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ybinstock / Parental Control for GnC
Last active May 30, 2023 19:30
Parental Control for Goodnight Chrome
On the Parents page, have a login/signup/forgot password feature. If the user is logged in / after the user logins/signs up,
forward to settings page with additional feature of set parental control. Instead of the save settings button, it would say "Parental Control: Save Settings".
If logged in, instead of Parental Control, it should say welcome username
If the user wants to create an account, they go to the sign up page. The sign up page request their username(email), password, confirm password and stripe plug in.
So a user who has parental control once they press the button, would have a popup with a password field to confirm that it's the adult. If confirm, changes are saved. If not, changes aren't saved.
Check off/on button for kids version
ybinstock / Parallax Project
Last active August 29, 2015 14:08
Parallax Project
I will be making a parallax about digital nomadism
1. What is a digital nomad?
Digital nomads are individuals who leverage telecommunications technologies to perform their work duties, and more generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner. Such workers can work remotely—from home or from the beaches of Fiji.
2. Who can become a digital nomad?

##Command Line Basics

What are the terminal commands to:

  • Create a new folder called "Blah"
mkdir Blah
  • Move into the newly created "Blah" folder