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Common Project Initialize Procedure

Common Project Initialize Procedure

This common style is for me in developer eye. You could also follow it by yourself.

Name a project

The very beginning thing is you need to name a project. It is really very important when starting a project. No name, then no project.

  • name should be in english, and should less than 20 characters
  • do not use space, prefer -
  • try use lowercase for all projects
$ mkdir sample
$ cd sample

Version control and Branches

Version control is important for versioning sources, but not to abuse it.

  • choose git as version control system, no doubt
  • use github as remote server, no doubt
sample$ git init
  • create a file to introduce this project.
sample$ touch
sample$ git add
sample$ git commit -m 'add readme'
  • create gh-pages branch for github pages for future usage
sample$ git branch gh-pages


If a project can be divided into several parts, for example: restapi, webservice,ui etc. Then you'd better to store them into seperated directories and branches.

I sugguest the structure could be:

[master] -- master branch holding everything
 + rest-api/ -- it is a directory and also a branch
 + webservice/ -- same
 + rest-api/
 + webservice/

Certainly there could be non-branch directory or non-directory branch.

Extra file

  • if install procedure is complex, you'd better to create a
sample$ touch
  • if release notes become large, you'd better to create a
sample$ touch
  • you may also include license
sample$ touch LICENSE.txt
  • you may also include version file for some purpose
sample$ touch VERSION

Extra directory

  • you may also create a docs/ directory for storing docs. things like tut/ for tutorial, api for api, examples/ for example should always be stored in this directory
  • you may create a test/ directory to store tests
  • you may create a proj/ directory to store project related files for user requirements docs etc (internal using)

Extra personal prefers (following *nix style):

  • bin/ for binary file
  • lib/ for library file
  • src/ for c/c++ source code
  • var/ for runtime usage file
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