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Common Comment Style

Common Comment Style

Cause i didn't find a useful one, i try to define it for personal using. So some rules are strict.

These ideas come from javadoc and doxygen.

Common rule

  • markdown for the format of internal comment
  • do not comment everywhere, you are doing coding not commenting


  • @version can be saved into a stand alone file like VERSION if user forgets the version he downloaded in some distribution. Then if you get a release version, it is simple to find out the version of that file


 * @file filename.ext
 * description...
 * @author yarco <>
 * @since 2012/11/28
 * @copyright BSD


 * @class classname
 * description...


var v; //<! description...


  • short version
//! short description
  • long version (+ vim folding)
/** brief description {{{
 * long description...
 * @param type description...
 * @return type description...
 * @throws type description...
 * @see somewhere
 * @api public,deprecated



// TODO: description...
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