls20: @realDonaldTrump Please make us safe. We cannot have Hillary as president. We will be in so much trouble.",Twitter for Android
742066996767031296,,2016-06-12 18:52:13,"Reporting that Orlando killer shouted ""Allah hu Akbar!"" as he slaughtered clubgoers. 2nd man arrested in LA with rifles near Gay parade.",Twitter for Android
742053354189299712,,2016-06-12 17:58:00,Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism? If he doesn't he should immediately resign in disgrace!,Twitter for iPhone
742034549232766976,,2016-06-12 16:43:17,"Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!",Twitter for iPhone
742019961946791939,,2016-06-12 15:45:19,"Horrific incident in FL. Praying for all the victims & their families. When will this stop? When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?",Twitter for iPhone
741988371174699009,,2016-06-12 13:39:47,Clinton made a false ad about me where I was imitating a reporter GROVELING after he changed his story. I would NEVER mock disabled. Shame!,Twitter for iPhone
741965111968075776,,2016-06-12 12:07:22,Really bad shooting in Orlando. Police investigating possible terrorism. Many people dead and wounded.,Twitter for Android
741774067368402945,,2016-06-11 23:28:13,"Goofy Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, pretended to be a Native American in order to advance her career. Very racist!",Twitter for Android
741760911044685824,,2016-06-11 22:35:57,Riley Rone was a great young man. We will miss him dearly.,Twitter for iPhone
741760896775663616,,2016-06-11 22:35:53,"Join me on Tuesday- in Greensboro, North Carolina! #Trump2016 #AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
741754548004458496,,2016-06-11 22:10:40,"Thank you Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Will be back soon! #AmericaFirst",Twitter for iPhone
741744918205501441,,2016-06-11 21:32:24,Thank you to our amazing law enforcement officers! #AmericaFirst,Twitter for iPhone
741744258655387648,,2016-06-11 21:29:46,"Thank you Tampa, Florida!
#AmericaFirst #TrumpTrain",Twitter for iPhone
741696814194274304,,2016-06-11 18:21:15,"Sad case- @USATODAY did article saying I don't pay bills- false, only don't pay when work is shoddy, bad, or not done! They should do same!",Twitter for iPhone
741645740884303872,,2016-06-11 14:58:18,"In Tampa, Florida- thank you to all of our outstanding volunteers who want to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!",Twitter for iPhone
741600981251657728,,2016-06-11 12:00:26,"Don King, and so many other African Americans who know me well and endorsed me, would not have done so if they thought I was a racist!",Twitter for Android
741590381503086592,,2016-06-11 11:18:19,Mitt Romney had his chance to beat a failed president but he choked like a dog. Now he calls me racist-but I am least racist person there is,Twitter for Android
741487809576439811,,2016-06-11 04:30:44,"Thank you Richmond, Virginia!
#Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
741380579313098752,,2016-06-10 21:24:38,"Thank you @FaithandFreedom Coalition! An honor joining you today- to discuss our shared values.
#RTM2016 #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
741369263525662721,,2016-06-10 20:39:41,"Heading to Richmond, Virginia now. Join me tonight! #Trump2016
Tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
741351028273086464,,2016-06-10 19:27:13,#FlashbackFriday #CrookedHillary,Twitter for iPhone
741311272818475008,,2016-06-10 16:49:14,"I rarely agree with President Obama- however he is 100% correct about Crooked Hillary Clinton. Great ad!",Twitter Web Client
741301954324910080,,2016-06-10 16:12:13,"2004 VIDEO:
Pocahontas describing Crooked Hillary Clinton as a Corporate Donor Puppet. Time for change! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
741297855168716801,,2016-06-10 15:55:55,Heading to D.C. to speak at Faith and Freedom Coalition and visit OPO.,Twitter for Android
741292912894431232,,2016-06-10 15:36:17,"""Donald Trump Plans To Continue GOP
Legacy Of Leading On Women’s, Civil Rights Against Racist, Sexist Democrats""",Twitter Web Client
741286391200505857,,2016-06-10 15:10:22,"The great boxing promoter, Don King, just endorsed me. Nice!",Twitter for Android
741257031722622976,,2016-06-10 13:13:42,"Join me!
6/10: Richmond, VA - 8pm
6/11: Tampa, FL - 11am
6/11: Pittsburgh, PA - 3pm
6/13: Portsmouth, NH - 2:30pm",Twitter for iPhone
741244493127618560,,2016-06-10 12:23:53,"""@Ausbiz: RECORD 14 million primary votes/beat 16 opponents/financed own campaign. You will be a great POTUS & #MakeAmericaGreatAgain""",Twitter for Android
741243519822626816,,2016-06-10 12:20:01,"""@FoxNews: .@JamesRosenFNC: ""Never before has a president endorsed someone under investigation by @TheJusticeDept.""",Twitter for Android
741240449906663424,,2016-06-10 12:07:49,"Pocahontas is at it again! Goofy Elizabeth Warren, one of the least productive U.S. Senators, has a nasty mouth. Hope she is V.P. choice.",Twitter for Android
741095312601812992,,2016-06-10 02:31:06,"""@FreemarketSara: Trump's Historic 13 Million Primary Votes - A Record ... Congratulations @realDonaldTrump""",Twitter for Android
741094899664093184,,2016-06-10 02:29:27,"Join me! #Trump2016
6/10: Richmond
6/11: Tampa
6/11: Pittsburgh",Twitter for iPhone
741015811960229893,,2016-06-09 21:15:11,"Thank you Roseanne, very much appreciated.",Twitter Web Client
741007091947556864,,2016-06-09 20:40:32,"How long did it take your staff of 823 people to think that up--and where are your 33,000 emails that you deleted?",Twitter for iPhone
740988538464948224,,2016-06-09 19:26:49,"A message of condolences and support regarding the terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv:",Twitter for iPhone
740972317191352320,,2016-06-09 18:22:21,Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama—but nobody else does!,Twitter Web Client
740883494117728256,,2016-06-09 12:29:24,"Crooked Hillary Clinton will be a disaster on jobs, the economy, trade, healthcare, the military, guns and just about all else. Obama plus!",Twitter for Android
740879092141182976,,2016-06-09 12:11:55,"As expected, the media is very much against me. Their dishonesty is amazing but, just like our big wins in the primaries, we will win!",Twitter for Android
740722436065353728,,2016-06-09 01:49:25,"""@KathyCeurter: @realDonaldTrump please Mr.Trump make @SenatorJeffSessions your VP. He is a perfect running mate."" He is a great guy!",Twitter for Android
740721589709328385,,2016-06-09 01:46:03,"Bernie Sanders must really dislike Crooked Hillary after the way she played him. Many of his supporters, because of trade, will come to me.",Twitter for Android
740710011136028672,,2016-06-09 01:00:03,"""@mabynshingleton: JohnKasich, the VOTERS have spoken.We want @realDonaldTrump. You AGREED to support NOMINEE. Get on board or leave @GOP""",Twitter for Android
740709235927977989,,2016-06-09 00:56:58,"""@Dale_Dangler: @realDonaldTrump You will be the greatest president the world has ever seen"" Thanks.",Twitter for Android
740708673694076928,,2016-06-09 00:54:44,"I would have had many millions of votes more than Crooked Hillary Clinton except for the fact that I had 16 opponents, she had one!",Twitter for Android
740707325590274049,,2016-06-09 00:49:22,"""@nauthizjane: @realDonaldTrump Congratulations Mr. Trump."" Thank you!",Twitter for Android
740707234968113152,,2016-06-09 00:49:01,"""@setfire2flames: Senator Sanders spent more than @realDonaldTrump yet lost.""",Twitter for Android
740655290618642432,,2016-06-08 21:22:36,RT @seanhannity: Graph: @RealDonaldTrump's Historic 13 Million Primary Votes Compared To Every GOP Nominee Since 1908…,Twitter Web Client
740641413335908352,,2016-06-08 20:27:28,"MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
#AmericaFirst #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
740524891108200448,,2016-06-08 12:44:26,"""@lovusa4: @RichardWeaving Why @foxandfriends @NewDay WHERE IS THE REPORTING @realDonaldTrump <MOST VOTES FOR PRESIDENT IN HISTORY OF USA""",Twitter for Android
740517366551969792,,2016-06-08 12:14:32,"""@mariadaq: HISTORIC!! what's historic is OUR national debt, record unemployment, &pocketbook crisis!THE PEOPLE NEED TRUMP2 make USA RICH!""",Twitter for Android
740517144115478528,,2016-06-08 12:13:39,"""@sara_wejesa: @realDonaldTrump Great speach!!!!!!!"" Thanks!",Twitter for Android
740516693030637568,,2016-06-08 12:11:52,"""@jimhewitt: . @FrankCaliendo doing @realDonaldTrump on @MikeAndMike is awesome. ""Number one presidency of all time""",Twitter for Android
740516296291459072,,2016-06-08 12:10:17,"""@JoeDeFranco: Top RINO hack for MSNBC Joey Scarborough on the air and calling the next President Trump a racist and bigot. Shame on you""",Twitter for Android
740515952454959104,,2016-06-08 12:08:55,Nobody is watching @Morning_Joe anymore. Gone off the deep end - bad ratings. You won't believe what I am watching now!,Twitter for Android
740513939574951936,,2016-06-08 12:00:55,"""@southpaw816: @SenSanders fans, greatest way to get even with her Highness - vote for @realDonaldTrump, at least you'll have a job.",Twitter for Android
740511746503364608,,2016-06-08 11:52:13,Thank you to all for your wonderful comments on my speech. I could feel the electricity in thr air. Great reviews - most votes ever recieved,Twitter for Android
740510072678326273,,2016-06-08 11:45:33,"""@WolfStopper: Gee ... Does this make @realDonaldTrump right one more time?""",Twitter for Android
740509507814600704,,2016-06-08 11:43:19,"""@DjD_Thunder: Standing by @realDonaldTrump all the way to the White House!""",Twitter for Android
740392765662629888,,2016-06-08 03:59:25,"Thank you California! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
740387780719747072,,2016-06-08 03:39:37,"Thank you New Mexico! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
740385872089120768,,2016-06-08 03:32:02,"Thank you South Dakota! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
740383281603039232,,2016-06-08 03:21:44,"Thank you New Jersey! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
740380953722421249,,2016-06-08 03:12:29,"Thank you Montana! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
740343009074634752,,2016-06-08 00:41:42,I will be speaking about our great journey to the Republican nomination at 9:00 P.M. The movement toward a country that WINS again continues,Twitter for Android
740330660372619265,,2016-06-07 23:52:38,I will be interviewed tonight on @seanhannity - Enjoy! 10:00 P.M.,Twitter for Android
740313748825505792,,2016-06-07 22:45:26,Thank you! Together we will #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!,Twitter for iPhone
740005642228862981,,2016-06-07 02:21:08,"In just out book, Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne doesn't believe that Crooked Hillary has the temperament or integrity to be the president!",Twitter for Android
739998110915678208,,2016-06-07 01:51:12,A former Secret Service Agent for President Clinton excoriates Crooked Hillary describing her as ERRATIC & VIOLENT. Bad temperament for pres,Twitter for Android
739934090690998272,,2016-06-06 21:36:49,"See, when I said NATO was obsolete because of no terrorism protection, they made the change without giving me credit.",Twitter Web Client
739857921140527104,,2016-06-06 16:34:08,"RT @IvankaTrump: My next project is pretty amazing…!
xx, Ivanka",Twitter Web Client
739857123329335298,,2016-06-06 16:30:58,Thank you Diamond and Silk!,Twitter Web Client
739826625546752000,,2016-06-06 14:29:47,"Remembering the fallen heroes on #DDay - June 6, 1944.",Twitter for iPhone
739816997345755136,,2016-06-06 13:51:31,"I am getting bad marks from certain pundits because I have a small campaign staff. But small is good, flexible, save money and number one!",Twitter for iPhone
739814823689605120,,2016-06-06 13:42:53,"A massive blow to Obama's message - only 38,000 new jobs for month in just issued jobs report. That's REALLY bad!",Twitter for Android
739810044150190080,,2016-06-06 13:23:54,Crooked Hillary is being badly criticized (for a Wall Street paid for ad) by PolitiFact for a false ad on me on women. She is a total fraud!,Twitter for Android
739807883521630208,,2016-06-06 13:15:19,Crooked Hillary Clinton has not held a news conference in more than 7 months. Her record is so bad she is unable to answer tough questions!,Twitter for Android
739803054476775424,,2016-06-06 12:56:07,"Just like I have been able to spend far less money than others on the campaign and finish #1, so too should our country. We can be great!",Twitter for Android
739779845572448256,,2016-06-06 11:23:54,"People like @KatyTurNBC report on my campaign, but have zero access. They say what they want without any knowledge.True of so much of media!",Twitter for Android
739581318699352066,,2016-06-05 22:15:01,"Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president. She has bad judgement, poor leadership skills and a very bad and destructive track record. Change!",Twitter for Android
739576535561162752,,2016-06-05 21:56:01,I am watching @CNN very little lately because they are so biased against me. Shows are predictable garbage! CNN and MSM is one big lie!,Twitter for Android
739571700392722432,,2016-06-05 21:36:48,"The Clinton News Network, sometimes referred to as @CNN, is getting more and more biased.They act so indignant-hear them behind closed doors",Twitter for Android
739242726181462016,,2016-06-04 23:49:35,"""@sareed59: Our ineffective #POTUS has to make a speech in #Elkhart to make everything look great. Mr. Trump #MakeAmericaGreatAgain""",Twitter for Android
739206145072594944,,2016-06-04 21:24:13,"Thank you Attorney General Gonzales, so many people feel this way.",Twitter for iPhone
739082885857173505,,2016-06-04 13:14:26,We just had the worst jobs report since 2010.,Twitter for Android
739082059348619264,,2016-06-04 13:11:09,The Mayor of San Jose did a terrible job of ordering the protection of innocent people. The thugs were lucky supporters remained peaceful!,Twitter for Android
739080401747120128,,2016-06-04 13:04:33,Many of the thugs that attacked the peaceful Trump supporters in San Jose were illegals. They burned the American flag and laughed at police,Twitter for Android
739076562876829696,,2016-06-04 12:49:18,"""@Don_Vito_08: Thank You Mr. Trump for Standing up for Our Country! #VoteTrump2016 JOIN ME ON THE #TrumpTrain🚂""",Twitter for Android
739076181484576768,,2016-06-04 12:47:47,"""@rapidcraft: Here’s The HILLARY UNIVERSITY Scandal No One In The Media Is Talking About @realDonaldTrump""",Twitter for Android
738950669927886848,,2016-06-04 04:29:03,Muhammad Ali is dead at 74! A truly great champion and a wonderful guy. He will be missed by all!,Twitter for Android
738901792210194432,,2016-06-04 01:14:50,RT @CBSNews: WATCH NOW: The @realDonaldTrump supporters you'd never expect,Twitter for iPhone
738858013419835392,,2016-06-03 22:20:52,"Thank you Redding, California!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #CAPrimary",Twitter for iPhone
738809335841595392,,2016-06-03 19:07:26,"Great evening in San Jose other than the thugs. My supporters are far tougher if they want to be, but fortunately they are not hostile.",Twitter for iPhone
738808292550397953,,2016-06-03 19:03:17,So much interest in my visit to Scotland! I greatly look forward to attending the opening event @TrumpTurnberry- taking place on June 24th.,Twitter for iPhone
738762615334174720,,2016-06-03 16:01:47,"""I'm a former chief of police in a border town. I'm Hispanic, I'm proud to be Hispanic and I'm 100% behind Trump.""",Twitter for iPhone
738720347239809024,,2016-06-03 13:13:50,"In Crooked Hillary's telepromter speech yesterday, she made up things that I said or believe but have no basis in fact. Not honest!",Twitter for Android
738718346045063168,,2016-06-03 13:05:53,"I don't watch or do @Morning_Joe anymore. Small audience, low ratings! I hear Mika has gone wild with hate. Joe is Joe. They lost their way!",Twitter for Android
738712803775631361,,2016-06-03 12:43:51,"Rally last night in San Jose was great. Tremendous love and enthusiasm in the hall. Big crowd. Outside, small group of thugs burned Am flag!",Twitter for Android
738711092252155904,,2016-06-03 12:37:03,"Terrible jobs report just reported. Only 38,000 jobs added. Bombshell!",Twitter for Android
738602229100224513,,2016-06-03 05:24:28,"""@fivestarr6028: Yes! Hubby and I voted 4 @realDonaldTrump already!"" Thank you.",Twitter for Android
738601935771570180,,2016-06-03 05:23:18,"""@LiliannyLeebou: I think the first female president of the USA will be @IvankaTrump a beautiful intelligent young genuine successful lady!""",Twitter for Android
738600538976096256,,2016-06-03 05:17:45,"""@LunsfordWhitney: This is rich coming from her. She tweeted you will be president! #Women4Ttump #Trump2016""",Twitter for Android
738599744759431168,,2016-06-03 05:14:36,"""@angeloftruth11: Clinton says Trump is dangerous. Who's the one who killed 4 Americans in Benghazi?""",Twitter for Android
738598954468659200,,2016-06-03 05:11:27,"""@Crz4basball: @JudgeJeanine @realDonaldTrump Looks like several legal Hispanics supporting Trump! They know he will be good for them too.""",Twitter for Android
738576654176387072,,2016-06-03 03:42:51,"Then, on June 25th- back to the USA to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for iPhone
738576553508929536,,2016-06-03 03:42:27,"After @TrumpScotland, I will visit @TrumpDoonbeg in Ireland, the magnificent resort fronting on the Atlantic Ocean.",Twitter for iPhone
738576209726955524,,2016-06-03 03:41:05,"After @TrumpTurnberry I will be visiting Aberdeen, the oil capital of Europe, to see my great club, @TrumpScotland.",Twitter for iPhone
738575853261574144,,2016-06-03 03:39:40,"On June 22- I will be going to Scotland to celebrate the opening of the newly renovated @TrumpTurnberry Resort, the worlds best.",Twitter for iPhone
738575670771486721,,2016-06-03 03:38:56,"Join me in Redding, California- tomorrow at 1:00pm. #Trump2016
Tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
738539023669465094,,2016-06-03 01:13:19,".@Natalie_Gulbis- Thank you for the nice piece in @SInow / @Golf_com.
