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Created Apr 18, 2019
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squants exercise with Circe
package exercise.squants.with_circe
import eu.timepit.refined.types.string.NonEmptyString
import io.circe.parser.parse
import{Money, Price}
import cats.syntax.either._
import io.circe.refined._
import io.circe._
import cats.syntax.apply._
import cats.instances.try_._
import scala.util.{Failure, Try}
case class Order(
name: NonEmptyString,
quantity: Volume,
unitPrice: Price[Volume]
object Main {
def makeDecoder[A](f: String => Try[A]): Decoder[A] = Decoder.decodeString.emap {
private val priceUnit = "([^/]*)/(.*)".r
implicit val volumeDecoder: Decoder[Volume] = makeDecoder(Volume(_))
implicit val priceDecoder: Decoder[Price[Volume]] = makeDecoder {
case priceUnit(p, u) => (Money(p), Volume(u)) mapN (_ / _)
case _ => Failure(new Exception("cannot parse unit price"))
val rawJson: String = """{
"name": "crude oil",
"quantity": "456 L",
"unitPrice": "64.39 USD/42 gal"
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
val result: Either[Error, Order] = parse(rawJson) flatMap ([Order])
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