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Example of encoding Unicode graphemes as string and taking its length
(* Re: *)
(* Use this if using the REPL, otherwise use dune to build with the library dependency *)
#require "uutf";;
(* Converts an array of ints (Unicode graphemes) into a UTF-8 encoded string. *)
let utf8_to_string uchars =
let buf = Buffer.create (2 * Array.length uchars) in
Array.iter (fun uchar -> Uutf.Buffer.add_utf_8 buf (Uchar.of_int uchar)) uchars;
Buffer.contents buf
(* Calculates number of graphemes in a UTF-8 encoded string. *)
let utf8_len =
let width_folder len _ = function
| `Uchar _ -> succ len
| `Malformed s -> invalid_arg s
Uutf.String.fold_utf_8 width_folder 0
(* Now we can replicate the examples in the other languages: *)
let s = utf8_to_string [|0x25105; 0x26159; 0x33521; 0x22269; 0x20154|] (* "𥄅𦅙𳔡𢉩𠅔" *)
let len = utf8_len s (* 5 *)
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