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Constraints Liberate. Liberties Constrain.

Aravind Yarram yaravind

Constraints Liberate. Liberties Constrain.
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yaravind / Sports Leagues
Last active December 22, 2015 14:38
Sports Leagues version 1.0
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= Models Sports Leagues
Aravind R. Yarram <>
v1.0, 08-Sep-2013
== Domain Model
Each *League* has multiple *Level*s like playoffs, quarter-finals etc. The levels are ordered: first is playoffs, +NEXT+ is quarter-finals, +NEXT+ is semi-finals and then the next and last one is the finals. The ordering is represented using a[linked-list].
A *Player* can play for more than one team over multiple leagues but can only play for a single team in a given league. This is captured by the +PLAYED_IN_FOR_LEAGUE+[hyperedge] between player, team and league using[hypernode] *PlayerTeamLeague* . A team can register in a new league with a different name in which case, we want to know what it was +PREVIOUSLY_KNOWN_AS+.The fact that a player had for a given team (irrespective of which league) is capture
yaravind / Mahabharata Family Tree
Last active December 22, 2015 15:09
Mahabharata Family Tree
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= Mahābhārata Family Tree
Aravind R. Yarram <>
v1.0, 08-Sep-2013
== Domain Model
use sunburst ( graph to show the mahabharatha lineage
yaravind / Product Catalog
Last active December 24, 2015 08:29
Product Catalog
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= Product Catalog
Aravind R. Yarram <>
v1.0, 17-Sep-2013
== Domain
A product catalog is a collection of products, their categories, manufacturers with their pricing information. Products can be sold separately, included in one or more catalogs or used as substitute products
You can perform the following operations on a product:
Create, Update, Delete (Not recommended, deactivate instead), Deactivate (We should deactivate products that are no longer available instead of deleting them, because they are included in past orders, quotes, or opportunities.), Search etc.
yaravind / Legislative System
Last active January 1, 2016 15:59
Legislative System
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= Legislative system
Aravind R. Yarram <>
v1.0, 30-Dec-2013
== About Me
Aravind R. Yarram <>
Sr. Principal Innovation - Research and Development, Equifax Inc.
yaravind / first.go
Last active December 7, 2016 19:56
First Go Package & Command
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package main
import (
func main() {
fmt.Println("Example - Hello World")
yaravind / first_test.go
Created December 7, 2016 20:09
First Go Test
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package example
import "testing"
func TestNameAndAge(t *testing.T) {
n, a := NameAndAge()
if n != "Esha" || a != 7 {
t.Errorf("Expected 'Esha' and '7' but got %s and %d", n, a)
View spark-cli docopt
Apache Spark CLI
spark-cli apps [--completed | --running]
spark-cli app <app-id>
-h, --help show help
-v, -version show version
yaravind / Unix Shell related commands
Last active December 29, 2016 22:47
Shell commands to know details on the Shell
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View start-spark-master-slave-history-servers.cmd
TITLE Launcher - Spark Master, 1 Worker and History Server
set SPARK_HOME=C:\aravind\sw\spark-2.0.2-bin-hadoop2.7
:: - Find the IP Address and set it to IP_ADDR env var and reuse it while launching Worker
for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=:" %%a in ('ipconfig^|find "IPv4"') do set ip=%%b
set IP_ADDR=%ip:~1%
echo %IP_ADDR%
:: - Start master
START "Spark Master" %SPARK_HOME%\bin\spark-class.cmd org.apache.spark.deploy.master.Master
yaravind / account.go
Last active January 9, 2017 02:38
Account management domain model
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package account
import (
//Account is an interface that wraps the common behavior for accounts.
type Account interface {