Keep up the great work!",Twitter for iPhone
738538744911822848,,2016-06-03 01:12:12,"RT @IvankaTrump: Beautiful article about @realDonaldTrump written by my friend, the incredibly talented golfer Natalie Gulbis:…",Twitter for iPhone
738496464448430080,,2016-06-02 22:24:12,"""@RobertMordica: @realDonaldTrump Only Trump can save America. Right leader at the right time."" THANK YOU!",Twitter for Android
738495995583987712,,2016-06-02 22:22:20,"""@Valenti317: @realDonaldTrump she's a criminal and you're the only person that can stop her.""",Twitter for Android
738495529005420544,,2016-06-02 22:20:29,"""@TaylorEdwards99: THIS IS @POTUS'S LEGACY! AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER!!! WE NEED @realDonaldTrump NOW!! #MAGA #TRUMP2016",Twitter for Android
738495114532638720,,2016-06-02 22:18:50,"""@free_SA_BD: @realDonaldTrump A vote for Trump is a vote to restore our great country.""",Twitter for Android
738494609597157376,,2016-06-02 22:16:50,"A 60% increase in Texas Blue Cross/Blue Shield through ObamaCare. I told you so, there is panic and anger as healthcare costs explode!",Twitter for Android
738478522813972480,,2016-06-02 21:12:54,So great to have the endorsement and support of Paul Ryan. We will both be working very hard to Make America Great Again!,Twitter for iPhone
738449664752553984,,2016-06-02 19:18:14,Bad performance by Crooked Hillary Clinton! Reading poorly from the telepromter! She doesn't even look presidential!,Twitter for Android
738448988517453824,,2016-06-02 19:15:33,Crooked Hillary no longer has credibility - too much failure in office. People will not allow another four years of incompetence!,Twitter for Android
738416510092357632,,2016-06-02 17:06:29,"Crooked Hillary Clinton, who I would love to call Lyin' Hillary, is getting ready to totally misrepresent my foreign policy positions.",Twitter for Android
738415541203832832,,2016-06-02 17:02:38,"After the litigation is disposed of and the case won, I have instructed my execs to open Trump U(?), so much interest in it! I will be pres.",Twitter for Android
738413456118841345,,2016-06-02 16:54:21,"Even though I have a very biased and unfair judge in the Trump U civil case in San Diego, I have thousands of great reviews & will win case!",Twitter for Android
738412068181676032,,2016-06-02 16:48:50,"With all of the Crooked Hillary Clinton's foreign policy experience, she has made so many mistakes - and I mean real monsters! No more HRC.",Twitter for Android
738409191526662144,,2016-06-02 16:37:24,"Join me in San Jose, California- tonight!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016
Tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
738407796606013444,,2016-06-02 16:31:52,"Wow, USA Today did todays cover story on my record in lawsuits. Verdict: 450 wins, 38 losses. Isn't that what you want for your president?",Twitter for Android
738399082813620224,,2016-06-02 15:57:14,Do you ever notice that @CNN gives me very little proper representation on my policies. Just watched-nobody knew anything about my foreign P,Twitter for Android
738387288372051969,,2016-06-02 15:10:22,Bernie Sanders was right when he said that Crooked Hillary Clinton was not qualified to be president because she suffers from BAD judgement!,Twitter for Android
738385522301624323,,2016-06-02 15:03:21,Crooked Hillary Clinton has zero natural talent - she should not be president. Her temperament is bad and her decision making ability-zilch!,Twitter for Android
738236891091238913,,2016-06-02 05:12:45,"""@HaloDad22: @realDonaldTrump I already voted for you! My wife did as well! I represent #Teachers4Trump! We represent #CA4Trump! #NeverDems",Twitter for Android
738236517949181952,,2016-06-02 05:11:16,"""@SCPioneer: @stockdaleism @JamesRosenFNC @FoxNews @realDonaldTrump Not for slackers! Happy w/courses I took."" Thanks.",Twitter for Android
738233323344920576,,2016-06-02 04:58:34,"Thank you Sacramento, California! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
738163472865759232,,2016-06-02 00:21:01,"Same failing @nytimes ""reporter"" who wrote discredited women's story last week wrote another terrible story on me today- will never learn!",Twitter for iPhone
738132164399636480,,2016-06-01 22:16:36,Crooked Hillary Clinton is a fraud who has put the public and country at risk by her illegal and very stupid use of e-mails. Many missing!,Twitter for Android
738109521952833536,,2016-06-01 20:46:38,"Join me in San Jose, California- tomorrow evening at 7pm!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
737996614573260800,,2016-06-01 13:17:58,"So I raised/gave $5,600,000 for the veterans and the media makes me look bad! They do anything to belittle - totally biased.",Twitter for Android
737785345459113985,,2016-05-31 23:18:28,Congratulations to @seanhannity on his tremendous increase in television ratings. Speaking of ratings- I will be on his show tonight @ 10pE.,Twitter for iPhone
737785114239864832,,2016-05-31 23:17:33,I am getting great credit for my press conference today. Crooked Hillary should be admonished for not having a press conference in 179 days.,Twitter for iPhone
737784398515441664,,2016-05-31 23:14:42,"Katie Couric, the third rate reporter, who has been largely forgotten, should be ashamed of herself for the fraudulent editing of her doc.",Twitter for iPhone
737778668785766404,,2016-05-31 22:51:56,I will be interviewed on @seanhannity tonight at 10pmE on @FoxNews. Enjoy!,Twitter for iPhone
737753549564694528,,2016-05-31 21:12:07,"Join me in Sacramento, California-tomorrow evening @ 7pm! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
737689416811073536,,2016-05-31 16:57:17,So many veterans groups are beyond happy with all of the money I raised/gave! It was my great honor - they do an amazing job.,Twitter for Android
737688582849171456,,2016-05-31 16:53:58,"Just finished a press conference in Trump Tower wherein I gave information on which VETERANS groups got the $5,600,000 that I raised/gave!",Twitter for Android
737610159459991552,,2016-05-31 11:42:20,"I have raised/given a tremendous amount of money to our great VETERANS, and have got nothing but bad publicity for doing so. Watch!",Twitter for Android
737596690257969152,,2016-05-31 10:48:49,"So many great things happening - new poll numbers looking good! News conference at 11:00 A.M. today, Trump Tower!",Twitter for Android
737402123453878272,,2016-05-30 21:55:41,"I should have easily won the Trump University case on summary judgement but have a judge, Gonzalo Curiel, who is totally biased against me.",Twitter for Android
737399475509985280,,2016-05-30 21:45:09,"I have a judge in the Trump University civil case, Gonzalo Curiel (San Diego), who is very unfair. An Obama pick. Totally biased-hates Trump",Twitter for Android
737376803514286081,,2016-05-30 20:15:04,I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!,Twitter for Android
737376356795875330,,2016-05-30 20:13:17,"I would have had millions of votes more in the primaries (than Crooked Hillary) if I only had one opponent, instead of sixteen. Broke record",Twitter for Android
737243856144629760,,2016-05-30 11:26:47,Have a great Memorial Day and remember that we will soon MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,Twitter for Android
737242308261842945,,2016-05-30 11:20:38,"""@NBCDFW: Trump rallies veterans at annual Rolling Thunder Gathering""",Twitter for Android
737242189055594496,,2016-05-30 11:20:09,"""@FrankyLamouche: how many of donald's rolling thunder brigade will sign up and go to war for him in the middle east.""",Twitter for Android
737242018687164416,,2016-05-30 11:19:29,"""@MariaErnandez3b: Trump Supports Rolling Thunder Rally #TRUMP STRONG"" So true, and remember the M.I.A.'s!",Twitter for Android
737241411465170944,,2016-05-30 11:17:04,"""@ScottWRasmussen: Donald Trump and Bikers Share Affection at Rolling Thunder Rally"" A great day in D.C.!",Twitter for Android
737239685295181824,,2016-05-30 11:10:12,"""@TeaPartyNevada: #Trump2016 ""Illegals are taken care of better than our veterans.""""",Twitter for Android
737238518775320576,,2016-05-30 11:05:34,"The endorsement of me by the 16,500 Border Patrol Agents was the first time that they ever endorsed a presidential candidate. Nice!",Twitter for Android
737237313034563585,,2016-05-30 11:00:47,"In getting the endorsement of the 16,500 Border Patrol Agents (thank you), the statement was made that the WALL was very necessary!",Twitter for Android
737232540436664320,,2016-05-30 10:41:49,Obama says a WALL at our southern border won't enhance our security (wrong) and yet he now wants to build a much bigger wall (fence) at W.H.,Twitter for Android
737056428452630528,,2016-05-29 23:02:01,"If dummy Bill Kristol actually does get a spoiler to run as an Independent, say good bye to the Supreme Court!",Twitter for iPhone
737055532960223233,,2016-05-29 22:58:27,The Republican Party has to be smart & strong if it wants to win in November. Can't allow lightweights to set up a spoiler Indie candidate!,Twitter for Android
737054226833149952,,2016-05-29 22:53:16,"Bill Kristol has been wrong for 2yrs-an embarrassed loser, but if the GOP can't control their own, then they are not a party. Be tough, R's!",Twitter for iPhone
737036608915034112,,2016-05-29 21:43:15,Good news is that my campaign has perhaps more cash than any campaign in the history of politics- b/c I stand 100% behind everything we do.,Twitter for iPhone
736961734167146496,,2016-05-29 16:45:44,Heading to D.C. to see and hear ROLLING THUNDER. Amazing people that LOVE OUR COUNTRY. Great spirit!,Twitter for Android
736875933999697920,,2016-05-29 11:04:47,Honor Memorial Day by thinking of and respecting all of the great men and women that gave their lives for us and our country! We love them.,Twitter for Android
736672123012427776,,2016-05-28 21:34:55,Does President Obama ever discuss the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor while he's in Japan? Thousands of American lives lost. #MDW,Twitter for iPhone
736671884247478272,,2016-05-28 21:33:58,Don't believe the biased and phony media quoting people who work for my campaign. The only quote that matters is a quote from me!,Twitter for iPhone
736655485814857728,,2016-05-28 20:28:48,"I am always on the front page of the failing @nytimes, but when I won the GOP nomination, I'm in the back of the paper. Very dishonest!",Twitter for iPhone
736655448993107968,,2016-05-28 20:28:40,The media is on a new phony kick about my management style. I spend much less money & get much better results! What we need as Prez!,Twitter for iPhone
736655375911530498,,2016-05-28 20:28:22,"The failing @nytimes wrote a story about my management style & that I don't have many people. I have 73, Hillary has 800- & I'm beating her.",Twitter for iPhone
736569533738156036,,2016-05-28 14:47:16,I (we) broke the all-time record for most votes gotten in a Republican Primary - by a lot - and with many states left to go! Thank you.,Twitter for Android
736554410361409536,,2016-05-28 13:47:10,"The U.S. has 69 treaties with other countries where we would have to defend them and their borders. How nice, but what do we get? NOT ENOUGH",Twitter for Android
736441853097218048,,2016-05-28 06:19:54,"Great rally in Fresno, California- great crowd! Thank you! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
736410143378792448,,2016-05-28 04:13:54,"Obama administration fails to screen Syrian refugees' social media accounts:",Twitter for iPhone
736388616214220801,,2016-05-28 02:48:22,.@SanDiegoPD- Fantastic job on handling the thugs who tried to disrupt our very peaceful and well attended rally. Greatly appreciated!,Twitter for iPhone
736381305785581568,,2016-05-28 02:19:19,Thank you @BillyJoel- many friends just told me you gave a very kind shoutout at MSG. Appreciate it- love your music!,Twitter for iPhone
736336185086222336,,2016-05-27 23:20:01,"Wow- 25,000 in San Diego, California!
Thank you!! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
736336010808688640,,2016-05-27 23:19:20,"I am on @oreillyfactor tonight, a big special. @FoxNews at 8:00 P.M. ENJOY!",Twitter for Android
736249593352966144,,2016-05-27 17:35:56,"Bill O'Reilly doing a major special on @OreillyFactor tonight- @FoxNews at 8pmE. Watch it, should be good! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
736197797314101248,,2016-05-27 14:10:07,"AN AMERICA FIRST ENERGY PLAN
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
736016335197458434,,2016-05-27 02:09:03,Poll data shows that @marcorubio does by far the best in holding onto his Senate seat in Florida. Important to keep the MAJORITY. Run Marco!,Twitter for Android
735968169001684992,,2016-05-26 22:57:39,"Today we, together, won the Republican Nomination for President!",Twitter Web Client
735959405565378560,,2016-05-26 22:22:50,"My wife @MELANIATRUMP, and my children will be featured on @FoxNews with @Greta- 7pmE. Enjoy!
#MeetTheTrumps #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
735946241322799105,,2016-05-26 21:30:31,"Celebrating 1237! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
735945699834007552,,2016-05-26 21:28:22,"Thank you! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
735942401165033477,,2016-05-26 21:15:16,"I find it offensive that Goofy Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, pretended to be Native American to get in Harvard.",Twitter for iPhone
735908158330130432,,2016-05-26 18:59:12,Thank you Mr. & Mrs. @TomBarrackJr for the wonderful and magical evening last night. It will not be forgotten. #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
735871869581205504,,2016-05-26 16:35:00,.@kimguilfoyle- just watched you on @OutnumberedFNC- thank you!,Twitter for iPhone
735822406514675712,,2016-05-26 13:18:27,The Inspector General's report on Crooked Hillary Clinton is a disaster. Such bad judgement and temperament cannot be allowed in the W.H.,Twitter for Android
735611127531347969,,2016-05-25 23:18:54,"Thank you Anaheim, California!
#Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
735541674793783297,,2016-05-25 18:42:55,"Thank you Washington! Honored to say, on behalf of our great movement, we have broken the all time record for votes in GOP primary history.",Twitter for iPhone
735465352436408320,,2016-05-25 13:39:38,"The protesters in New Mexico were thugs who were flying the Mexican flag. The rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals!",Twitter for Android
735459144287719425,,2016-05-25 13:14:58,Crooked Hillary Clinton just can't close the deal with Bernie. I had to knock out 16 very good and smart candidates. Hillary doesn't have it,Twitter for Android
735448311914602496,,2016-05-25 12:31:56,"Goofy Senator Elizabeth Warren @elizabethforma has done less in the U.S. Senate than practically any other senator. All talk, no action!",Twitter for Android
735444721716199424,,2016-05-25 12:17:40,"@elizabethforma Goofy Elizabeth Warren, sometimes known as Pocahontas, bought foreclosed housing and made a quick killing. Total hypocrite!",Twitter for Android
735346597303816192,,2016-05-25 05:47:45,"""@gordonsr1052: Washington, BIG Thank You for supporting Trump! We are all going to help Trump Make America Great Again! Trump2016!""",Twitter for Android
735345985455554560,,2016-05-25 05:45:19,"""@buiIdthewall: @realDonaldTrump high energy!""",Twitter for Android
735345952756801536,,2016-05-25 05:45:11,"""@PiperSul: Great speech tonight Mr.Trump! Good Luck in California! Thank you.",Twitter for Android
735345398437556225,,2016-05-25 05:42:59,"""@DeepakS76435750: @realDonaldTrump congratulations from India""",Twitter for Android
735345354992975873,,2016-05-25 05:42:49,"""@oasisupernova: @realDonaldTrump UP TO 8.4 MILLION FOLLOWERS. CAN'T STOP THE #TrumpTrain 🚂 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain""",Twitter for Android
735345057587417089,,2016-05-25 05:41:38,"""@jknatter: @realDonaldTrump #TrumpTrain""",Twitter for Android
735345023563247617,,2016-05-25 05:41:30,"""@tcloer11: @realDonaldTrump Great job! Make America Great Again!""",Twitter for Android
735344013499326465,,2016-05-25 05:37:29,"@elizabethforma Goofy Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas because she faked the fact she is native American, is a lowlife!",Twitter for Android
735337786757238785,,2016-05-25 05:12:44,"Great rally in New Mexico, amazing crowd! Now in L.A. Big rally in Anaheim.",Twitter for Android
735311006826700800,,2016-05-25 03:26:20,"Thank you Washington! #Trump2016
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
735267499269226496,,2016-05-25 00:33:27,Great honor to receive today's endorsement of @RickSantorum. Really nice! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
735267332927279107,,2016-05-25 00:32:47,"After raising, w/ no obligation, almost $6M for Vets, I couldn't believe protesters formed @ Trump Tower. JUST OUT- SENT BY CROOKED HILLARY!",Twitter for iPhone
735213812484345857,,2016-05-24 21:00:07,"Thank you @DailyMail- for setting the failing @NYTimes story straight. This is what the NYT's should have written!",Twitter for iPhone
735125552064024577,,2016-05-24 15:09:24,A suggestion for the dishonest media-,Twitter Web Client
735124106476195841,,2016-05-24 15:03:39,A wonderfully written article concerning Israel by @JasonDovEsq,Twitter Web Client
735117032060899328,,2016-05-24 14:35:32,A great new book has been written about Crooked Hillary. Read it & you will never be able to vote for her. @Ed_Klein,Twitter Web Client
735073508124983298,,2016-05-24 11:42:35,"Crooked Hillary Clinton overregulates, overtaxes and doesn't care about jobs. Most importantly, she suffers from plain old bad judgement!",Twitter for Android
735058192862969856,,2016-05-24 10:41:44,"I just released my financial disclosure forms, the largest numbers in the history of the F.E.C. Even the dishonest media thinks great!",Twitter for Android
734939680278519809,,2016-05-24 02:50:48,"Amazingly, with all of the money I have raised for the vets, I have got nothing but bad publicity from the dishonest and disgusting media.",Twitter for Android
734938503541325825,,2016-05-24 02:46:08,"Much of the money I have raised for our veterans has already been distributed, with the rest to go shortly to various other veteran groups.",Twitter for Android
734936659851128832,,2016-05-24 02:38:48,"While under no obligation to do so, I have raised between 5 & 6 million dollars, including 1million dollars from me, for our VETERANS. Nice!",Twitter for Android
734903156589645824,,2016-05-24 00:25:41,"Join me in California or Montana!
5/25/16: Anaheim, California
5/26/16: Billings, Montana",Twitter for iPhone
734892328637325312,,2016-05-23 23:42:39,I will be interviewed on @oreillyfactor at 8:00 P.M. Enjoy!,Twitter for Android
734794856564936705,,2016-05-23 17:15:20,"Obama’s VA Secretary just said we shouldn't measure
wait times. Hillary says VA problems are not ‘widespread.’ I will take care of
our vets!",Twitter Web Client
734768900282454016,,2016-05-23 15:32:11,Is Hillary really protecting women?,Twitter Web Client
734742416494845952,,2016-05-23 13:46:57,"In trade, military and EVERYTHING else, it will be AMERICA FIRST! This will quickly lead to our ultimate goal: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for Android
734517899960934400,,2016-05-22 22:54:48,Thank you America! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
734485185148944384,,2016-05-22 20:44:48,The American people are sick and tired of not being able to lead normal lives and to constantly be on the lookout for terror and terrorists!,Twitter for Android
734482099793711104,,2016-05-22 20:32:33,Bernie Sanders is continuing his quest because he believes that Crooked Hillary Clinton will be forced out of the race - e-mail scandal!,Twitter for Android
734470625767620609,,2016-05-22 19:46:57,"Join me on Wednesday, May 25th at the Anaheim Convention Center!
#Trump2016 #MAGA
Tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
734468447829004288,,2016-05-22 19:38:18,Crooked Hillary wants a radical 500% increase in Syrian refugees. We can’t allow this. Time to get smart and protect America!,Twitter for iPhone
734468142303305728,,2016-05-22 19:37:05,"How can Crooked Hillary say she cares about women when she is silent on radical Islam, which horribly oppresses women?",Twitter for iPhone
734405641893249024,,2016-05-22 15:28:44,RT @gatewaypundit: BREAKING POLL: Trump Gains 11 Points on Clinton Since March=> Now Leads Crooked Hillary 46-44 vi…,Twitter for iPhone
734395329588670465,,2016-05-22 14:47:45,Why do the networks continue to put dopey @BillKristol on panels when he has called every single shot about me wrong for 2 yrs?,Twitter for iPhone
734365143635759104,,2016-05-22 12:47:48,Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president because her judgement has been proven to be so bad! Would be four more years of stupidity!,Twitter for Android
734231223002894337,,2016-05-22 03:55:39,Crooked Hillary said that I want guns brought into the school classroom. Wrong!,Twitter for Android
734228313695236100,,2016-05-22 03:44:05,"""@dubilujane: I trust @realDonaldTrump more anyone ever to protect America.He WILL do the right thing for the U.S.A, without a doubt.",Twitter for Android
734114828529307648,,2016-05-21 20:13:08,Thank you to all of the men and women who have served our country. You are our true heroes! #ArmedForcesDay,Twitter for iPhone
734066896794963968,,2016-05-21 17:02:41,"Crooked Hillary Clintons foreign interventions unleashed ISIS in Syria, Iraq and Libya. She is reckless and dangerous!",Twitter for iPhone
734066397425307648,,2016-05-21 17:00:42,MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,Twitter for iPhone
734053246734499840,,2016-05-21 16:08:26,".@CNN is so negative, getting even worse as I get closer. Just had two anti-Trump losers with zero rebuttal from my team. Turning off!",Twitter for Android
734014390731673600,,2016-05-21 13:34:02,"""@RBacliff: Hillary wants to rip the guns out of America's hands. No guns = no protection. Get on #TrumpTrain & join @NRA to stop her.""",Twitter for Android
734003305819570176,,2016-05-21 12:49:59,Crooked Hillary wants to get rid of all guns and yet she is surrounded by bodyguards who are fully armed. No more guns to protect Hillary!,Twitter for Android
733974704445358080,,2016-05-21 10:56:20,"While our wonderful president was out playing golf all day, the TSA is falling apart, just like our government! Airports a total disaster!",Twitter for Android
733838909805887488,,2016-05-21 01:56:44,Crooked Hillary is spending tremendous amounts of Wall Street money on false ads against me. She is a very dishonest person!,Twitter for Android
733837704312410112,,2016-05-21 01:51:57,Crooked Hillary Clinton wants to essentially abolish the 2nd Amendment. No gun owner can ever vote for Clinton!,Twitter for Android
733820785157132288,,2016-05-21 00:44:43,"Thank you @TheTodaysGolfer for the wonderful statement that ""the new par 3 9th hole @Trump Turnberry could be the most dramatic in Britain.""",Twitter for Android
733803565060345856,,2016-05-20 23:36:17,"@montgomeriefdn Colin, great to have you at Trump Turnberry. So proud of you and your GREAT playing! You made winning MAJORS look easy!",Twitter for Android
733801387952340992,,2016-05-20 23:27:38,"""@montgomeriefdn: @TrumpTurnberry Best Links Course in Britain. Ailsa Course opens June '16 Can't wait to play it""",Twitter for Android
733791992564617216,,2016-05-20 22:50:18,Thank you for your wonderful endorsement today @TGowdySC. It means a great deal to me. We will not disappoint! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
733778244076507136,,2016-05-20 21:55:40,"Great day in Kentucky with Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox & the @NRA!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
733750845280522242,,2016-05-20 20:06:48,Thank you! An honor to be the first candidate ever endorsed by the @NRA- prior to @GOPconvention! #Trump2016 #2A,Twitter for iPhone
733691591198703616,,2016-05-20 16:11:21,Failing @NYTimes will always take a good story about me and make it bad. Every article is unfair and biased. Very sad!,Twitter for iPhone
733691067829215232,,2016-05-20 16:09:16,"Thanks @piersmorgan!
