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What would you like to do?
This Gist is a basic template for those who're interested in writing tutorials for Figment Learn. At the time of filling the form for writing tutorials applicants need to submit a link to their Gist file which contains initial details of the tutorial. On the basis of the details provided in Gist, we'll review the application for tutorial contrib…

Title of the Tutorial

Overview of the Tutorial

In 5-6 lines provide us the overview of the tutorial, which includes -

  • Why are you writing this tutorial?
  • What are you going to achieve/build in this tutorial?
  • What will they learn by doing it? What are the key learnings you want your audience to take away?

Who is this tutorial for?

What is your target audience? What prior knowledge should they have?

Technologies used in the Tutorial

Mention about what all different technologies (Programming Languages, APIs, SDKs, Database, Boilerplates, Templates, Frameworks etc.) you're going to use in the tutorial.

This tutorial contains (Please mark) -

  • Front-End
  • dApp
  • Smart Contract


Mention the name of the protocol/network for which you're writing this tutorial (Eg. Near, Avalanche, Celo etc.)

Difficulty Level of the Tutorial

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Previous Work (Optional)

Mention about your previous work/projects and share links if you have any

Anything else which you would like to let us know? (Optional)

Add extra details and information here, if you have anything else to tell us. We would love to hear :)

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