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Last active Apr 23, 2019
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oop to fp - reader monad
import cats.syntax.option._
// domain layer -----------------------------------------------------------
import monix.eval.Task
case class Movie(id: Int, title: String)
trait MovieRepo {
def getMovie(id: Int): Task[Option[Movie]]
trait UsesMovieRepo {
val movieRepo: MovieRepo
// application layer ----------------------------------------------
val db = Map[Int, Movie](42 -> Movie(42, "A Movie"))
object MovieRepoImpl extends MovieRepo {
def getMovie(id: Int): Task[Option[Movie]] = Task(db.get(id))
trait MovieServiceEnv extends UsesMovieRepo
object MovieServiceEnv extends MovieServiceEnv {
val movieRepo = MovieRepoImpl
object MovieService {
def getMovie(id: Int): ReaderT[Task, MovieServiceEnv, Option[Movie]] =
val task1 = MovieService.getMovie(42).run(MovieServiceEnv)
// runtime layer -------------------------------------------------
import scala.concurrent.Await
import scala.concurrent.duration._
Await.result(task1.runToFuture, 1.second)
// test environment -------------------------------------------------------
object TestEnvironment extends MovieServiceEnv {
val movieRepo = new MovieRepo {
def getMovie(id: Int): Task[Option[Movie]] = Task(Movie(-1, "Test").some)
val task2 = MovieService.getMovie(42).run(TestEnvironment)
Await.result(task2.runToFuture, 1.second)
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