""Trump is the most unpredictable, extraordinary, entertaining&massively popular candidate this country has ever seen.""",Twitter for iPhone
733682878278696960,,2016-05-20 15:36:44,Crooked Hillary Clinton- discussing the #SecondAmendment at a private event. #2A cc: @NRA,Twitter for iPhone
733677446235623425,,2016-05-20 15:15:08,I am on my way! See you all soon!,Twitter for iPhone
733666112563519489,,2016-05-20 14:30:06,"""A Call for Unity"" by Jason Greenblatt @JasonDovEsq",Twitter Web Client
733604767612710912,,2016-05-20 10:26:20,Crooked Hillary can't even close the deal with Bernie - and the Dems have it rigged in favor of Hillary. Four more years of this? No way!,Twitter for Android
733600358501625857,,2016-05-20 10:08:49,Crooked Hillary Clinton looks presidential? I don't think so! Four more years of Obama and our country will never come back. ISIS LAUGHS!,Twitter for Android
733597831261499392,,2016-05-20 09:58:47,"Look where the world is today, a total mess, and ISIS is still running around wild. I can fix it fast, Hillary has no chance!",Twitter for Android
733594906447372292,,2016-05-20 09:47:09,"Crooked Hillary has zero imagination and even less stamina. ISIS, China, Russia and all would love for her to be president. 4 more years!",Twitter for Android
733593259423862785,,2016-05-20 09:40:37,"I said that Crooked Hillary Clinton is ""not qualified"" to be president because she has ""very bad judgement"" - Bernie said the same thing!",Twitter for Android
733380950059581440,,2016-05-19 19:36:58,"Thank you @LtStevenLRogers. We will respond to terrorism with strength in 2017!",Twitter for iPhone
733348895615528960,,2016-05-19 17:29:36,How quality a woman is Rowanne Brewer Lane to have exposed the @nytimes as a disgusting fraud? Thank you Rowanne.,Twitter Web Client
733242745385537536,,2016-05-19 10:27:48,"Looks like yet another terrorist attack. Airplane departed from Paris. When will we get tough, smart and vigilant? Great hate and sickness!",Twitter for Android
733128160603168768,,2016-05-19 02:52:29,My list of potential U.S. Supreme Court Justices was very well recieved. During the next number of weeks I may be adding to the list!,Twitter for Android
733113480207798272,,2016-05-19 01:54:08,"Some low-life journalist claims that I ""made a pass"" at her 29 years ago. Never happened! Like the @nytimes story which has become a joke!",Twitter for Android
733073344661061632,,2016-05-18 23:14:39,"#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
732990965426888705,,2016-05-18 17:47:19,Thank you Louisiana! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
732988705531650048,,2016-05-18 17:38:20,"Thank you Arizona! See you soon!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
732973805354819586,,2016-05-18 16:39:07,Why did Clinton supporter @AlisonForKY declare Crooked Hillary winner in KY when AP hasn't even called the race?,Twitter Web Client
732893573365010432,,2016-05-18 11:20:19,Bernie Sanders is being treated very badly by the Democrats - the system is rigged against him. Many of his disenfranchised fans are for me!,Twitter for Android
732788306237345794,,2016-05-18 04:22:01,"Paul Begala, the dopey @CNN flunky and head of the Pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC, has knowingly committed fraud in his first ad against me.",Twitter for Android
732783552513880064,,2016-05-18 04:03:08,"""@ShoneeP: @realDonaldTrump Trump for President! Bernie is a joke, knows nothing - and Hillary is yesterday's and today's nightmare""",Twitter for Android
732779353566760960,,2016-05-18 03:46:26,"""@MagicMetalNinja: The Trump movement will not be stopped. We support Trump because he is a true American looking out for #AmericaFIRST.""",Twitter for Android
732773906889736192,,2016-05-18 03:24:48,"Congratulations to THE MOVEMENT, we have just won THE GREAT STATE OF OREGON. The vote percentage is even higher than anticipated! Thank you.",Twitter for Android
732771469281927169,,2016-05-18 03:15:07,"Thank you Oregon! #Trump2016
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
732762977825349632,,2016-05-18 02:41:22,"""@LouDobbs: Hillary Just Handed @realDonaldTrump a Huge Gift: Promising to Put Bubba in Charge of the Economy! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!",Twitter for Android
732762774745559041,,2016-05-18 02:40:34,"""@sandrajeanne48: No way I believe Trump at 70% disapproval with women. Went to 3 rallies. At least 1/2 women. MSM LIES @TheFive""",Twitter for Android
732762160842039296,,2016-05-18 02:38:07,"Michael Barbaro, the author of the now discredited @nytimes hit piece on me with women, has in past tweeted badly about me. He should resign",Twitter for Android
732756302447968257,,2016-05-18 02:14:51,"""@michael_favreau: @JIS3 @realDonaldTrump He will destroy Hillary but why give CNN record breaking ratings CNN can go to hell. Trump 2016""",Twitter for Android
732751047022628865,,2016-05-18 01:53:58,"I look so forward to debating Crooked Hillary Clinton! Democrat Primaries are rigged, e-mail investigation is rigged - so time to get it on!",Twitter for Android
732749934903087104,,2016-05-18 01:49:32,I can't believe that @CNN would allow the very nice Jeffrey Lord to be savaged by a panel of seven Trump haters. 7 to 1 - Don't watch CNN!,Twitter for Android
732746916337975296,,2016-05-18 01:37:33,"""@COWBOYSFORTRUMP: @ChristiChat @Rockprincess818 @realDonaldTrump That man is a pillar of strength and will be perfect as our next president",Twitter for Android
732738568725094402,,2016-05-18 01:04:23,"Well, that is it. Well done Megyn --- and they all lived happily ever after! Now let us all see how ""THE MOVEMENT"" does in Oregon tonight!",Twitter for Android
732736781351849989,,2016-05-18 00:57:16,Will go back on for a final question now!,Twitter for Android
732736605954428933,,2016-05-18 00:56:35,"""@jrector34: @realDonaldTrump Amazing job""",Twitter for Android
732736485661769732,,2016-05-18 00:56:06,"""@mai_Ttag: Great interview! Happy you had a chance to show the other side of you. Never change, never forget you are our messenger!""",Twitter for Android
732735764585406465,,2016-05-18 00:53:14,I like Michael Douglas!,Twitter for Android
732734623285927936,,2016-05-18 00:48:42,"""@thydanielflores: .@megynkelly @realDonaldTrump Best interview that I have ever seen.",Twitter for Android
732734411398119424,,2016-05-18 00:47:51,"""@CostaKenneth: @megynkelly @realDonaldTrump Great interview Megyn""",Twitter for Android
732734199678050304,,2016-05-18 00:47:01,"""@svhlevi: @DiamondandSilk @realJeffreyLord @realDonaldTrump @CNN and we love you Diamond and Silk"" I do also!",Twitter for Android
732733747586469888,,2016-05-18 00:45:13,"""@johnjohnlacca: Donald u have done a terrific job so far on the interview. Cannot wait until u r president #MegynKellyPresents",Twitter for Android
732733386041647104,,2016-05-18 00:43:47,"""@markgruber1960: @megynkelly @realDonaldTrump That's why he is so successful. He is driven to succeed"" True!",Twitter for Android
732733300763037696,,2016-05-18 00:43:27,"""@ladytsbrug: Lovely interview, Mr. Trump! @realDonaldTrump"" Thanks.",Twitter for Android
732733059955601408,,2016-05-18 00:42:29,"""@Janik1968: @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerRyan Watched the Megan Kelly special and I must was very well done on both their parts""",Twitter for Android
732732783605469184,,2016-05-18 00:41:23,"""@KaceyIlliot1669: @realDonaldTrump We actually really do love you!"" Great!",Twitter for Android
732732712268746753,,2016-05-18 00:41:06,"""@johnkirtley: @megynkelly @realDonaldTrump #MakeAmericaGreatAgain Thank you for this discourse. Wounds have been healed. Great job!""",Twitter for Android
732732606765240321,,2016-05-18 00:40:41,"""@jlund04: @megynkelly @realDonaldTrump it was refreshing to see you both in a different light. Well done.""",Twitter for Android
732731735897702400,,2016-05-18 00:37:13,"""@FrankDallasAgg: @megynkelly @realDonaldTrump Trump is a great man and is FIGHTING for We The People!""",Twitter for Android
732731343503790080,,2016-05-18 00:35:40,"""@LADYJOANNE: @megynkelly @realDonaldTrump we need Trump more then ever Megyn. Thanks.",Twitter for Android
732731153556312064,,2016-05-18 00:34:55,"""@LADYJOANNE: @megynkelly @realDonaldTrump we need Trump more then ever Megan Please don't lose it for America for us!""",Twitter for Android
732730840162144256,,2016-05-18 00:33:40,"""@curtandkaren: Kudos to @megynkelly and @realDonaldTrump for rising above the drama and coming together. Very respectful and classy 👍""",Twitter for Android
732730584695463936,,2016-05-18 00:32:39,"""@gerriweth: @megynkelly @realDonaldTrump Made me feel good to hear you both so gracious. Great job""",Twitter for Android
732730463735943169,,2016-05-18 00:32:10,"""@SandraR67758219: @realDonaldTrump You are a fighter and we LOVE that about you! Don't listen to these people who want you to change!""",Twitter for Android
732729747336269824,,2016-05-18 00:29:19,"""@longbyfive: @realDonaldTrump great interview with @megynkelly !"" Thanks.",Twitter for Android
732729619061821440,,2016-05-18 00:28:49,"""@HFFoundation4: @realDonaldTrump One thing we know for sure @BernieSanders supporters will turn to #Trump - absolutely not @HillaryClinton""",Twitter for Android
732729332917997568,,2016-05-18 00:27:41,"""@wesleyfelixpsi: @realDonaldTrump speaks from the heart 4 all of America.His intention is for a positive future 4 all. @FoxNews @megynkelly",Twitter for Android
732729090696957954,,2016-05-18 00:26:43,"""@manakoa:DonaldTrump, you are fearless! This interview shows you are the Leader we need. @megynkelly is a tough interview! Respect to both""",Twitter for Android
732726338147258370,,2016-05-18 00:15:47,"""@ragdollive: @megynkelly @realDonaldTrump what's with the soft wimpy questions?!? It's not a therapy session ..!!"" Not really soft at all!",Twitter for Android
732726105837277184,,2016-05-18 00:14:51,"""@xGodfatherxzx: @realDonaldTrump amazing on Megan Kelly"" Thanks.",Twitter for Android
732724066122104832,,2016-05-18 00:06:45,"""@TrumpTrainRider: .@realDonaldTrump Watching you on Fox with @megynkelly now. Can't wait to hear what you two talked about.""",Twitter for Android
732719796077383680,,2016-05-17 23:49:47,I will be live tweeting @megynkelly Show in 10 minutes. Should be interesting. Will be on Fox Network! ENJOY!,Twitter for Android
732717975090909185,,2016-05-17 23:42:33,"Wall Street paid for ad is a fraud, just like Crooked Hillary! Their main line had nothing to do with women, and they knew it. Apologize?",Twitter for Android
732716604027502592,,2016-05-17 23:37:06,"Do you think Crooked Hillary will finally close the deal? If she can't win Kentucky, she should drop out of race. System rigged!",Twitter for Android
732681922644725760,,2016-05-17 21:19:17,I will be live tweeting my interview with @megynkelly on the Fox Network tonight at 8! Enjoy!,Twitter for iPhone
732592935980695558,,2016-05-17 15:25:41,"I look forward to watching @megynkelly tonight, 8 PM ET. It will be interesting to see how she treats me—I think she will be very fair.",Twitter Web Client
732576889538260992,,2016-05-17 14:21:55,"How can Crooked Hillary put her husband in charge of the economy when he was responsible for NAFTA, the worst economic deal in U.S. history?",Twitter for Android
732575682367258624,,2016-05-17 14:17:07,"Crooked Hillary said her husband is going to be in charge of the economy.If so, he should run,not her.Will he bring the ""energizer"" to D.C.?",Twitter for Android
732570904094347265,,2016-05-17 13:58:08,"#VoteTrump at clerk's offices & 185 ballot drop boxes in #ORPrimary!
Closes at 8pm!",Twitter for iPhone
732549197539446784,,2016-05-17 12:31:53,Crooked Hillary can't close the deal with Bernie Sanders. Will be another bad day for her!,Twitter for Android
732540713678819328,,2016-05-17 11:58:10,Amazing that Crooked Hillary can do a hit ad on me concerning women when her husband was the WORST abuser of woman in U.S. political history,Twitter for Android
732539159659859968,,2016-05-17 11:52:00,Oregon is voting today. Keep the big numbers going - VOTE TRUMP! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,Twitter for Android
732537744195522560,,2016-05-17 11:46:22,Crooked Hillary Clinton put out an ad where I am misquoted on women. Can't believe she would misrepresent the facts! My hit was on China,Twitter for Android
732535400498143232,,2016-05-17 11:37:03,"The pathetic new hit ad against me misrepresents the final line. ""You can tell them to go BLANK themselves"" - was about China, NOT WOMEN!",Twitter for Android
732533409285865473,,2016-05-17 11:29:09,"Wow, 30,000 e-mails were deleted by Crooked Hillary Clinton. She said they had to do with a wedding reception. Liar! How can she run?",Twitter for Android
732430605548437504,,2016-05-17 04:40:38,"""@AprilLaJune: OREGON votes today! Go vote for @realDonaldTrump and kick it BIG TIME!""",Twitter for Android
732421072037892101,,2016-05-17 04:02:45,"What Barbara Res does not say is that she would call my company endlessly, and for years, trying to come back. I said no.",Twitter for Android
732417001965137920,,2016-05-17 03:46:35,"I gave a woman named Barbara Res a top N.Y. construction job, when that was unheard of, and now she is nasty. So much for a nice thank you!",Twitter for Android
732377163505225728,,2016-05-17 01:08:17,"""In politics, and in life, ignorance is not a virtue."" This is a primary reason that President Obama is the worst president in U.S. history!",Twitter for Android
732333772587302912,,2016-05-16 22:15:52,"The writer of the now proven false story in the @nytimes, Michael Barbaro, who was interviewed on CBS this morning, was unable to respond.",Twitter Web Client
732333383024582661,,2016-05-16 22:14:19,Over 50 women were interviewed by the @nytimes yet they only wrote about 6. That’s because there were so many positive statements.,Twitter Web Client
732333137326444544,,2016-05-16 22:13:20,"No wonder the @nytimes is failing—who can believe what they write after the false, malicious & libelous story they did on me.",Twitter Web Client
732333025325928448,,2016-05-16 22:12:53,The failing @nytimes is greatly embarrassed by the totally dishonest story they did on my relationship with women.,Twitter Web Client
732327433957953537,,2016-05-16 21:50:40,"Rowanne Brewer, the most prominently depicted woman in the failing @nytimes story yesterday joined @foxandfriends.",Twitter for iPhone
732274340188852224,,2016-05-16 18:19:42,"Thank you, Anthony @Scaramucci @WSJ ""The Entrepreneur's Case for Trump""",Twitter Web Client
732230384071680001,,2016-05-16 15:25:02,"With the coming forward today of the woman central to the failing @nytimes hit piece on me, we have exposed the article as a fraud!",Twitter Web Client
732200012457906176,,2016-05-16 13:24:21,"A political commentator for @cnn, which I no longer watch, said ""Trump showed some weakness in the Repub Primaries."" I set all-time record!",Twitter for Android
732197065820913668,,2016-05-16 13:12:38,"Wow, Rowanne Brewer, the most prominently depicted woman in the failing @nytimes story yesterday, was on @foxandfriends saying Times lied",Twitter Web Client
732196260636151808,,2016-05-16 13:09:26,"The @nytimes is so dishonest. Their hit piece cover story on me yesterday was just blown up by Rowanne Brewer, who said it was a lie!",Twitter Web Client
732163930236260352,,2016-05-16 11:00:58,That was an amazing interview on @foxandfriends - I hope the rest of the media picks it up to show how totally dishonest the @nytimes is!,Twitter for Android
732148805118885889,,2016-05-16 10:00:52,"Bernie Sanders is being treated very badly by the Dems. The system is rigged against him. He should run as an independent! Run Bernie, run.",Twitter for Android
732033604709191680,,2016-05-16 02:23:06,"Great new poll- thank you!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
732019210185003009,,2016-05-16 01:25:54,The @washingtonpost report on potential VP candidates is wrong. Marco Rubio and most others mentioned are NOT under consideration.,Twitter for Android
731959001143988229,,2016-05-15 21:26:39,"Thank you Georgia! See you soon!
#Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
731928825500717057,,2016-05-15 19:26:45,"The media is really on a witch-hunt against me. False reporting, and plenty of it - but we will prevail!",Twitter for Android
731924988060651520,,2016-05-15 19:11:30,Why did the failing @nytimes refuse to use any of the names given to them that I was so proud to have helped with their careers. DISHONEST!,Twitter for Android
731923681522397184,,2016-05-15 19:06:18,"Wow, I have had so many calls from high ranking people laughing at the stupidity of the failing @nytimes piece. Massive front page for that!",Twitter for Android
731809410578808832,,2016-05-15 11:32:14,Why doesn't the failing @nytimes write the real story on the Clintons and women? The media is TOTALLY dishonest!,Twitter for Android
731805331425218560,,2016-05-15 11:16:01,"""@TakingIt_Back: @nytimes keep shining....the ppl will not let the media dim your light...we no longer believe them! #Trump2016"" Thanks.",Twitter for Android
731805070669557761,,2016-05-15 11:14:59,"""@tzard000: @realDonaldTrump @nytimes Everyone continues to pile onto Donald, but they can NEVER take away our votes!"" Thank you!",Twitter for Android
731804642368212992,,2016-05-15 11:13:17,Everyone is laughing at the @nytimes for the lame hit piece they did on me and women.I gave them many names of women I helped-refused to use,Twitter for Android
731802331923263488,,2016-05-15 11:04:06,"""@DistlerJoyce: @realDonaldTrump @nytimes OHIO WOMEN FOR TRUMP""",Twitter for Android
731801917379219456,,2016-05-15 11:02:27,"""@MrTohNey: Leicester & DonaldTrump seem to have the same trajectory, both were written off, but they keep scaling the heights. History?",Twitter for Android
731801374325776384,,2016-05-15 11:00:18,"""@QueenCharlotteO: @realDonaldTrump @nytimes I'm a women & I 100% support @realDonaldTrump & I have since the beginning. Thank you!",Twitter for Android
731800205188796419,,2016-05-15 10:55:39,"The failing @nytimes wrote yet another hit piece on me. All are impressed with how nicely I have treated women, they found nothing. A joke!",Twitter for Android
731798661580111872,,2016-05-15 10:49:31,Thank you for the nice words this morning @KellyRiddell. Well delivered and totally logical! @CNN @FoxNews,Twitter for Android
731666958979112960,,2016-05-15 02:06:11,"""@stranahan: Sheldon Adelson Pledges $100 Million to Elect Trump President - Breitbart""",Twitter for Android
731503361774768129,,2016-05-14 15:16:06,"Wow, @CNN is really working hard to make me look as bad as possible. Very unprofessional. Hurting in ratings - bad television!",Twitter for Android
731501778873749505,,2016-05-14 15:09:49,Great new poll- thank you!,Twitter for iPhone
731288678451019776,,2016-05-14 01:03:02,"If Crooked Hillary Clinton can't close the deal on Crazy Bernie, how is she going to take on China, Russia, ISIS and all of the others?",Twitter for Android
731220438530052096,,2016-05-13 20:31:52,"An incredible honor to receive the endorsement of a person I
have such tremendous respect for. Thank you, Sheldon!",Twitter Web Client
731192363809394688,,2016-05-13 18:40:19,.@thehill Your story about me & the carbon tax is absolutely incorrect—it is just the opposite. I will not support or endorse a carbon tax!,Twitter Web Client
730948897435176961,,2016-05-13 02:32:52,"Senator Lindsey Graham called me yesterday, very much to my surprise, and we had a very interesting talk about national security, and more!",Twitter for Android
730840541248819203,,2016-05-12 19:22:18,Great meeting with @SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell and Republican leaders in D.C. #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
730823012463742976,,2016-05-12 18:12:38,Great day in D.C. with @SpeakerRyan and Republican leadership. Things working out really well! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
730504511291265024,,2016-05-11 21:07:02,"If it were up to goofy Elizabeth Warren, we’d have no jobs in America—she doesn’t have a clue.",Twitter Web Client
730500562022760448,,2016-05-11 20:51:20,"In interview I told @AP that my taxes are under routine audit and I would release my tax returns when audit is complete, not after election!",Twitter for Android
730498173492445184,,2016-05-11 20:41:51,Isn’t it funny when a failed Senator like goofy Elizabeth Warren can spend a whole day tweeting about Trump & gets nothing done in Senate?,Twitter Web Client
730493295550468096,,2016-05-11 20:22:28,Goofy Elizabeth Warren lied when she says I want to abolish the Federal Minimum Wage. See media—asking for increase!,Twitter Web Client
730488544700010496,,2016-05-11 20:03:35,"Our Native American Senator, goofy Elizabeth Warren, couldn’t care less about the American worker…does nothing to help!",Twitter Web Client
730482068753424385,,2016-05-11 19:37:51,Goofy Elizabeth Warren is now using the woman’s card like her friend crooked Hillary. See her dumb tweet “when a woman stands up to you…”,Twitter Web Client
730477118786801669,,2016-05-11 19:18:11,"If the people of Massachusetts found out what an ineffective Senator goofy Elizabeth Warren has been, she would lose!",Twitter Web Client
730474838012366849,,2016-05-11 19:09:07,Thanks Piers.,Twitter Web Client
730453302287142913,,2016-05-11 17:43:33,#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
730452843983998976,,2016-05-11 17:41:43,RT @dmartosko: 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson says he'll back Trump for president via @MailOnline,Twitter for iPhone
730445388856098817,,2016-05-11 17:12:06,Goofy Elizabeth Warren didn’t have the guts to run for POTUS. Her phony Native American heritage stops that and VP cold.,Twitter Web Client
730401662574182405,,2016-05-11 14:18:21,Goofy Elizabeth Warren has been one of the least effective Senators in the entire U.S. Senate. She has done nothing!,Twitter Web Client
730343346204508160,,2016-05-11 10:26:37,I don't want to hit Crazy Bernie Sanders too hard yet because I love watching what he is doing to Crooked Hillary. His time will come!,Twitter for Android
730342411835195393,,2016-05-11 10:22:54,"Big wins in West Virginia and Nebraska. Get ready for November - Crooked Hillary, who is looking very bad against Crazy Bernie, will lose!",Twitter for Android
730201866416607233,,2016-05-11 01:04:26,"Thank you Nebraska!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
730187041825120257,,2016-05-11 00:05:31,"Thank you West Virginia!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
730129098010447873,,2016-05-10 20:15:16,"RT @DanScavino: LOUISIANA GENERAL ELECTION
Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter Web Client
730127671150129152,,2016-05-10 20:09:36,"RT @DanScavino: OHIO GENERAL ELECTION
Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter Web Client
730118084040724482,,2016-05-10 19:31:30,The Clintons spend millions on negative ads on me & I can’t tell the truth about her husband? Don’t feel sorry for crooked Hillary!,Twitter Web Client
730089913778065408,,2016-05-10 17:39:34,Hillary has bad judgment!,Twitter Web Client
730083435147055104,,2016-05-10 17:13:49,It was so great being in Nebraska last week. Today is the big day--get out and vote!,Twitter Web Client
730069558132932609,,2016-05-10 16:18:41,"I look very much forward to meeting w/Paul Ryan & the GOP Party Leadership on Thurs in DC. Together, we will beat the Dems at all levels!",Twitter Web Client
730059920280793088,,2016-05-10 15:40:23,"Via @JTAnews and Jason Greenblatt ""Donald Trump is a Visionary With Talents Our Country Needs"" @JasonDovEsq",Twitter Web Client
730054891897536514,,2016-05-10 15:20:24,"WEST VIRGINIA #VoteTrump TODAY!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
730054583700078592,,2016-05-10 15:19:11,"NEBRASKA #VoteTrump TODAY!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
730035627945775104,,2016-05-10 14:03:51,It is only the people that were never asked to be VP that tell the press that they will not take the position.,Twitter for Android
730034041760690176,,2016-05-10 13:57:33,"It was Rosie O'Donnell who ate the cake in the vicious Hillary commercial about me, not Crooked Hillary! @marthamaccallum",Twitter for Android
730018836808933376,,2016-05-10 12:57:08,"Why does the media, with a strong push from Crooked Hillary, keep pushing the false narrative that I want to raise taxes. Exactly opposite!",Twitter for Android
729997397884047360,,2016-05-10 11:31:57,. #RepMikeKelly Great job on @foxandfriends this morning. Thank you for the nice words!,Twitter for Android
729981270328000512,,2016-05-10 10:27:51,"Get out and vote Nebraska, we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for Android
729979461404340224,,2016-05-10 10:20:40,"Get out and vote West Virginia, we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for Android
729857410446336000,,2016-05-10 02:15:41,"""@RedRising11: 🇺🇸I am a woman & I JUST VOTED FOR @realDonaldTrump #NebraskaPrimary #Trump2016 #TrumpForPresident""",Twitter for Android
729775453704179713,,2016-05-09 20:50:01,"Thank you Jason Greenblatt @JasonDovEsq ""For Our Children: Let's Elect Donald Trump""",Twitter Web Client
729771731003551744,,2016-05-09 20:35:13,RT @greta: interesting poll results so far (and go vote on,Twitter Web Client
729722941521469442,,2016-05-09 17:21:21,I am lowering taxes far more than any other candidate. Any negotiated increase by Congress to my proposal would still be lower than current!,Twitter Web Client
729717317467246592,,2016-05-09 16:59:00,I will have set the all time record in primary votes in the Republican party --despite having to compete against 17 other people!,Twitter Web Client
729717006749052928,,2016-05-09 16:57:46,"If I only had 1 person running against me in the primaries like Hillary Clinton, I would have gotten 10 million more votes than she did!",Twitter Web Client
729716712124362754,,2016-05-09 16:56:36,Crooked Hillary Clinton says that she got more primary votes than Donald Trump. But I had 17 people to beat—she had one!,Twitter Web Client
729691263092543488,,2016-05-09 15:15:28,"#NEPrimary #VoteTrump #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
729690751781748736,,2016-05-09 15:13:26,"#WVPrimary #VoteTrump #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
729646520568524802,,2016-05-09 12:17:41,"""@Valdosta_Monkey: @ChrisCuomo @realDonaldTrump Is Chris serious, lying or misinformed? Bill Clinton signed NAFTA""",Twitter for Android
729645861089775616,,2016-05-09 12:15:04,"""@daybastrop @foxandfriends @BretBaier The liars that signed the pledge and now won't support @realDonaldTrump IS the reason they are losers",Twitter for Android
729643519846055936,,2016-05-09 12:05:45,"""@NathanDWilsonFL: @MariaBartiromo you had a great interview with Donald today! I started watching your show due to Donald Trump.",Twitter for Android
729635334116544512,,2016-05-09 11:33:14,Will be interviewed by @MariaBartiromo on @FoxBizAlert at 7:30 A.M. Enjoy!,Twitter for Android
729633186913882113,,2016-05-09 11:24:42,"""@RichBooth6: @realDonaldTrump @CNN good interview Mr. Trump. You set the facts straight."" Thank you.",Twitter for Android
729621735717351424,,2016-05-09 10:39:12,"Wow, I hear @Morning_Joe has gone really hostile ever since I said I won't do or watch the show anymore.They misrepresent my positions!",Twitter for Android
729618676748570625,,2016-05-09 10:27:02,I will be interviewed on @CNN at 7:00 A.M.,Twitter for Android
729613336191586304,,2016-05-09 10:05:49,.@drmoore Russell Moore is truly a terrible representative of Evangelicals and all of the good they stand for. A nasty guy with no heart!,Twitter for Android
729609208853897216,,2016-05-09 09:49:25,"""@mathewjmari: On @FaceTheNation #MattSchlapp was on the ball & #jenniferrubin is in a time warped stupor. @realDonaldTrump will EXPAND #GOP",Twitter for Android
729605529417465856,,2016-05-09 09:34:48,I will be interviewed on @NewDay @CNN at 7:00 A.M.,Twitter for Android
729604845716516864,,2016-05-09 09:32:05,I will win the election against Crooked Hillary despite the people in the Republican Party that are currently and selfishly opposed to me!,Twitter for Android
729492093522067456,,2016-05-09 02:04:03,On @seanhannity show @FoxNews now. ENJOY!,Twitter for Android
729404337164783617,,2016-05-08 20:15:20,"Crooked Hillary just can't close the deal with Bernie. It will be the same way with ISIS, and China on trade, and Mexico at the border. Bad!",Twitter for iPhone
729332727665790976,,2016-05-08 15:30:47,".@KellyannePolls Kellyanne, you were fantastic on @meetthepress today. Keep going - I will win for the people. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for Android
729301847031349250,,2016-05-08 13:28:04,I will be interviewed on @meetthepress this morning. Enjoy!,Twitter for Android
729301192325668864,,2016-05-08 13:25:28,I will be interviewed on This Week with George S this morning. Enjoy!,Twitter for Android
729291290848956416,,2016-05-08 12:46:07,"#HappyMothersDay!",Twitter for iPhone
729188558200786944,,2016-05-08 05:57:54,"""@matandsher: I want a leader that will shoot straight with us. The politicians can't. @realDonaldTrump will give his all for us!",Twitter for Android
729121112148353025,,2016-05-08 01:29:54,.@EdGoeas thank you for your support tonight on @JudgeJeanine.,Twitter for iPhone
729004564075012096,,2016-05-07 17:46:46,"Remember when the two failed presidential candidates, Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush, signed a binding PLEDGE? They broke the deal, no honor!",Twitter for Android
728976091428233216,,2016-05-07 15:53:38,I am honored that the great men and women of the @Teamsters have created a movement from within called Teamsters for Trump! Thank you.,Twitter for Android
728974420807581696,,2016-05-07 15:47:00,"I am going to keep our jobs in the U.S., and totally rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. Crooked Hillary has no clue! @Teamsters",Twitter for Android
728971726533578753,,2016-05-07 15:36:17,"Join me in Washington today!
Spokane tickets:
Lynden tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
728777599560892416,,2016-05-07 02:44:54,"Goofy Elizabeth Warren is weak and ineffective. Does nothing. All talk, no action -- maybe her Native American name?",Twitter for iPhone
728777556804153346,,2016-05-07 02:44:44,Goofy Elizabeth Warren and her phony Native American heritage are on a Twitter rant. She is too easy! I'm driving her nuts.,Twitter for iPhone
728740257512992768,,2016-05-07 00:16:31,Crooked Hillary Clinton wants completely open borders. Millions of Democrats will run from her over this and support me.,Twitter for iPhone
728739851823153152,,2016-05-07 00:14:54,"Just met with courageous family of Sarah Root in Nebraska. Sarah was horribly killed by illegal immigrant, but leaves behind amazing legacy.",Twitter for iPhone
728725179074023425,,2016-05-06 23:16:36,"Goofy Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton’s flunky, has a career that is totally based on a lie. She is not Native American.",Twitter for iPhone
728725098409164801,,2016-05-06 23:16:17,Let’s properly check goofy Elizabeth Warren’s records to see if she is Native American. I say she’s a fraud!,Twitter for iPhone
728725020109877248,,2016-05-06 23:15:58,I hope corrupt Hillary Clinton chooses goofy Elizabeth Warren as her running mate. I will defeat them both.,Twitter for iPhone
728691238166220801,,2016-05-06 21:01:44,"Response to @LindseyGrahamSC:",Twitter for iPhone
728651908563517440,,2016-05-06 18:25:27,I hear @JoeNBC of rapidly fading @Morning_Joe is pushing hard for a third party candidate to run. This will guarantee a Crooked Hillary win.,Twitter for iPhone
728646402985869312,,2016-05-06 18:03:34,"Joe Scarborough initially endorsed Jeb Bush and Jeb crashed, then John Kasich and that didn't work. Not much power or insight!",Twitter for iPhone
728617415332999171,,2016-05-06 16:08:23,Thank you to teachers across America! When I become POTUS we will make education a far more important component of our life than it is now.,Twitter Web Client
728564631313190912,,2016-05-06 12:38:38,"Crooked Hillary has ZERO leadership ability. As Bernie Sanders says, she has bad judgement. Constantly playing the women's card - it is sad!",Twitter for Android
728557074163060736,,2016-05-06 12:08:37,"Paul Ryan said that I inherited something very special, the Republican Party. Wrong, I didn't inherit it, I won it with millions of voters!",Twitter for Android
728552471677775872,,2016-05-06 11:50:19,"""@Ausbiz: Many would say that you are the only talented person running for the top job this time! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TrumpTrain""",Twitter for Android
728531431824166912,,2016-05-06 10:26:43,"So many great endorsements yesterday, except for Paul Ryan! We must put America first and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for Android
728529524468682754,,2016-05-06 10:19:08,"Governor Rick Perry said ""Donald Trump is one of the most talented people running for the Presidency I've ever seen."" Thank you Rick!",Twitter for Android
728528466765844480,,2016-05-06 10:14:56,"Unlike crooked Hillary Clinton, who wants to destroy all miners, I want wages to go up in America. We will do so by bringing back jobs!",Twitter for Android
728423832848044032,,2016-05-06 03:19:09,Thank you West Virginia. Let's keep it going. Go out and vote on Tuesday - we will win big. #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
728403179214376960,,2016-05-06 01:57:05,"Can you believe Crooked Hillary said, ""We are going to put a whole lot of coal miners&coal companies out of business."" She then apologized.",Twitter for iPhone
728365792077742080,,2016-05-05 23:28:31,"Join me tomorrow! #Trump2016
Omaha, Nebraska:
Eugene, Oregon:",Twitter for iPhone
728305900415533056,,2016-05-05 19:30:32,"Bernie Sanders has been treated terribly by the Democrats—both with delegates & otherwise. He should show them, & run as an Independent.",Twitter Web Client
728297587418247168,,2016-05-05 18:57:30,Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!,Twitter for iPhone
728292625850208256,,2016-05-05 18:37:47,I will be interviewed by @BretBaier @SpecialReport at 6pm ET tonight @FoxNews,Twitter Web Client
728230182981611520,,2016-05-05 14:29:40,Many reports that I will be attending the Alvarez/Khan fight this weekend in Vegas. Totally untrue! Unfortunately I have other plans.,Twitter Web Client
727898352965259268,,2016-05-04 16:31:05,"Join me in Charleston, WV - tomorrow!",Twitter for iPhone
727803179816062976,,2016-05-04 10:12:54,I will be interviewed on @foxandfriends at 7:30 A.M. Enjoy!,Twitter for Android
727802350061158400,,2016-05-04 10:09:36,I will be interviewed on @TODAYshow and Good Morning America at 7:00 A.M.,Twitter for Android
727801034551087104,,2016-05-04 10:04:23,I will be interviewed on @Morning_Joe at 6:15 A.M. Enjoy!,Twitter for Android
727796025247846400,,2016-05-04 09:44:28,I would rather run against Crooked Hillary Clinton than Bernie Sanders and that will happen because the books are cooked against Bernie!,Twitter for Android
727791165341356032,,2016-05-04 09:25:10,What a great evening we had. So interesting that Sanders beat Crooked Hillary. The dysfunctional system is totally rigged against him!,Twitter for Android
727709529358671873,,2016-05-04 04:00:46,".@oreillyfactor Please correct, I WON Virginia!",Twitter for Android
727643544190636034,,2016-05-03 23:38:34,"Thank you Indiana, we were just projected to be the winner. We have won in every category. You are very special people-I will never forget!",Twitter for Android
727637487871479808,,2016-05-03 23:14:30,"Thank you Indiana! #Trump2016
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
727636035149139968,,2016-05-03 23:08:44,"Lyin' Ted Cruz consistently said that he will, and must, win Indiana. If he doesn't he should drop out of the race-stop wasting time & money",Twitter for Android
727634574298255361,,2016-05-03 23:02:55,"Wow, Lyin' Ted Cruz really went wacko today. Made all sorts of crazy charges. Can't function under pressure - not very presidential. Sad!",Twitter for Android
727565652253392897,,2016-05-03 18:29:03,"MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
#INPrimary #VoteTrump",Twitter for iPhone
727540765765828609,,2016-05-03 16:50:10,"Polls close at 6pm! #INPrimary #Trump2016 #VoteTrump",Twitter for iPhone
727521055728885761,,2016-05-03 15:31:51,"Thank you America! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
727518466891239424,,2016-05-03 15:21:33,"MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
#Trump2016 #VoteTrump",Twitter for iPhone
727503555083558912,,2016-05-03 14:22:18,"MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
#INPrimary #VoteTrump",Twitter for iPhone
727458676211113984,,2016-05-03 11:23:58,"MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
#INPrimary #VoteTrump",Twitter for iPhone
727319608663875585,,2016-05-03 02:11:22,"Thank you South Bend, Indiana! Everyone get out & #VoteTrump tomorrow! #INPrimary",Twitter for iPhone
727319013383147520,,2016-05-03 02:09:00,RT @EricTrump: Wow! I am speechless! Thank you to my sidekick @LynnePatton who keeps me & the @EricTrumpFdn in line!…,Twitter for iPhone
727262413968519168,,2016-05-02 22:24:06,"Will be in South Bend, Indiana in a short while -- big rally! See you soon!",Twitter for iPhone
727255495996788743,,2016-05-02 21:56:36,Will be interviewed on @seanhannity tonight at 10pmE. Enjoy! #INPrimary,Twitter for iPhone
727253907567726592,,2016-05-02 21:50:17,"THANK YOU AMERICA!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
727253325524164608,,2016-05-02 21:47:59,RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: Donald Trump Jr. On The Record: Why Trump International Hotels And Residences Are Still Winning via @forbes https://t.c…,Twitter for iPhone
727252046286450689,,2016-05-02 21:42:54,"Thank you Carmel, Indiana! Get out & #VoteTrump tomorrow! #INPrimary #MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
727225626575421440,,2016-05-02 19:57:55,Honored to have received the endorsement of Lou Holtz - a great guy! #INPrimary #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
727169840776118272,,2016-05-02 16:16:14,"I will defeat Crooked Hillary Clinton on 11/8/2016. #Trump2016
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
727142563010891776,,2016-05-02 14:27:51,"I will be campaigning in Indiana all day. Things are looking great, and the support of Bobby Knight has been so amazing. Today will be fun!",Twitter for iPhone
727137190967435265,,2016-05-02 14:06:30,Everybody is talking about the protesters burning the American flags and proudly waving Mexican flags. I want America First - so do voters!,Twitter for Android
727095549703364608,,2016-05-02 11:21:02,"Gov Mike Pence has just stated that Donald Trump has taken a strong stance on Hoosier jobs, and he thanks me! I will bring back jobs to USA.",Twitter for Android
727093442325680128,,2016-05-02 11:12:40,"Crooked Hillary Clinton said she is used to ""dealing with men who get off the reservation."" Actually, she has done poorly with such men!",Twitter for Android
727085972278677504,,2016-05-02 10:42:59,I will be interviewed on @CNN @NewDay at 7:30 A.M. Enjoy!,Twitter for Android
726918444931776512,,2016-05-01 23:37:17,"Join me in Carmel, Indiana- tomorrow at 4pm! #INPrimary",Twitter for iPhone
726886687276699648,,2016-05-01 21:31:05,"Thank you Fort Wayne, Indiana!
