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View Pattern matching code for vpdpbusd
Last login: Thu Aug 27 14:50:00 on ttys002
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(base) MacBook-Pro-87:Vectorize tom$ cd
(base) MacBook-Pro-87:~ tom$ cd workspace/
(base) MacBook-Pro-87:workspace tom$ ls
View weird.s
vmovups ymm0, ymmword ptr [rdi - 64]
vmovups ymm1, ymmword ptr [rdi - 32]
vbroadcastss ymm2, dword ptr [rsi - 32]
vbroadcastss ymm3, dword ptr [rsi - 28]
prefetcht0 byte ptr [rdi + 512]
vfmadd231ps ymm8, ymm0, ymm2
vfmadd231ps ymm12, ymm1, ymm2
vfnmadd231ps ymm9, ymm0, ymm3
vfnmadd231ps ymm13, ymm1, ymm3
vbroadcastss ymm2, dword ptr [rsi - 24]
View tf-second.s
movq -2072(%rbp), %rax
movq -2088(%rbp), %r11
movq %rax, -2048(%rbp)
addq $24, %rax
movq %rax, -2064(%rbp)
movq -2080(%rbp), %rax
movq %rax, -2056(%rbp)
movq -2048(%rbp), %rax
movq -1552(%rbp), %r15
movq -1208(%rbp), %r13
View tf-frequent.s
vxorps %xmm4, %xmm4, %xmm4
movq %r11, %rax
movq %r10, %rdx
xorl %r15d, %r15d
vmovaps %ymm4, %ymm9
vmovaps %ymm4, %ymm15
vmovaps %ymm4, -80(%rbp)
vmovaps %ymm4, %ymm11
vmovaps %ymm4, %ymm8
vmovaps %ymm4, %ymm5
ychen306 / gist:0f2edcd8cd1cad2775e9
Last active Jan 30, 2018
Guide on using FHIR Genomics' reference server.
View gist:0f2edcd8cd1cad2775e9

How to setup the reference API server.

  • First, clone the server with
$ git clone
  • Load sample data into the server and run it.
$ cd fhir_genomics
$ cp