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On Your Mac

1. Install virtualbox

2. Install your windows of choice

3. Setup the image.

Double click on the on the windows image to open it in virtualbox. Either accept the default vm settings or salt & pepper to taste.

On the windows machine

1. Install Java

When prompted for run or save select save.

Click on the .exe and follow the install wizard.

To test installation, open PowerShell: Click on Search then input powershell

Type in java then hit return.

You should see output like this:

2. Install Selenium

  1. Download Selenium Standalone Server. You will execute this .jar file through powershell later. the file name looks like: selenium-server-standalone-3.12.0.jar

  2. Install The Internet Explorer Driver Server (32 or 64 bits)

___To see which operating system you have, right click on `Computer` in the file finder and select `Properties`___

You should see a string like

System > System Type: 32 bit operating system

Add the IEDriverServer.exe file in a folder you will later add to your path.

For example C:\Program Files\my_bins

To edit your path, right click on Computer then Properties again.

Go to Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Environment Variables

Find the path variable and prepend the path to your folder to it.

ie: C:\Program Files\my_bins;

don't forget the ; character.

  1. Run the selenium server Go to PowerShell like in step 1, and start the selenium server:
java -jar .\Downloads\selenium-server-standalone-3.8.1.jar -port 4445

You should see: Selenium Server is up and ready on port 445

Back On Your Mac

1. Open the virtualbox host config and setup port forwarding from your mac to the virtualbox.

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