#Trump2016 #INPrimary",Twitter for iPhone
726886198027935745,,2016-05-01 21:29:09,"Thank you Terre Haute, Indiana!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
726865339947073536,,2016-05-01 20:06:16,".@KarlRove is a failed Jeb Bushy. Never says anything good & never will, even after I beat Hillary. Shouldn't be on the air!",Twitter for iPhone
726810772555350016,,2016-05-01 16:29:26,"I am on @FoxNewsSunday with Chris Wallace- his 20th year anniversary with #FNS, throughout the day. Enjoy!",Twitter for iPhone
726806071210303488,,2016-05-01 16:10:45,"Will be in Terre Haute, Indiana in a short while -- big rally! See you soon!",Twitter for iPhone
726800215718645760,,2016-05-01 15:47:29,"I watched Sen. Graham @FaceTheNation. Why don't they say that I ran him out of the race like a little boy, and in the end he had no support?",Twitter for iPhone
726773001430163456,,2016-05-01 13:59:20,Thank you Indiana! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
726609734653104129,,2016-05-01 03:10:35,I will be in Indiana on Sunday and Monday at four MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN rallies. See you there!,Twitter for Android
726555060306595841,,2016-04-30 23:33:19,Thank you @MikeOzanian for the nice comments on @FoxNews today. Great job!,Twitter for Android
726514136838975494,,2016-04-30 20:50:42,"Trump locks down Delaware GOP delegates. #Trump2016 #MAGA",Twitter for iPhone
726461507601612800,,2016-04-30 17:21:35,The economy is bad and getting worse-almost ZERO growth this quarter. Nobody can beat me on the economy (and jobs). MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,Twitter for Android
726439344072962049,,2016-04-30 15:53:30,"""@LexingtonBobby: @FoxNews @tedcruz @realDonaldTrump""",Twitter for Android
726403534380478464,,2016-04-30 13:31:13,"The ""protesters"" in California were thugs and criminals. Many are professionals. They should be dealt with strongly by law enforcement!",Twitter for Android
726246693759496192,,2016-04-30 03:07:59,".@AC360 Anderson, so amazing. Your mother is, and always has been, an incredible woman!",Twitter for Android
726115856053211136,,2016-04-29 18:28:05,We are now at 1001 delegates. We will win on the first ballot and are not wasting time and effort on other ballots because system is rigged!,Twitter for Android
726079789182808065,,2016-04-29 16:04:46,Thank you Indiana! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
726045073775828992,,2016-04-29 13:46:49,"Crooked Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most dishonest person to have ever run for the presidency, is also one of the all time great enablers!",Twitter for Android
726008645473824768,,2016-04-29 11:22:04,"Wow, the ridiculous deal made between Lyin'Ted Cruz and 1 for 42 John Kasich has just blown up. What a dumb deal - dead on arrival!",Twitter for Android
725903475133947904,,2016-04-29 04:24:09,"Thank you Costa Mesa, California! 31,000 people tonight with thousands turned away. I will be back! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
725899554273423360,,2016-04-29 04:08:34,"New York Yankees President, Randy Levine: 'End of the Republican Party' If Donald Trump Not Nominated.",Twitter for iPhone
725847301172776960,,2016-04-29 00:40:56,I will be interviewed on @foxandfriends with the legendary Coach Bobby Knight- tomorrow morning. Enjoy! #INDPrimary,Twitter for iPhone
725845855987617792,,2016-04-29 00:35:12,RT @newtgingrich: Seems out of touch w/ reality to announce a VP nominee before securing 1237 delegates. https://t.…,Twitter for iPhone
725845144637837312,,2016-04-29 00:32:22,RT @AdrianaCohen16: Carly Fiorina no lifeboat for a fast-sinking @tedcruz campaign via @bostonherald @realdonaldtru…,Twitter for iPhone
725824909151199232,,2016-04-28 23:11:58,#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
725817204743217152,,2016-04-28 22:41:21,#MakeAmericaGreatAgain,Twitter for iPhone
725796339255267328,,2016-04-28 21:18:26,"Thank you Evansville, Indiana!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
725722027173249024,,2016-04-28 16:23:09,"Heading to rally with Bobby now! See you soon!",Twitter Web Client
725677423195512833,,2016-04-28 13:25:54,So many false and phony T.V. commercials being broadcast in Indiana. Reminds me of Florida where thousands were put up-I won in a landslide!,Twitter for Android
725659482819297280,,2016-04-28 12:14:37,"I will be in Evansville, Indiana, with the great Bobby Knight (who last night endorsed me) at 12:00 this afternoon. See you there!",Twitter for Android
725648706385633280,,2016-04-28 11:31:48,"Lyin' Ted Cruz, who can never beat Hillary Clinton and has NO path to victory, has chosen a V.P.candidate who failed badly in her own effort",Twitter for Android
725637460504510464,,2016-04-28 10:47:06,I will be interviewed on the @TODAYshow at 7:00 A.M. this morning. Enjoy!,Twitter for Android
725636069010579457,,2016-04-28 10:41:35,Thank you to all for the wonderful reviews of my foreign policy speech. I will soon be speaking in great detail on numerous other topics!,Twitter for Android
725535327927042048,,2016-04-28 04:01:16,"""@AnnetteJeanne: I cried when they said you made a clean sweep of all 5 states. I was SO HAPPY! I really adore you Mr. Trump, so much.""",Twitter for Android
725532457756405760,,2016-04-28 03:49:52,"Getting the strong endorsement of the great coach, Bobby Knight, has been a highlight of my stay in Indiana. Big speech tomorrow with Bobby!",Twitter for Android
725524257883697152,,2016-04-28 03:17:17,"I am in Indiana where we just had a great rally. Fantastic people! Staying at a Holiday Inn Express - new and clean, not bad!",Twitter for Android
725502314736422918,,2016-04-28 01:50:05,Thank you Laura!,Twitter for iPhone
725501700933586946,,2016-04-28 01:47:39,"Thank you for the endorsement, Coach Bobby Knight! I will never forget it!",Twitter for iPhone
725448150547349504,,2016-04-27 22:14:51,"Join me on @greta- from Indianapolis, Indiana at 7pmE! Enjoy! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
725445969496694785,,2016-04-27 22:06:11,"RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: An Honor to be in #Indiana w @realDonaldTrump @greta & the legend, Bobby Knight! I like our secret weapon better!!! htt…",Twitter for iPhone
725419855265026048,,2016-04-27 20:22:25,"THANK YOU Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
725396879723384832,,2016-04-27 18:51:08,Agreed!,Twitter for iPhone
725392976525037570,,2016-04-27 18:35:37,Thank you Newt!,Twitter for iPhone
725383459284353025,,2016-04-27 17:57:48,RT @AnnCoulter: GREATEST FOREIGN POLICY SPEECH SINCE WASHINGTON'S FAREWELL ADDRESS.,Twitter for iPhone
725380639269228544,,2016-04-27 17:46:35,Thanks Dave!,Twitter for iPhone
725380064272105472,,2016-04-27 17:44:18,Thanks!,Twitter for iPhone
725378591567941632,,2016-04-27 17:38:27,Thank you! WE will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,Twitter for iPhone
725377800954220545,,2016-04-27 17:35:19,Thank you!,Twitter for iPhone
725128021473132546,,2016-04-27 01:02:47,Thank you Delaware! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
725119398881665026,,2016-04-27 00:28:31,Thank you Rhode Island! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
725116992907259904,,2016-04-27 00:18:57,Thank you Connecticut! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
725115824206450688,,2016-04-27 00:14:19,Thank you Pennsylvania! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
725114320993017858,,2016-04-27 00:08:20,Thank you Maryland! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
725050631250173952,,2016-04-26 19:55:15,Thank you America! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
725024710086524929,,2016-04-26 18:12:15,"Lets #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, Maryland! #VoteTrump",Twitter for iPhone
725024671293423616,,2016-04-26 18:12:06,"You have until 8pm to #VoteTrump, Delaware!",Twitter for iPhone
725022988026925058,,2016-04-26 18:05:25,"Thank you for a great day yesterday, Rhode Island! #VoteTrump",Twitter for iPhone
725022546328969216,,2016-04-26 18:03:39,Six hours left to #VoteTrump Connecticut!,Twitter for iPhone
725022169806327808,,2016-04-26 18:02:10,"Lets go Pennsylvania! #VoteTrump",Twitter for iPhone
725017409132855296,,2016-04-26 17:43:15,How bad is the New York Times—the most inaccurate coverage constantly. Always trying to belittle. Paper has lost its way!,Twitter Web Client
724996031033806849,,2016-04-26 16:18:18,"Thank you for the incredible support- Melania, Barron, Ivanka, Jared, Tiffany, Don, Vanessa, Eric, and Lara!",Twitter for iPhone
724993336000532480,,2016-04-26 16:07:35,"Bernie Sanders has been treated terribly by the Democrats—both with delegates & otherwise. He should show them, and run as an Independent!",Twitter Web Client
724954532522917888,,2016-04-26 13:33:24,"Thank you @DonaldJTrumpJr & @EricTrump. #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
724942956306771968,,2016-04-26 12:47:24,"MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for iPhone
724911563405189121,,2016-04-26 10:42:39,"The Cruz-Kasich pact is under great strain. This joke of a deal is falling apart, not being honored and almost dead. Very dumb!",Twitter for Android
724778089830580224,,2016-04-26 01:52:16,"Thank you Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
724772013219405824,,2016-04-26 01:28:08,"Get out and VOTE tomorrow! We will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
#CTPrimary #DEPrimary #MDPrimary #PAPrimary #RIPrimary",Twitter for iPhone
724722427297673217,,2016-04-25 22:11:06,Passing what was once a vibrant manufacturing area in Pennsylvania. So sad! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain,Twitter for iPhone
724721256969441280,,2016-04-25 22:06:26,"Thank you West Chester, Pennsylvania!
#PAPrimary #VoteTrump",Twitter for iPhone
724718355102478336,,2016-04-25 21:54:55,"Thank you Warwick, Rhode Island!
#RIPrimary #VoteTrump",Twitter for iPhone
724662038220423168,,2016-04-25 18:11:08,RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: DEAD HEAT: CLINTON VS TRUMP,Twitter for iPhone
724633177692725254,,2016-04-25 16:16:27,On the way to the great state of Rhode Island- big rally. Then to Pennsylvania for rest of day and night!,Twitter Web Client
724633058398375936,,2016-04-25 16:15:58,Kasich just announced that he wants the people of Indiana to vote for him. Typical politician - can't make a deal work.,Twitter Web Client
724568416338759680,,2016-04-25 11:59:06,Shows how weak and desperate Lyin' Ted is when he has to team up with a guy who openly can't stand him and is only 1 win and 38 losses.,Twitter for Android
724567219062059008,,2016-04-25 11:54:21,Lyin' Ted Cruz and 1 for 38 Kasich are unable to beat me on their own so they have to team up (collusion) in a two on one. Shows weakness!,Twitter for Android
724445148910915584,,2016-04-25 03:49:17,Lyin' Ted and Kasich are mathematically dead and totally desperate. Their donors & special interest groups are not happy with them. Sad!,Twitter for Android
724442801933565952,,2016-04-25 03:39:58,"Wow, just announced that Lyin' Ted and Kasich are going to collude in order to keep me from getting the Republican nomination. DESPERATION!",Twitter for Android
724409389570994176,,2016-04-25 01:27:12,I am happy to hear how badly the @nytimes is doing. It is a seriously failing paper with readership which is way down. Becoming irrelevant!,Twitter for Android
724237889886904320,,2016-04-24 14:05:43,"""@DiamondandSilk: .@DonaldJTrumpJr awesome job on @CNNSotu. DonaldTrump has integrity & he refuses 2 play the game call ""Delegate Bribery""",Twitter for Android
724237406837334016,,2016-04-24 14:03:48,"""@newtgingrich: #NYPrimary turned Trump from frontrunner into presumptive #GOP nominee""",Twitter for Android
724236857777762304,,2016-04-24 14:01:37,I will be in Maryland this afternoon for a major rally. Things are looking good for Tuesday!,Twitter for Android
724236172181049344,,2016-04-24 13:58:53,.@AndreBauer Great job and advice on @CNN @jaketapper Thank you!,Twitter for Android
724055614498955265,,2016-04-24 02:01:25,.@Borisep was great on @JudgeJeanine tonight. Very smart commentary that will prove to be correct!,Twitter for Android
724052308661772288,,2016-04-24 01:48:17,"As soon as John Kasich is hit with negative ads, he will drop like a rock in the polls against Crooked Hillary Clinton. I will win!",Twitter for Android
724050713953861632,,2016-04-24 01:41:57,I had a great day campaigning in Connecticut. Looking for a big vote on Tuesday!,Twitter for Android
724039081420808192,,2016-04-24 00:55:43,Congratulations to @seanhannity on his great ratings and ratings increase as reported by the @AP today. Amazing job!,Twitter for Android
723972167893966848,,2016-04-23 20:29:50,Lynne Ryan -- just read your great story in the NY Times -- I am proud of you. Thanks!,Twitter for iPhone
723957355495473152,,2016-04-23 19:30:58,"Thank you Delaware! #Trump2016
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TrumpTrain",Twitter for iPhone
723956432991850498,,2016-04-23 19:27:18,"Thank you Bridgeport, Connecticut!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
723906843865698306,,2016-04-23 16:10:15,"Thank you Waterbury, Connecticut!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
723885342743494659,,2016-04-23 14:44:49,"#MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Video:",Twitter for iPhone
723873688001589249,,2016-04-23 13:58:30,Pennsylvania: Cast your vote for Trump for POTUS & ALSO vote for the TRUMP DELEGATES in your congressional district!,Twitter for iPhone
723853244238278656,,2016-04-23 12:37:16,"Will be spending the day campaigning in Connecticut, another state where jobs are being stolen by other countries. I will stop this fast!",Twitter for Android
723682291843780608,,2016-04-23 01:17:58,"Thank you Pennsylvania! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
723663455748763649,,2016-04-23 00:03:07,"Thank you Indiana! Was great seeing everyone on Wednesday! I will be back soon! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
723655961999736833,,2016-04-22 23:33:20,"Thank you California! See you soon!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
723637770758033409,,2016-04-22 22:21:03,"Thank you, @DonaldJTrumpJr! #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
723565939162275840,,2016-04-22 17:35:37,"Thank you for the incredible support, Maryland! This is a movement!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
723526822424678400,,2016-04-22 15:00:11,I met Prince on numerous occasions. He was an amazing talent and wonderful guy. He will be greatly missed!,Twitter for iPhone
723274222907301888,,2016-04-21 22:16:27,Cruz said Kasich should leave because he couldn't get to 1237. Now he can't get to 1237. Drop out LYIN' Ted.,Twitter for iPhone
723266899275091969,,2016-04-21 21:47:21,Both Ted Cruz and John Kasich have no path to victory. They should both drop out of the race so that the Republican Party can unify!,Twitter for Android
723094439485399040,,2016-04-21 10:22:03,Senator Ted Cruz has been MATHEMATICALLY ELIMINATED from race. He said Kasich should get out for same reason. I think both should get out!,Twitter for Android
723092613457448960,,2016-04-21 10:14:48,"I will be doing the @TODAYshow with my wife, Melania, and the rest of my family in a major Town Hall. Hopefully, it will be fun! Enjoy.7A.M.",Twitter for Android
722974716395425793,,2016-04-21 02:26:19,Thank you Maryland- what a great way to conclude the day! Will be back soon. #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
722967703313612802,,2016-04-21 01:58:27,We are going to bring steel and manufacturing back to Indiana!,Twitter for iPhone
722967660833722369,,2016-04-21 01:58:17,Had a meeting with the terrific @GovPenceIN of Indiana. So excited to campaign in his wonderful state!,Twitter for iPhone
722920297393995776,,2016-04-20 22:50:04,"Thank you Indiana! Will be back soon!
#Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
722818508665454593,,2016-04-20 16:05:36,#Trump360 Watch this 360 video of my speech last night at Trump Tower-,Twitter Web Client
722802795720634368,,2016-04-20 15:03:10,Off to Indiana! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
722767517349978112,,2016-04-20 12:42:59,"Ted Cruz is mathematically out of winning the race. Now all he can do is be a spoiler, never a nice thing to do. I will beat Hillary!",Twitter for Android
722635529708285952,,2016-04-20 03:58:30,MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,Twitter Web Client
722628702748688385,,2016-04-20 03:31:23,"""@bigop1: @realDonaldTrump @CNN @oreillyfactor"" Wow, really nice!",Twitter for Android
722626421231890432,,2016-04-20 03:22:19,"Thank you New York, I will never forget!",Twitter for Android
722592772096724997,,2016-04-20 01:08:36,"Thank you New York! I love you!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
722589315923054592,,2016-04-20 00:54:52,".@CNN is so negative it is impossible to watch. Terrible panel, angry haters. Bill O @oreillyfactor said such an amazing thing about me!",Twitter for Android
722576418752892928,,2016-04-20 00:03:37,"""@GreenSkyDeb: Look everybody, DonaldTrump will win it on the first ballot so keep praying!!! #TrumpTrain #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain""",Twitter for Android
722573329400520704,,2016-04-19 23:51:21,"""@keksec__org: @realDonaldTrump Your policies will make this state and country great again! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain""",Twitter for Android
722573028677304320,,2016-04-19 23:50:09,"""@kdk144: @realDonaldTrump Everybody is ""In A New York State of Mind"" now!""",Twitter for Android
722545371809980417,,2016-04-19 22:00:15,"Polls close in 3 hours! Everyone get out and VOTE!
#Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter Web Client
722540379799740416,,2016-04-19 21:40:25,"RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: A message from Donald J. Trump to NEW YORK!",Twitter Web Client
722528613690654724,,2016-04-19 20:53:40,"Discussing #NewYorkValues
in Buffalo last night- on the eve of the #NYPrimary.
LETS GO NY! #VoteTrump",Twitter Web Client
722511721257181184,,2016-04-19 19:46:32,"1988 with Oprah- discussing why I would never rule out a run for #POTUS.
#Trump2016 #VoteTrumpNY #PrimaryDay",Twitter Web Client
722501079297048576,,2016-04-19 19:04:15,"Who did the House Task Force on
Urgent Fiscal Issues call- when America needed HELP?",Twitter Web Client
722489659117420544,,2016-04-19 18:18:52,"#MakeAmericaGreatAgain
#Trump2016",Twitter Web Client
722483180826181633,,2016-04-19 17:53:08,"LETS GO AMERICA! Time to take back
our country, and #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Watch video & go
#VoteTrump!",Twitter Web Client
722471042367778816,,2016-04-19 17:04:54,"#ICYMI: #Trump2016 closing speech in
Buffalo, New York!
