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yasoob/input_file.csv Secret

Created Aug 16, 2020
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We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: It looks like row 32 should actually have 12 columns, instead of 3. in line 31.
Tue Nov 5,234,13,BYU,L, 76-58,74, ,Away,0-1, ,
Sat Nov 9,235,43,Stanford,L, 70-54,72, ,Away,0-2, ,
Wed Nov 13,240,246,Wyoming,W, 60-53,64, ,Away,1-2, ,
Sat Nov 16,232,NR,Cal St.Stanislaus,W, 82-62,76, ,Home,2-2, ,
Sun Nov 24,224,108,Hofstra,L, 79-57,72, ,Home,2-3, ,
Wed Nov 27,251,340,Southeast Missouri St.,W, 64-57,69, ,Neutral,3-3, ,
Fri Nov 29,244,305,Denver,L, 65-62,66, ,Neutral,3-4, ,
Sat Nov 30,258,151,Santa Clara,L, 70-55,70, ,Away,3-5, ,
Wed Dec 4,259,120,Pacific,L, 62-59,60, ,Away,3-6, ,
Sat Dec 7,257,183,Sacramento St.,L, 62-59,66, ,Home,3-7, ,
Wed Dec 11,261,230,San Diego,L, 66-54,69, ,Home,3-8, ,
Sat Dec 14,271,74,San Francisco,L, 91-69,74, ,Home,3-9, ,
Sun Dec 22,284,209,Loyola Marymount,L, 53-46,61, ,Away,3-10, ,
Sat Dec 28,283,78,UCLA,W, 77-74,68, ,Away,4-10, ,
Fri Jan 3,276,NR,Saint Katherine,W, 103-52,74, ,Home,5-10, ,
Thu Jan 9,277,208,Hawaii,L, 75-69,70, ,Home,5-11,0-1,
Sat Jan 11,278,211,UC Riverside,L, 65-59,66, ,Away,5-12,0-2,
Wed Jan 15,279,106,UC Irvine,L, 74-61,69, ,Home,5-13,0-3,
Sat Jan 18,287,297,Long Beach St.,W, 66-62,72, ,Away,6-13,1-3,
Wed Jan 22,284,225,UC Davis,W, 78-74,72, ,Away,7-13,2-3,
Sat Jan 25,273,233,Cal St. Northridge,W, 82-75,76, ,Home,8-13,3-3,
Thu Jan 30,269,315,Cal Poly,L, 101-100,84,OT,Away,8-14,3-4,
Sat Feb 1,267,106,UC Irvine,L, 91-61,71, ,Away,8-15,3-5,
Wed Feb 5,276,211,UC Riverside,W, 61-48,62, ,Home,9-15,4-5,
Sat Feb 8,262,225,UC Davis,L, 87-81,68, ,Home,9-16,4-6,
Sat Feb 15,265,315,Cal Poly,W, 105-101,98,4OT,Home,10-16,5-6,
Thu Feb 20,272,160,UC Santa Barbara,L, 75-66,64, ,Home,10-17,5-7,
Thu Feb 27,275,208,Hawaii,L, 70-59,72, ,Away,10-18,5-8,
Sat Feb 29,275,233,Cal St. Northridge,L, 99-92,82, ,Away,10-19,5-9,
Thu Mar 5,274,160,UC Santa Barbara,L, 55-53,67, ,Away,10-20,5-10,
Sat Mar 7,268,297,Long Beach St.,W, 75-69,71, ,Home,11-20,6-10,
Home games played at Titan Gym (4,000, 267th largest in D-I)
Home court advantage: 2.1 (337th in D-I)
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