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Simple XLA benchmark
# XLA compilation controlled by "compile_ops" option
# compile_ops=False: 4.39 sec
# compile_ops=True: 0.90 sec
import os
import tensorflow as tf
from tensorflow.contrib.compiler import jit
jit_scope = jit.experimental_jit_scope
with jit_scope(compile_ops=True):
N = 500*1000*1000
x = tf.Variable(tf.random_uniform(shape=(N,)))
y = 0.1*x*x*x*x*x-0.5*x*x*x*x+.25*x*x*x+.75*x*x-1.5*x-2
y0 = y[0]
import time
sess = tf.Session()
start_time = time.time()
end_time = time.time()
print("%.2f sec"%(end_time-start_time))

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yehenrytian commented Mar 3, 2017

ok, I figured it out, just by change the source from compile_ops=True to compile_ops=False ^_^

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