#VoteTrumpNY",Twitter Web Client
722455189911953409,,2016-04-19 16:01:54,"Join me in Indianapolis, Indiana tomorrow at 3pm! #Trump2016
Tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
722443916742639617,,2016-04-19 15:17:06,Thank you Eric!,Twitter for iPhone
722397728475582465,,2016-04-19 12:13:34,A big day for New York and for our COUNTRY! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,Twitter for Android
722379509060788224,,2016-04-19 11:01:10,I am on @foxandfriends at 7:00 A.M. ENJOY!,Twitter for Android
722266479660556289,,2016-04-19 03:32:02,"Thank you Buffalo! #NYPrimary",Twitter for iPhone
722264735966748672,,2016-04-19 03:25:06,"#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #NYPrimary",Twitter Web Client
722181629528141824,,2016-04-18 21:54:52,Lyin’ Ted Cruz even voted against Superstorm Sandy aid and September 11th help. So many New Yorkers devastated. Cruz hates New York!,Twitter Web Client
722120138057740288,,2016-04-18 17:50:31,"New York, we will make America great again!",Instagram
722017428520243201,,2016-04-18 11:02:24,Kasich only looks O.K. in polls against Hillary because nobody views him as a threat and therefore have placed ZERO negative ads against him,Twitter for Android
722016321119121409,,2016-04-18 10:58:00,Lyin' Ted Cruz can't win with the voters so he has to sell himself to the bosses-I am millions of VOTES ahead! Hillary would destroy him & K,Twitter for Android
721987186732703744,,2016-04-18 09:02:13,"""@DiamondandSilk: .@realDonaldTrump is who we need 2 fix this corrupted, rigged system. 4 no Profit, Under budget & ahead of schedule.",Twitter for Android
721836860356628482,,2016-04-17 23:04:53,"Thank you for today's endorsement, New York Veteran Police Association!
#NewYorkValues",Twitter for iPhone
721805701325172736,,2016-04-17 21:01:04,"Thank you, California! Will see you soon! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
721708342838747136,,2016-04-17 14:34:12,I would have millions of votes more than Hillary except for the fact that I had 17 opponents and she just had a socialist named Bernie!,Twitter for Android
721695114943442946,,2016-04-17 13:41:38,Crooked Hillary Clinton is spending a fortune on ads against me. I am the one person she doesn't want to run against. Will be such fun!,Twitter for Android
721694330805755904,,2016-04-17 13:38:31,Lyin' Ted Cruz can't get votes (I am millions ahead of him) so he has to get his delegates from the Republican bosses. It won't work!,Twitter for Android
721693297429901312,,2016-04-17 13:34:25,"Lyin' Ted Cruz will never be able to beat Hillary. Despite a rigged delegate system, I am hundreds of delegates ahead of him.",Twitter for Android
721691854849318912,,2016-04-17 13:28:41,"I'll be in one of my favorite places this morning, Staten Island. Big crowd, will be fun!",Twitter for Android
721531225916223488,,2016-04-17 02:50:24,"#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #NYPrimary",Twitter for iPhone
721495328097042432,,2016-04-17 00:27:45,"Thank you California, Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
721491758236962816,,2016-04-17 00:13:34,"See you tomorrow Dutchess County,
New York! #NYPrimary #TrumpTrain",Twitter for iPhone
721485578278203397,,2016-04-16 23:49:01,"Will be on Hannity tonight. Rebroadcast of town hall from Pittsburgh, PA. 8:00pm on FOX. Enjoy! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
721458878622363648,,2016-04-16 22:02:55,"""@Ollie_621: @FoxNews @realDonaldTrump I think it's more like 64%. #VoteTrumpNY🗽 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!",Twitter for Android
721450634520584192,,2016-04-16 21:30:09,"""@AshleyEdam: New CBS Poll shows defections from Cruz's core supporters & increased support for @realDonaldTrump ...Not surprising.""",Twitter for Android
721450217384579076,,2016-04-16 21:28:30,"""@Trumptbird: Dear I'm starting to believe that you're actually going to WIN! #Trump2016 #presidenttrump #primary""",Twitter for Android
721450040552722433,,2016-04-16 21:27:48,"""@Trump_Supporter: ""Trump Holds 66% Favorable Rating in New York – Leads Hillary Clinton by 19pts in Empire...",Twitter for Android
721401779276144640,,2016-04-16 18:16:01,"THANK YOU, SYRACUSE! #NYPrimary",Twitter for iPhone
721371631118127104,,2016-04-16 16:16:13,"Just arrived in Syracuse, NY. Big crowd, great place! We will bring back the desperately needed jobs. #NYPrimary",Twitter for iPhone
721344559205244928,,2016-04-16 14:28:39,"#ICYMI: @foxandfriends this morning.",Twitter for iPhone
721307257472999424,,2016-04-16 12:00:26,I will be interviewed on @foxandfriends at 9:00 A.M. I will be talking about the rigged and boss controlled Republican primaries!,Twitter for Android
721306189867413504,,2016-04-16 11:56:11,"""@dmharvey89: @realDonaldTrump @wdct8110 I just voted for @realDonaldTrump in Indiana. Everyone I talk to was following suit!"" Fantastic!",Twitter for Android
721145563970936833,,2016-04-16 01:17:55,"""@herb_stamper: @JackoffJosh711 @SenFrankNiceley @FoxNews @WSJ we are becoming a third world country because of jerks like him"" Great!",Twitter for Android
721144953192247296,,2016-04-16 01:15:29,"""@wdct8110: @realDonaldTrump We love you Donald ! Finally someone who actually cares about us .. !!""",Twitter for Android
721144689647316992,,2016-04-16 01:14:26,"""@Bubble709_: @realDonaldTrump Praying for your family and your win in New York."" Thank you!",Twitter for Android
721140843525050369,,2016-04-16 00:59:09,"Join me this weekend! #NYPrimary
4/16: WATERTOWN - 3pm
#Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
721093904527925249,,2016-04-15 21:52:38,"Thank you, @NYPost! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
721083678387003396,,2016-04-15 21:12:00,Thank you America! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
720821603064524800,,2016-04-15 03:50:37,"MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for iPhone
720671808861696003,,2016-04-14 17:55:23,"Join me on Saturday- in Syracuse, New York! #NYPrimary #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
720473496187498496,,2016-04-14 04:47:21,"Thank you Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
720464540375375873,,2016-04-14 04:11:46,Big protest march in Colorado on Friday afternoon! Don't let the bosses take your vote!,Twitter for Android
720460065958989827,,2016-04-14 03:53:59,The rules DID CHANGE in Colorado shortly after I entered the race in June because the pols and their bosses knew I would win with the voters,Twitter for Android
720458178698338304,,2016-04-14 03:46:29,Biggest story in politics is now happening in the great State of Colorado where over one million people have been precluded from voting!,Twitter for Android
720417893696040960,,2016-04-14 01:06:25,Will be interviewed by @SeanHannity on @FoxNews tonight at 10pm from Pennsylvania. Enjoy! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
720247344197820416,,2016-04-13 13:48:43,"Join me in Pittsburgh- tonight at 7pmE! #Trump2016 #TrumpTrain
Tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
720117231821156352,,2016-04-13 05:11:41,#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
720116836617072641,,2016-04-13 05:10:07,#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
720097594207268864,,2016-04-13 03:53:39,Great to be on @andersoncooper tonight with my wonderful family. Will be rebroadcast at 12:00 A.M. (EASTERN).,Twitter for Android
720012484174811136,,2016-04-12 22:15:28,"I LOVE NEW YORK! #NewYorkValues",Twitter for iPhone
719920610210615296,,2016-04-12 16:10:23,"THANK YOU California, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania! See you soon!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
719918725936373761,,2016-04-12 16:02:54,Missouri just confirmed #Trump2016 as the official winner- with an additional 12 delegates. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain,Twitter for iPhone
719830679765270528,,2016-04-12 10:13:02,"WOW, great new poll- New York! Thank you for your support! #Trump2016
#NewYorkValues",Twitter for iPhone
719699403435585537,,2016-04-12 01:31:23,"Thank you Albany, New York!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
719662034573504517,,2016-04-11 23:02:54,"Join me in Rome, NY- tomorrow!
#Trump2016 #NYPrimary
Tickets available:",Twitter for iPhone
719658640848723968,,2016-04-11 22:49:25,"Tune in & join me live in Albany, New York! 7pmE start time! I love you New York! #Trump2016 #TrumpTrain",Twitter for iPhone
719648132225699840,,2016-04-11 22:07:39,"A very interesting piece, by a very good writer, @KirstenPowers of @USATODAY and @FoxNews.",Twitter for iPhone
719630850716000257,,2016-04-11 20:58:59,"Leaving for Albany, New York now, massive crowd expected. Very exciting!",Twitter for iPhone
719630780499128320,,2016-04-11 20:58:42,Why does the liberal media think Bill O'Reilly (@oreillyfactor) is a complete and total vulgarian? I don't think so!,Twitter for iPhone
719626295248863232,,2016-04-11 20:40:53,Colorado Trump Delegates Scratched from Ballots at GOP Convention,Twitter Web Client
719548022871482370,,2016-04-11 15:29:51,"This is happening all over our country—great people being disenfranchised by
politicians. Repub party is in trouble!",Twitter Web Client
719500540657459201,,2016-04-11 12:21:11,"""@AnnesLimo: @realDonaldTrump @WVTTS1017 Thanks for Rochester rally."" Great people, thank you!",Twitter for Android
719484822834581504,,2016-04-11 11:18:43,"""@WVTTS1017: @realDonaldTrump just listened to you on fox. I love you so much."" Thank you!",Twitter for Android
719484713182838784,,2016-04-11 11:18:17,"""@autoprofessor17: @realDonaldTrump Great job on Fox n Friends this morning. Very well spoken and presidential. #TrumpTrain""",Twitter for Android
719484455556161538,,2016-04-11 11:17:16,"""@TimeHasCome1: @WayneDupreeShow @ThePatriot143 Trump needs to hold a massive protest rally in Colorado. He'd get 100k & own the news cycle""",Twitter for Android
719476340576100353,,2016-04-11 10:45:01,I will be interviewed on @foxandfriends at 7:00 A.M. Enjoy!,Twitter for Android
719326834538778625,,2016-04-11 00:50:56,The people of Colorado had their vote taken away from them by the phony politicians. Biggest story in politics. This will not be allowed!,Twitter for Android
719321288301486081,,2016-04-11 00:28:54,How is it possible that the people of the great State of Colorado never got to vote in the Republican Primary? Great anger - totally unfair!,Twitter for Android
719244517929578496,,2016-04-10 19:23:50,"#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
719159990834081794,,2016-04-10 13:47:57,I win a state in votes and then get non-representative delegates because they are offered all sorts of goodies by Cruz campaign. Bad system!,Twitter for Android
719158083684069376,,2016-04-10 13:40:23,The @nytimes purposely covers me so inaccurately. I want other nations to pay the U.S. for our defense of them. We are the suckers-no more!,Twitter for Android
719125225728827396,,2016-04-10 11:29:49,"""@agentvf: New Jersey Man Joseph Hornick Willing to Go to Jail for Flying Trump Flag - Breitbart @Q102Philly""",Twitter for Android
719124172903997441,,2016-04-10 11:25:38,"""@getreal1234: @realDonaldTrump @Kids123Nicholas @gqforbes @RepTomMarino let's go Pa he has my vote Go Trump""",Twitter for Android
719001329759363072,,2016-04-10 03:17:30,"""@jlopez05391: @realDonaldTrump Rochester loves you! See you tomorrow! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016 #TrumpTrain"" A big crowd!",Twitter for Android
718999512283484160,,2016-04-10 03:10:16,"""@becker_berta: @vivhall3 @Reince Millions more will burn their Republican registration if GOP continues to subvert the will of the people.""",Twitter for Android
718998304810512385,,2016-04-10 03:05:28,"""@metalmom888: @Theresa_Cali If the GOP screws Trump, his millions will walk from the GOP never to return! They better think long and hard""",Twitter for Android
718998170315976708,,2016-04-10 03:04:56,"""@AnnCoulter: GOP is trying to steal nomination from the winner (Trump) not block an insurgent catching up 2 frontrunner (Sanders).",Twitter for Android
718997676747067392,,2016-04-10 03:02:59,"""@governor_savage: @realDonaldTrump is the only person who can save us from this corrupt political mess. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain""",Twitter for Android
718997528923021312,,2016-04-10 03:02:23,"""@Mutual408Grace: @realDonaldTrump @gene70 California women love Mr Trump too. Will make it happen in New York on April 19. Go out & vote.""",Twitter for Android
718996943100375040,,2016-04-10 03:00:04,"""@Kids123Nicholas: @gqforbes @RepTomMarino @realDonaldTrump.Lets get it done Philadelphia Pa.Make Trump your pick for president now.",Twitter for Android
718993739348361216,,2016-04-10 02:47:20,"""@PennyHicks13: @Carolde @kisster1 @FoxNews Your tax and economic plans are second to none! Media shld report.",Twitter for Android
718993345197027328,,2016-04-10 02:45:46,"""@Theresa_Cali: Poll shows @realDonaldTrump leads among registered Republican women with 44%. 👍🏻"" Thank you!",Twitter for Android
718992948193570816,,2016-04-10 02:44:11,"""@vivhall3: @realDonaldTrump here your delegate replaced at CO GOP convention."" Very sad!",Twitter for Android
718913705111613440,,2016-04-09 21:29:18,"A great honor to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum with my wife, @MELANIATRUMP, today. #NewYorkValues",Twitter for iPhone
718771185757077504,,2016-04-09 12:02:59,"""@gene70: @realDonaldTrump The Real Person Of The Year!"" Wow!",Twitter for Android
718766507199766528,,2016-04-09 11:44:24,"""@gene70: @realDonaldTrump Fugedaboudit!!! The woman in New York love Donald Trump!!!""",Twitter for Android
718761006068051968,,2016-04-09 11:22:32,"Bernie Sanders says that Hillary Clinton is unqualified to be president. Based on her decision making ability, I can go along with that!",Twitter for Android
718636301587771392,,2016-04-09 03:07:00,"Isn't it a shame that the person who will have by far the most delegates and many millions more votes than anyone else, me, still must fight",Twitter for Android
718634255107166208,,2016-04-09 02:58:52,"""@DnGLax: Yes! Thank U 4 coming to LI! It was a thrill 2 B part of it! U will get the job done! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #trump2016 🇺🇸""",Twitter for Android
718632666057285632,,2016-04-09 02:52:33,"""@AlexNightrasor: @realDonaldTrump @lilrachiepoo Trump will be our best president since Reagan!",Twitter for Android
718628272188309505,,2016-04-09 02:35:06,"""@lilrachiepoo: @realDonaldTrump Thank you, Mr. Trump, for your personal and financial sacrifices in this journey to #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN""",Twitter for Android
718627776178360323,,2016-04-09 02:33:07,"""@RepaloneLori: @realDonaldTrump @kirstiealley we love you and know you will do an awesome job! Saw you in bethpage !! 👏👏👏"" Thank you.",Twitter for Android
718627523417010178,,2016-04-09 02:32:07,"""@redneckgp: All you haters out there, STOP trashing the only candidate @realDonaldTrump that will put ALL OF YOU & AMERICA FIRST #trump""",Twitter for Android
718626552704077824,,2016-04-09 02:28:16,"""@RepMartinDaniel: We support you #HaileyPuckett. You will go far in life. Smart and courageous!",Twitter for Android
718618061683703808,,2016-04-09 01:54:31,"""@kirstiealley: HELLO BOYS! this is my formal endorsement of @realDonaldTrump & I'm a woman! (last I checked) And Rudy, U R amazing!",Twitter for Android
718617242422939649,,2016-04-09 01:51:16,"""@Cam: Reports are RNC has received +1 million postcards so far! If I get more info on ## I'll post @AnnCoulter""",Twitter for Android
718546390390071296,,2016-04-08 21:09:44,“Donald Trump—The Disrupter” will air on @FoxNews Saturday night and Sunday night at 8 PM ET. Anchored by @BretBaier. @johnrobertsFox,Twitter Web Client
718530443272970240,,2016-04-08 20:06:21,"Nobody beats me on National Security.",Twitter Web Client
718518072861192192,,2016-04-08 19:17:12,Looks like I was right about NATO. I had no doubt.,Twitter Web Client
718516815782088704,,2016-04-08 19:12:12,Jennifer is a terrific person.,Twitter Web Client
718410936562925568,,2016-04-08 12:11:29,"""@R_U_OK_UK: @realDonaldTrump @glozee1 @PaulManafort @CNN @DanScavino Vote trump to save the west. Don't become like Europe - #WakeUpAmerica",Twitter for Android
718410250437705729,,2016-04-08 12:08:45,"""@glozee1: Great interview with @PaulManafort on @CNN regarding @realDonaldTrump path to victory #NewDay #MakeAmericaGreatAgain @DanScavino""",Twitter for Android
718409541273194497,,2016-04-08 12:05:56,"""@WPayton344: @PaulManafort Great Interview on CNN-Being from CT- I am thrilled you are part of this Team-GO TRUMP!""",Twitter for Android
718408900375154688,,2016-04-08 12:03:23,"So great to be in New York. Catching up on many things (remember, I am still running a major business while I campaign) and loving it!",Twitter for Android
718269634814865410,,2016-04-08 02:50:00,"""@iamDaveK: @realDonaldTrump first WWE Hall of Famer to become president?""",Twitter for Android
718269255872081922,,2016-04-08 02:48:30,"""@DiCristo13: @realDonaldTrump let's have the policy speeches on immigration, economy, foreign policy, and NATO!""",Twitter for Android
718268906176122881,,2016-04-08 02:47:06,"""@Keeblerqueen: @RealRudyGiulian @realDonaldTrump Thanks Rudy!!! Trump will be a great president!!""",Twitter for Android
718268624012754944,,2016-04-08 02:45:59,"""@Genie115: #MakeAmericaGreatAgain we can only do that with @realDonaldTrump RT""",Twitter for Android
718259314197164034,,2016-04-08 02:08:59,"""@gracefulme3: @seanhannity @tedcruz @realDonaldTrump Cruz is hated in New York. He should go home - no place for a phony""",Twitter for Android
718159369033162752,,2016-04-07 19:31:50,Ted Cruz attacked New Yorkers and New York values- we don't forget!,Twitter Web Client
717910383491751936,,2016-04-07 03:02:28,#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
717872274569822208,,2016-04-07 00:31:02,"Unbelievable evening. Just made a speech in front 17,000 amazing New Yorkers in Bethpage, Long Island--- great to be home!",Twitter for iPhone
717872177782124545,,2016-04-07 00:30:39,I was not scheduled to be on the @oreillyfactor. Pure fiction!,Twitter for iPhone
717753959176396801,,2016-04-06 16:40:53,"It is so great to be back home! Looking forward to a great rally tonight in Bethpage, Long Island!",Twitter Web Client
717483825446707200,,2016-04-05 22:47:28,"Still time to get out and VOTE!
#WIPrimary #Trump2016 #MAGA",Twitter for iPhone
717455981047914496,,2016-04-05 20:56:50,RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: Last chance #Wisconsin: Find your polling location for today's primary & go vote! Visit 🇺🇸🇺🇸 #T…,Twitter for iPhone
717433113882787840,,2016-04-05 19:25:58,"Wow, @Politico is in total disarray
with almost everybody quitting. Good
news -- bad, dishonest journalists!",Twitter for iPhone
717401379443195911,,2016-04-05 17:19:52,RT @EricTrump: #Wisconsin: To find your voting location visit #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TrumpTrain 🚂💨💨🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 https:/…,Twitter for iPhone
717400207898591232,,2016-04-05 17:15:12,"""@roadsho: Challenge to all WI gun owners. Vote @realDonaldTrump.The only candidate that will protect your rights!",Twitter for Android
717395599633563648,,2016-04-05 16:56:54,"Wisconsin, we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for Android
717321031321432064,,2016-04-05 12:00:35,Good morning Wisconsin! The polls are now open! #VoteTrump today & we will MakeAmericaGreatAgain!,Twitter for iPhone
717192412213420032,,2016-04-05 03:29:30,"MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for iPhone
717189147497091072,,2016-04-05 03:16:32,"""@FoxNews: @ScottBaio: ""#DonaldTrump is the only guy, I think, that has the will & the nerve to attack & to fight.""",Twitter for Android
717170068430397440,,2016-04-05 02:00:43,"""@vikkideiter: Something VERY close to my heart. I'm a NAVY VET! I love @realDonaldTrump's VETERANS ADMINISTRATION REFORMS.",Twitter for Android
717158349008011264,,2016-04-05 01:14:09,"I will be on @SeanHannity @FoxNews- tonight at 10pmE w/ @MELANIATRUMP, from Wisconsin. Enjoy! #WIPrimary #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
717140417469349888,,2016-04-05 00:02:54,"MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for iPhone
717096171068661761,,2016-04-04 21:07:04,"Leaving Superior, Wisconsin now. Thank you! #Trump2016 #WIPrimary",Twitter for iPhone
717092823326064640,,2016-04-04 20:53:46,"Wow, great news from Wisconsin. Just made two speeches there with a big one coming tonight. Thank you!",Twitter for iPhone
717088318068891648,,2016-04-04 20:35:52,"Will be interviewed on @SeanHannity on @FoxNews from #Wisconsin tonight. My wife, Melania, will join me for the entire show.",Twitter for iPhone
717050067840929792,,2016-04-04 18:03:52,"Congratulations Jim Herman! We are all proud of you @TrumpGolf!",Twitter for iPhone
717027537990365186,,2016-04-04 16:34:21,"Just departing La Crosse, Wisconsin. Thank you! #Trump2016 #WIPrimary",Twitter for iPhone
717003103871115267,,2016-04-04 14:57:15,This Tweet from @realDonaldTrump has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder.,Twitter for iPhone
716826069777645568,,2016-04-04 03:13:47,"A great day in Wisconsin, many stops, many great people! Melania is joining me on Monday. Big crowds. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for Android
716811670031581185,,2016-04-04 02:16:34,"A great night in West Allis, Wisconsin! Thank you! #VoteTrumpWI #WIPrimary",Twitter for iPhone
716780878777556994,,2016-04-04 00:14:13,"I am on @FoxNews with @greta doing a town hall, from Wisconsin- now! Enjoy!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
716774329837420544,,2016-04-03 23:48:11,Congratulations to @gohermie for winning the @ShellHouOpen. We are all proud of you @TNGCBedminster & all @TrumpGolf clubs! Great going!,Twitter for iPhone
716727859876917248,,2016-04-03 20:43:32,"I will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin- tomorrow at 7pmE with @MELANIATRUMP. Join us! #WIPrimary #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
716688097237458945,,2016-04-03 18:05:32,"Thank you Miss Katie's Diner!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
716683752227913728,,2016-04-03 17:48:16,"Thank you New York, and Pennsylvania!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
716639648873844740,,2016-04-03 14:53:01,"""@GOPjenna: ""I don't care about the game, I care about the PEOPLE."" And that's exactly why WE THE PEOPLE love you so much! #Trump2016""",Twitter for Android
716622947901915136,,2016-04-03 13:46:39,Thank you! #Trump2016 #WIPrimary,Twitter for iPhone
716621639564324865,,2016-04-03 13:41:27,"""@007cigarjoe: #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016 @realDonaldTrump IS THE ONLY DEAL !!!""",Twitter for Android
716621438535471104,,2016-04-03 13:40:39,"""@Margee11: #WISCONSIN VOTE SMART @tedcruz RECORDS R SEALED.. WHAT IS HE HIDING? SAVE AMERICA W/ @realDonaldTrump""",Twitter for Android
716620675071537152,,2016-04-03 13:37:37,"""@Wheels155:@CNN is reviewing the week,but majority of the show about @realDonaldTrump cuz there would be 0.0 ratings if not. Media's a JOKE",Twitter for Android
716600252934041601,,2016-04-03 12:16:28,I will be on @FoxNewsSunday with Chris Wallace this morning. Enjoy!,Twitter for Android
716590192413507584,,2016-04-03 11:36:30,"""@FaceTheNation: Tune in for our sit-down interview with Republican frontrunner @realDonaldTrump!""",Twitter for Android
716464023273910273,,2016-04-03 03:15:09,"Thank you Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
#VoteTrump on Tuesday, April 5th!
716462678802345984,,2016-04-03 03:09:48,I will be interviewed by @jdickerson on @FaceTheNation tomorrow morning. Enjoy! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
716412682581053440,,2016-04-02 23:51:08,"A GREAT DAY IN WISCONSIN!
Thank you #Racine & #Wausau! Just arrived in #EauClaire! #Trump2016
#WIPrimary #TrumpTrain",Twitter for iPhone
716362367119069185,,2016-04-02 20:31:12,.@FoxNews should be ashamed for allowing experts to explain how to make a nuclear attack!,Twitter for iPhone
716362171404435458,,2016-04-02 20:30:25,".@HeyTammyBruce- Thank you for your nice words on Fox today. They never use my full statements on nuclear, which you would agree with!",Twitter for iPhone
716359318828769280,,2016-04-02 20:19:05,"Great honor to have @GOP General Counsel, #JohnRyder as a Trump delegate in TN. RNC meeting well worth it! Unifying the party!",Twitter for iPhone
716344003789266944,,2016-04-02 19:18:14,"Join me on Monday, April 4th in Milwaukee! #WIPrimary #Trump2016
Tickets:",Twitter for iPhone
716222480738869248,,2016-04-02 11:15:20,"Wisconsin has suffered a great loss of jobs and trade, but if I win, all of the bad things happening in the U.S. will be rapidly reversed!",Twitter for Android
716088246258651136,,2016-04-02 02:21:56,"I will be in Wisconsin until the election. Jobs, trade and immigration will be big factors. I will bring jobs back home - make great deals!",Twitter for Android
716085112610426880,,2016-04-02 02:09:29,"If @megynkelly stopped covering me on her show, her ratings would drop like a rock! My h to h interview with @AC360 beat her by millions!",Twitter for Android
716078699175682053,,2016-04-02 01:44:00,Is it possible for @megynkelly to cover anyone but Donald Trump on her terrible show. She totally misrepresents my words and positions! BAD.,Twitter for Android
716031548382773248,,2016-04-01 22:36:39,"MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for iPhone
716020373045841920,,2016-04-01 21:52:14,"Can you believe that Ted Cruz, who has been killing our country on trade for so long, just put out a Wisconsin ad talking about trade?",Twitter Web Client
716019755682045952,,2016-04-01 21:49:47,We must build a great wall between Mexico and the United States!,Twitter Web Client
715980291672829953,,2016-04-01 19:12:58,"My new radio ad, airing today in Wisconsin! See you soon!
#WIPrimary #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
715973328868085761,,2016-04-01 18:45:18,Does anybody like Lyin' Ted?,Twitter Web Client
715907894584197120,,2016-04-01 14:25:17,"For the 1st time in American history, America’s 16,500 border patrol agents have issue a presidential primary endorsement—me! Thank you.",Twitter Web Client
715907761926750208,,2016-04-01 14:24:46,The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) said that our open border is the biggest physical & economic threat facing the American people!,Twitter Web Client
715758039836594176,,2016-04-01 04:29:49,The Club For Growth said in their ad that 465 delegates (Cruz) plus 143 delegates (Kasich) is more than my 739 delegates. Try again!,Twitter for Android
715756428447858688,,2016-04-01 04:23:25,"The Club For Growth,which asked me for $1,000,000 in an extortion attempt, just put up a Wisconsin ad with incorrect math.What a dumb group!",Twitter for Android
715725628465680386,,2016-04-01 02:21:02,"#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
715668280153911296,,2016-03-31 22:33:09,"THANK YOU, NEW YORK! #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
715664091893731329,,2016-03-31 22:16:30,"THANK YOU, AMERICA! #Trump2016
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
715636703369691136,,2016-03-31 20:27:40,"THANK YOU, WISCONSIN! #VoteTrump
next Tuesday, April 5th! #WIPrimary",Twitter for iPhone
715616148335759360,,2016-03-31 19:05:59,"Just had a very nice meeting with @Reince Priebus and the @GOP. Looking forward to bringing the Party
together --- and it will happen!",Twitter for iPhone
715536209385115649,,2016-03-31 13:48:20,"The Trump Doctrine: Peace Through Strength. #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
715372505486245888,,2016-03-31 02:57:50,"""@susanbirchfiel1: Nothing you say will change my mind! Woman for @realDonaldTrump""",Twitter for Android
715369991214866432,,2016-03-31 02:47:51,"""@Gearssuxs: @loudobbsnews @realDonaldTrump I'm a democrat and switch over to republican just to vote for trump in the primary."" Great!",Twitter for Android
715291320563146752,,2016-03-30 21:35:14,"Thank you- Appleton, Wisconsin!
#WIPrimary #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
715286909824663552,,2016-03-30 21:17:43,Congratulations to @CNN for having the wisdom to pick TRUMP! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
715223526635094016,,2016-03-30 17:05:51,Please keep your thoughts & prayers with Melissa Young- Miss Wisconsin 2005.,Twitter for iPhone
715216002347360256,,2016-03-30 16:35:57,"THANK YOU, NEW YORK!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
715215099082878977,,2016-03-30 16:32:22,RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: Nice piece and video today in the Wall Street Journal: Trump’s three eldest children jump into campaign…,Twitter for iPhone
715013260462960642,,2016-03-30 03:10:20,".@DavidGregory got thrown off of TV by NBC, fired like a dog! Now he is on @CNN being nasty to me. Not nice!",Twitter for iPhone
714967208439451650,,2016-03-30 00:07:20,Final #'s just announced in the GREAT State of MO. TRUMP WINS! New certified #'s show a 365 vote increase for me- @ least 12 more delegates!,Twitter for iPhone
714926538714660866,,2016-03-29 21:25:44,Thank you! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
714925079247847424,,2016-03-29 21:19:56,"Trump defends campaign manager charged for bruising a reporter:",Twitter for iPhone
714911110575562753,,2016-03-29 20:24:25,Thank you! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain,Twitter for iPhone
714899439706574848,,2016-03-29 19:38:03,"MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for iPhone
714898756420939780,,2016-03-29 19:35:20,Why is this reporter touching me as I leave news conference? What is in her hand??,Twitter for iPhone
714894618333212675,,2016-03-29 19:18:53,"This was the reporters statement- when she found out there was tape from my facility, she changed her tune.",Twitter for iPhone
714891184867508224,,2016-03-29 19:05:15,"Victory press conference was over.
Why is she allowed to grab me and shout questions? Can I press charges?",Twitter for iPhone
714855791199719424,,2016-03-29 16:44:36,"Why aren't people looking at this reporters earliest statement as to what happened, that is before she found out the episode was on tape?",Twitter for Android
714855025055514624,,2016-03-29 16:41:33,"Wow, Corey Lewandowski, my campaign manager and a very decent man, was just charged with assaulting a reporter. Look at tapes-nothing there!",Twitter for Android
714825845504942080,,2016-03-29 14:45:37,How come the @TODAYshow & @chucktodd show the new @NBCNews Poll for Hillary vs Bernie but do not show the SAME poll where I am killing Cruz?,Twitter for Android
714818473382248448,,2016-03-29 14:16:19,"I have millions more votes/hundreds more dels than Cruz or Kasich, and yet am not being treated properly by the Republican Party or the RNC.",Twitter for Android
714807977052610569,,2016-03-29 13:34:36,"Wow, @CNN has nothing but my opponents on their shows. Really one-sided and unfair reporting. Maybe I shouldn't do their town-hall tonight!",Twitter for Android
714619931938197504,,2016-03-29 01:07:23,"We need to secure our borders ASAP. No games, we must be smart, tough and vigilant. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN & MAKE AMERICA STRONG AGAIN!",Twitter for Android
714619106151030784,,2016-03-29 01:04:06,"Lyin' Ted, I have already beaten you in all debates, and am way ahead of you in votes and delegates. You should focus on jobs & illegal imm!",Twitter for Android
714617467839111173,,2016-03-29 00:57:35,"Lyin'Ted Cruz is weak & losing big, so now he wants to debate again. But, according to Drudge,Time and on-line polls, I have won all debates",Twitter for Android
714591260791713792,,2016-03-28 23:13:27,"After the way I beat Gov. Scott Walker (and Jeb, Rand, Marco and all others) in the Presidential Primaries, no way he would ever endorse me!",Twitter for Android
714581499362803713,,2016-03-28 22:34:40,"""@PaulaDuvall2: Cruz will say anything that is contrary to what you have to say. If you're for Motherhood, he'll be against it!""",Twitter for Android
714581379351252996,,2016-03-28 22:34:11,Just released that international gangs are all over our cities. This will end when I am President!,Twitter for Android
714578358022090752,,2016-03-28 22:22:11,"""@wolfblitzer: Campaign-to-date popular GOP totals: @realDonaldTrump 7,546,980; @tedcruz 5,481,737; @JohnKasich 2,724,749"" A BIG DIFFERENCE",Twitter for Android
714577392367443970,,2016-03-28 22:18:21,"Ted Cruz is incensed that I want to refocus NATO on terrorism, as well as current mission, but also want others to PAY FAIR SHARE, a must!",Twitter for Android
714503667261562880,,2016-03-28 17:25:23,"A detainee released from Gitmo has killed an American. When will our so-called ""leaders"" ever learn!",Twitter for Android
714463489503404032,,2016-03-28 14:45:44,"""Kirsten Powers: Anti- Trump Operative was Aggressively Shopping Cruz Story""
via the Gateway Pundit:",Twitter for iPhone
714423264039317505,,2016-03-28 12:05:54,"""@nellalda: @realDonaldTrump We stand by Trump 100%"" Thank you!",Twitter for Android
714411420104925184,,2016-03-28 11:18:50,"I will be interviewed on @foxandfriends at 7:30. Things are looking good, had a great Easter-look forward to spending the week in Wisconsin!",Twitter for Android
714264864575922177,,2016-03-28 01:36:28,"""@VictorConkle: #WIPrimary @realDonaldTrump will defeat ISIS and #MakeAmericaGreatAgain""",Twitter for Android
714260201927520256,,2016-03-28 01:17:57,"The United States cannot continue to make such bad, one-sided trade deals. There are only so many jobs we can give up. No more!",Twitter for Android
714214633016573953,,2016-03-27 22:16:52,"See Lyin' Ted, even the @DailyBeast (no fan of mine) says this story came from Rubio, not Trump!",Twitter for iPhone
714198237675003904,,2016-03-27 21:11:43,"Just to show you how unfair Republican primary politics can be, I won the State of Louisiana and get less delegates than Cruz-Lawsuit coming",Twitter for Android
714194279409848320,,2016-03-27 20:55:59,Why can't the pundits be honest? Hopefully we are all looking for a strong and great country again. I will make it strong and great! JOBS!,Twitter for Android
714189569793646597,,2016-03-27 20:37:17,"Another radical Islamic attack, this time in Pakistan, targeting Christian women & children. At least 67 dead,400 injured. I alone can solve",Twitter for Android
714175472557424640,,2016-03-27 19:41:16,"Happy Easter to all, have a great day!",Twitter for Android
714095595888238592,,2016-03-27 14:23:51,"My statement on NATO being obsolete and disproportionately too expensive (and unfair) for the U.S. are now, finally, receiving plaudits!",Twitter for Android
714093135857631232,,2016-03-27 14:14:05,"Wow, sleepy eyes @chucktodd is at it again. He is do totally biased. The things I am saying are correct. - far better vision than the others",Twitter for Android
714075020113240066,,2016-03-27 13:02:06,I am interviewed on This Week on @ABC this morning. Enjoy!,Twitter for Android
713821835402616833,,2016-03-26 20:16:02,"Remember, I am the only candidate who is self-funding. While I am given little credit for this by the voters, I am not bought like others!",Twitter for Android
713820823665119232,,2016-03-26 20:12:01,"Don't believe the @FoxNews Polls, they are just another phony hit job on me. I will beat Hillary Clinton easily in the General Election.",Twitter for Android
713809729764589568,,2016-03-26 19:27:56,"Wisconsin's economy is doing poorly and like everywhere else in U.S., jobs are leaving. I will make our economy strong again - bring in jobs",Twitter for Android
713807872388440069,,2016-03-26 19:20:33,Nobody will protect our Nation like Donald J. Trump. Our military will be greatly strengthened and our borders will be strong. Illegals out!,Twitter for Android
713806176274804736,,2016-03-26 19:13:48,Lyin' Ted Cruz is now trying to convince prople that his problems with The National Enq.were caused by me. I had NOTHING to do with story!,Twitter for Android
713803130417324032,,2016-03-26 19:01:42,"The press is going out of their way to convince people that I do not like or respect women, when they know that it is just the opposite!",Twitter for Android
713747213801938946,,2016-03-26 15:19:31,"The media is so after me on women Wow, this is a tough business. Nobody has more respect for women than Donald Trump!",Twitter for Android
713687943278424064,,2016-03-26 11:24:00,"""@pattiandsammi: @gullakhta99 @realDonaldTrump @Tytan01 @CNN WOMEN LOVE TRUMP. TRUMP'S EXECS PREDOMINANTLY FEMALE. #WOMEN4TRUMP""",Twitter for Android
713676890750509056,,2016-03-26 10:40:04,"""@Tytan01: Dear @CNN, after doing a quick Google & Twitter search there are over 15,000 women's groups supporting DonaldTrump. Stop Lying.""",Twitter for Android
713675903797174272,,2016-03-26 10:36:09,"""@SpartanMaker: Let me help you Trumpophobes with math: Trump: ($10.3B-$1.2M 74' equity)/1.2M = 858,233%. S&P: 1314.5% #Derp""",Twitter for Android
713558941662322688,,2016-03-26 02:51:23,"""@stanColtrane: Turns out @glennbeck was wrong. @realDonaldTrump had nothing to do with it""",Twitter for Android
713558033129930752,,2016-03-26 02:47:47,"""@theAgeofLeo: Your instincts on foreign policy & terrorism have been better than all of these so called experienced politicians combined.""",Twitter for Android
713556905550069761,,2016-03-26 02:43:18,"Top suspect in Paris massacre, Salah Abdeslam, who also knew of the Brussels attack, is no longer talking. Weak leaders, ridiculous laws!",Twitter for Android
713471400082874368,,2016-03-25 21:03:32,"""@11phenomenon: #LyingTed blames @realDonaldTrump for so many things I am starting to think he is having a mental health crisis.""",Twitter for Android
713133907567329285,,2016-03-24 22:42:27,"Wow, just released that $67 million in negative ads was spent on me. How am I still number one - by a lot?",Twitter for Android
713131098969083904,,2016-03-24 22:31:17,"I didn't start the fight with Lyin'Ted Cruz over the GQ cover pic of Melania, he did. He knew the PAC was putting it out - hence, Lyin' Ted!",Twitter for Android
713120275299229697,,2016-03-24 21:48:17,Just won a big federal lawsuit similar in certain ways to the Trump U case but the press refuses to write about it. If I lost-monster story!,Twitter for Android
713066424563052544,,2016-03-24 18:14:18,MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,Twitter for iPhone
713033155989610496,,2016-03-24 16:02:06,Endorsements for Lyin' Ted Cruz-,Twitter Web Client
713032429297078274,,2016-03-24 15:59:13,"""@NeilTurner_: @realDonaldTrump Cruz & Rubio are scared! WATCH ->""",Twitter for Android
713031504415338497,,2016-03-24 15:55:32,Europe and the U.S. must immediately stop taking in people from Syria. This will be the destruction of civilization as we know it! So sad!,Twitter for Android
713030660475240448,,2016-03-24 15:52:11,"Just announced that as many as 5000 ISIS fighters have infiltrated Europe. Also, many in U.S. I TOLD YOU SO! I alone can fix this problem!",Twitter for Android
713029867810463744,,2016-03-24 15:49:02,"""@Doctor_S_Freud: @TheView They're all brain-dead puppets with skeletons in their closet. I say you go on and destroy them all"" A dead show",Twitter for Android
713027407742177280,,2016-03-24 15:39:16,"Explain how the women on The View, which is a total disaster since the great Barbara Walters left, ever got their jobs. @abc is wasting time",Twitter for Android
713025973751529472,,2016-03-24 15:33:34,".@TheView T.V. show, which is failing so badly that it will soon be taken off thr air, is constantly asking me to go on. I TELL THEM ""NO""",Twitter for Android
713014127061544961,,2016-03-24 14:46:29,"Hillary Clinton has been working on solving the terrorism problem for years. TIME FOR A CHANGE, I WILL SOLVE - AND FAST!",Twitter for Android
713012937787588609,,2016-03-24 14:41:46,"""@TimVincent56: @LindseyGrahamSC Talkers think about the future, Doers are already building it"" #VoteTrump2016""",Twitter for Android
713012045214531584,,2016-03-24 14:38:13,"It is amazing how often I am right, only to be criticized by the media. Illegal immigration, take the oil, build the wall, Muslims, NATO!",Twitter for Android
713006944047534081,,2016-03-24 14:17:57,"Remember when I recently said that Brussels is a ""hell hole"" and a mess and the failing @nytimes wrote a critical article. I was so right!",Twitter for Android
713006012085760001,,2016-03-24 14:14:14,"These politicians like Cruz and Graham, who have watched ISIS and many other problems develop for years, do nothing to make things better!",Twitter for iPhone
713004219234709505,,2016-03-24 14:07:07,".@LindseyGrahamSC and Lyin' Ted Cruz are two politicians who are very much alike - ALL TALK AND NO ACTION! Both talk about ISIS, do nothing!",Twitter for Android
713003045827780609,,2016-03-24 14:02:27,It is amazing how @LindseyGrahamSC gets on so many T.V. shows talking negatively about me when I beat him so badly (ZERO) in his pres run!,Twitter for Android
712997502769872897,,2016-03-24 13:40:26,"""@missi51: .@realDonaldTrump thank God is not a politician, but he's one heck of a fighter who will fight for us, the people.""",Twitter for Android
712972000927551488,,2016-03-24 11:59:06,"We pay a disproportionate share of the cost of N.A.T.O. Why? It is time to renegotiate, and the time is now!",Twitter for Android
712969068396093440,,2016-03-24 11:47:26,N.A.T.O. is obsolete and must be changed to additionally focus on terrorism as well as some of the things it is currently focused on!,Twitter for Android
712850174838771712,,2016-03-24 03:55:00,"""@Don_Vito_08: ""A picture is worth a thousand words"" @realDonaldTrump #LyingTed #NeverCruz @MELANIATRUMP""",Twitter for Android
712845229674668032,,2016-03-24 03:35:21,"""@Kj11100Me: @realDonaldTrump Donald Trump will be greater president than Ragan. Trump will set the button for morality,Christianity.",Twitter for Android
712837228272164864,,2016-03-24 03:03:33,"""@tcsorr: @jphilman0206 @realDonaldTrump self-funded and media loves him. Not beholden to masters like @tedcruz. Who owns Ted?""",Twitter for Android
712829601081384962,,2016-03-24 02:33:15,"""@DebraRakestraw: You have over 2M followers more than than @HillaryClinton. This says something about how America feels. #Trump2016 🇺🇸""",Twitter for Android
712782227747311616,,2016-03-23 23:25:00,MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,Twitter for Android
712756995330281473,,2016-03-23 21:44:44,I want to thank @RealSheriffJoe for all of his help in our historic Arizona win. Could not have done it without you Joe!,Twitter for Android
712748982531977216,,2016-03-23 21:12:54,"While I believe I will clinch before Cleveland and get more than 1237 delegates, it is unfair in that there have been so many in the race!",Twitter for Android
712731263929618433,,2016-03-23 20:02:29,"I think having Jeb's endorsement hurts Lyin' Ted. Jeb spent more than $150,000,000 and got nothing. I spent a fraction of that and am first!",Twitter for Android
712729376207540226,,2016-03-23 19:54:59,"I will be the best by far in fighting terror. I’m the only one that was right from the beginning, & now Lyin’ Ted & others are copying me.",Twitter Web Client
712729040352882690,,2016-03-23 19:53:39,Just watched Hillary deliver a prepackaged speech on terror. She’s been in office fighting terror for 20 years- and look where we are!,Twitter Web Client
712728075532943361,,2016-03-23 19:49:49,"Low energy Jeb Bush just endorsed a man he truly hates, Lyin’ Ted Cruz. Honestly, I can’t blame Jeb in that I drove him into oblivion!",Twitter Web Client
712727046913462272,,2016-03-23 19:45:44,"Lyin’ Ted Cruz steals foreign policy from me, and lines from Michael Douglas— just another dishonest politician.",Twitter Web Client
712709458187694080,,2016-03-23 18:35:50,"Thank you, Arizona! #Trump2016
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TrumpTrain",Twitter for iPhone
712645789953167360,,2016-03-23 14:22:51,Lyin' Ted Cruz denied that he had anything to do with the G.Q. model photo post of Melania. That's why we call him Lyin' Ted!,Twitter for Android
712490195778727936,,2016-03-23 04:04:34,"Hopefully the Republican Party can come together and have a big WIN in November, paving the way for many great Supreme Court Justices!",Twitter for Android
712484978735448065,,2016-03-23 03:43:50,"Much bigger win than anticipated in Arizona. Thank you, I will never forget!",Twitter for Android
712481536470360064,,2016-03-23 03:30:10,"Thank you, Arizona! #Trump2016
#WesternTuesday #TrumpTrain",Twitter for iPhone
712473816614772736,,2016-03-23 02:59:29,"Incompetent Hillary, despite the horrible attack in Brussels today, wants borders to be weak and open-and let the Muslims flow in. No way!",Twitter for Android
712457104515317764,,2016-03-23 01:53:05,"Lyin' Ted Cruz just used a picture of Melania from a G.Q. shoot in his ad. Be careful, Lyin' Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife!",Twitter for Android
712408960918265857,,2016-03-22 22:41:46,"Pres. Obama should leave the baseball game in Cuba immediately & get home to Washington- where a #POTUS, under a serious emergency belongs!",Twitter for iPhone
712357600621432832,,2016-03-22 19:17:41,"Obama, and all others, have been so weak, and so politically correct, that terror groups are forming and getting stronger! Shame.",Twitter for Android
712357352972939265,,2016-03-22 19:16:42,"#UtahCaucus message from @IvankaTrump! #UTCaucus
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
712354185988202496,,2016-03-22 19:04:07,"#ArizonaPrimary message from @IvankaTrump! #AZPrimary #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
712351366925180929,,2016-03-22 18:52:55,"#VoteTrump video:
#AZPrimary #ArizonaPrimary #UtahCaucus #UTCaucus #AmericanSamoa",Twitter for iPhone
712343435387260928,,2016-03-22 18:21:24,"My heart & prayers go out to all of the victims of the terrible #Brussels tragedy. This madness must be stopped, and I will stop it.",Twitter for iPhone
712311921542873088,,2016-03-22 16:16:10,Watch this clip from earlier this year. Time & time again I have been right about terrorism. It’s time to get tough!,Twitter Web Client
712300954775887876,,2016-03-22 15:32:36,I have proven to be far more correct about terrorism than anybody- and it’s not even close. Hopefully AZ and UT will be voting for me today!,Twitter Web Client
712294898972680192,,2016-03-22 15:08:32,RT @EricTrump: #Arizona: We made it easy to find your polling location for today's primary! Simply visit 🇺🇸 https:/…,Twitter for iPhone
712291375958659072,,2016-03-22 14:54:32,MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,Twitter for Android
712291134991691777,,2016-03-22 14:53:34,"President Obama looks and sounds so ridiculous making his speech in Cuba, especially in the shadows of Brussels. He is being treated badly!",Twitter for Android
712248639947730944,,2016-03-22 12:04:43,"Do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place Brussels was. Not anymore, it is from a different world! U.S. must be vigilant and smart!",Twitter for iPhone
712235345287516160,,2016-03-22 11:11:53,"""@MyPresidentme: Here's Trump #AIPAC2016 in case anyone missed it. It is a must watch.""",Twitter for Android
711742734508421120,,2016-03-21 02:34:26,"""@BarronG510: @realDonaldTrump The media is corrupt! We The People are fighting with you.""",Twitter for Android
711653804983361536,,2016-03-20 20:41:03,"Wow, President Obama just landed in Cuba, a big deal, and Raul Castro wasn't even there to greet him. He greeted Pope and others. No respect",Twitter for Android
711639836810203142,,2016-03-20 19:45:33,Big Republican Dinner tonight at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. I will be there!,Twitter for Android
711638301111939072,,2016-03-20 19:39:27,"""@gamzorz: @megynkelly Dont worry Trump, They are losing thousands of viewers and money. Roger Ailes will be telling Megyn to stop""",Twitter for Android
711631122036293632,,2016-03-20 19:10:55,"So the highly overrated anchor, @megynkelly, is allowed to constantly say bad things about me on her show, but I can't fight back? Wrong!",Twitter for Android
711626493626093573,,2016-03-20 18:52:32,"The protesters blocked a major highway yesterday, delaying entry to my RALLY in Arizona by hours, and the media blames my supporters!",Twitter for Android
711586556688146434,,2016-03-20 16:13:50,"Why is it that the horrendous protesters, who scream, curse punch, shut down roads/doors during my RALLIES, are never blamed by media? SAD!",Twitter for Android
711521532149895168,,2016-03-20 11:55:27,Will be interviewed on @ThisWeekABC this morning. Enjoy!,Twitter for Android
711520501856866304,,2016-03-20 11:51:21,"""@GStephanopoulos: What’s @realDonaldTrump's strategy to secure the GOP nomination? I’ll talk to the Republican front-runner. @ThisWeekABC.""",Twitter for Android
711418254556852224,,2016-03-20 05:05:04,The rallies in Utah and Arizona were great! Tremendous crowds and spirit. Just returned but will be going back soon.,Twitter for Android
711414965224259586,,2016-03-20 04:51:59,"""@jojo2foxy: TRUMP IS NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING OR ANYONE - THAT'S THE PRESIDENT USA NEEDS TO UNITE US & KNOCK THE SOCKS OFF OUR ENEMIES!",Twitter for Android
711388380668493824,,2016-03-20 03:06:21,"THANK YOU ARIZONA! Get out and #VoteTrump on Tuesday! #AZPrimary
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
711366483872522240,,2016-03-20 01:39:20,"Thank you- Tucson, Arizona! A great afternoon with 6,000 supporters! #VoteTrump on Tuesday!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
711353589394972674,,2016-03-20 00:48:06,.@AndreaTantaros- You are a true journalistic professional. I so agree with what you say. Keep up the great work! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain,Twitter for iPhone
711350170798178304,,2016-03-20 00:34:31,".@jessebwatters- Watching your show from Arizona where we just had a big rally. It is fantastic- everybody loves it!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
711349494701494272,,2016-03-20 00:31:50,.@DiamondandSilk- Just watched you on #WattersWorld with a large group of people. Everybody loves you- two amazing people! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
711275596626665472,,2016-03-19 19:38:11,"THANK YOU ARIZONA! 20,000 amazing supporters! Get out and #VoteTrump on Tuesday. I love you!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
711218418775498752,,2016-03-19 15:50:59,"Wow, @CNN ratings are up 75% because it's ""all Trump, all the time."" The networks are making a fortune off of me! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!",Twitter for Android
711215886909050881,,2016-03-19 15:40:55,"Great to be back in Arizona!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
711209847702749184,,2016-03-19 15:16:55,"If crazy @megynkelly didn't cover me so much on her terrible show, her ratings would totally tank. She is so average in so many ways!",Twitter for Android
711209246419845120,,2016-03-19 15:14:32,Crazy @megynkelly says I don't (won't) go on her show and she still gets good ratings. But almost all of her shows are negative hits on me!,Twitter for Android
711175267599802368,,2016-03-19 12:59:31,"""@saneplanet: after tonight it is clear! Utah is #TrumpCountry #Utah #Mormon #UtahPrimary #Utah4Trump""",Twitter for Android
711164424971661312,,2016-03-19 12:16:26,"""@TeamTrumpAZ: Check out ""HANNITY EXCLUSIVE EVENT WITH TRUMP IN PHOENIX, AZ"" @Eventbrite""",Twitter for Android
711164130384674816,,2016-03-19 12:15:16,"""@DonaldJTrumpJr: Honored to be in #Utah with retired General Robert C. Oaks. We are so thankful for his support and endorsement here in SLC",Twitter for Android
711163293365198848,,2016-03-19 12:11:56,"""@Ma1973sk: Actually, no @FoxNews, @megynkelly has a sick obsession with Trump. Every day, every show, trashing, negative, hate.",Twitter for Android
711088013560778752,,2016-03-19 07:12:48,"""@AshleyEdam: It's great to see supporters like you along the way...watching Americans come together the past 8 months #voteTrump",Twitter for Android
711087670412185601,,2016-03-19 07:11:26,"""@grammy620: 1st time I heard #Trump I said ""wow"". I liked him! I then became a closet #Trump fan. Today? He's the ONLY 1 I will vote for!",Twitter for Android
711087132052295680,,2016-03-19 07:09:18,"""@Veteran4Trump: Vets For A Strong America Endorses Donald Trump for president; ""We've Endorsed Him, We Believe In Him"" #Trump2016",Twitter for Android
711085025857372161,,2016-03-19 07:00:56,"""@WesleyRickard: Sheriff Joe Arpaio AZ Endorses Donald J Trump for President of the United States #AZ #UT""",Twitter for Android
711084345356738560,,2016-03-19 06:58:13,"""@cmichaeld2004: Realistic Trump Poll Numbers translate to the 70 percentile range in a two-man race. Gee, what happened to that 30% ceiling",Twitter for Android
711051718608326658,,2016-03-19 04:48:35,"""@ileanabarkus: @nytdavidbrooks I totally agree! @nytdavidbrooks is strictly conceptual and theoretical and has NO COMMONSENSE!""",Twitter for Android
711049674782674947,,2016-03-19 04:40:27,"Thank you- New York! I love you!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
711046719421550592,,2016-03-19 04:28:43,Landing in Phoenix now. Tomorrow's events will be amazing! #Trump2016,Twitter for iPhone
711046009992798208,,2016-03-19 04:25:54,"Reading @nytdavidbrooks of the NY Times is a total waste of time, he is a clown with no awareness of the world around him- dummy!",Twitter for iPhone
711042337158340608,,2016-03-19 04:11:18,"While I have never met @nytdavidbrooks of the NY Times, I consider him one of the dumbest of all pundits- he has no sense of the real world!",Twitter for iPhone
711040837036154880,,2016-03-19 04:05:20,Heading to Phoneix. Will be arriving soon. Tomorrow a big day. Tremendous crowds expected! #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain,Twitter for iPhone
711035814164230145,,2016-03-19 03:45:23,Watching @loudobbsnews- fantastic show! Has very interesting take on Paul Ryan.,Twitter for iPhone
711035391302889472,,2016-03-19 03:43:42,"Just leaving Salt Lake City, Utah- fantastic crowd with no interruptions.
Love Utah- will be back!",Twitter for iPhone
711007886558633986,,2016-03-19 01:54:24,RT @MarkHalperin: Utah Speaker of the House announces endorsement of @realDonaldTrump. Says @DonaldJTrumpJr played a big role,Twitter for iPhone
711007773052559360,,2016-03-19 01:53:57,Why haven't they released the final Missouri victory for us yet? Could it be because Cruz's guy runs Missouri?,Twitter for iPhone
710995683860484097,,2016-03-19 01:05:55,"I guess I have reached yet another ""ceiling"" - 49.7%, with four people. My highest Reuters poll yet! Thank you!",Twitter for iPhone
710989203388162050,,2016-03-19 00:40:10,Do you believe that Hillary Clinton now wants Obamacare for illegal immigrants? She should spend more time taking care of our great Vets!,Twitter for iPhone
710947686879531008,,2016-03-18 21:55:11,"Everybody should boycott the @megynkelly show. Never worth watching. Always a hit on Trump! She is sick, & the most overrated person on tv.",Twitter for iPhone
710929239269203968,,2016-03-18 20:41:53,"Thank you Arizona- I love you!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
710928532461883392,,2016-03-18 20:39:05,"Join me tomorrow! #Trump2016
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain",Twitter for iPhone
710928141112332288,,2016-03-18 20:37:31,Mitt Romney is a mixed up man who doesn't have a clue. No wonder he lost!,Twitter for iPhone
710924053981188096,,2016-03-18 20:21:17,"Failed Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney was campaigning with John Kasich & Marco Rubio, and now he is endorsing Ted Cruz. 1/2",Twitter for iPhone
710923287430357001,,2016-03-18 20:18:14,"Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the man who ""choked"" and let us all down, is now endorsing Lyin' Ted Cruz. This is good for me!",Twitter for Android
710920670608236544,,2016-03-18 20:07:50,"Going to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a big rally. Lyin' Ted Cruz should not be allowed to win there - Mormons don't like LIARS! I beat Hillary",Twitter for Android
710920172106850304,,2016-03-18 20:05:51,"Club for Growth letter- trying to extort $1,000,000.00 from me. Remember, I said- NO!",Twitter for iPhone
710918088460517376,,2016-03-18 19:57:35,"Club For Growth tried to extort $1,000,000 from me. When I said NO, they went hostile with negative ads. Disgraceful!",Twitter for Android
710914741321998336,,2016-03-18 19:44:17,"With millions of dollars of negative and phony ads against me by the establishment, my numbers continue to go up. Can anyone explain this?",Twitter for Android
710905631008546816,,2016-03-18 19:08:05,".@EWErickson got fired like a dog from RedState
and now he is the one leading opposition against me.",Twitter Web Client
710904553219219456,,2016-03-18 19:03:48,Senator @LindseyGrahamSC made horrible statements about @SenTedCruz – and then he endorsed him. No wonder nobody trusts politicians!,Twitter Web Client
710868991309443072,,2016-03-18 16:42:29,Lyin' Ted Cruz lost all five races on Tuesday-and he was just given the jinx - a Lindsey Graham endorsement. Also backed Jeb. Lindsey got 0!,Twitter for Android
710857360399400960,,2016-03-18 15:56:16,"Join us in Salt Lake City, Utah- tonight!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016",Twitter for iPhone
710626092114120708,,2016-03-18 00:37:17,Hillary Clinton has been involved in corruption for most of her professional life!,Twitter for Android
710563892687196160,,2016-03-17 20:30:08,MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,Twitter for Android
710534544865239040,,2016-03-17 18:33:31,Who should star in a reboot of Liar Liar- Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz? Let me know.,Twitter Web Client
710510524031746052,,2016-03-17 16:58:04,Highly overrated & crazy @megynkelly is always complaining about Trump and yet she devotes her shows to me. Focus on others Megyn!,Twitter Web Client
710509591122075648,,2016-03-17 16:54:21,Looking like my 5 victories on Tuesday will be just as good as if I won Ohio. Two more days and Ohio was mine!,Twitter Web Client
710507173072269314,,2016-03-17 16:44:45,See you in Arizona on Friday and Saturday.,Twitter Web Client
710456179173040128,,2016-03-17 13:22:07,"Please explain to the dummies at the @WSJ Editorial Board that I love to debate and have won, according to Drudge etc., all 11 of them!",Twitter for Android
710453513155960834,,2016-03-17 13:11:31,".@WSJ is bad at math. The good news is, nobody cares what they say in their editorials anymore, especially me!",Twitter for Android