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Last active October 30, 2016 19:04
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What would you like to do? / - Bookmarklet

A simple bookmarklet which makes our painful life a bit easier.

javascript:(function(b,a,c,d,e){if(/\.\w+$/.test(a))b.location=c+a.replace("/blob/","/");else if(e=prompt("Insert a filename:","index.html"))b.location=c+a.replace("/tree/","/")+(~a.indexOf(d)?"/":d)+e})(window,location.pathname,"","/master/");

The usage is quite simple:

Go to any repo where you like to preview a file, and execute the booklet. If the current url is a file, it should open the file directly, otherwise it will prompt for a filename (per default it is index.html).

I've tested it with the following url-usecases:

New: optimized for


  • Firefox CSP interfere currently with the operation of bookmarklets.
    But, yay! There's already a bugreport:
    So, to use this booklet on HTTPS-enabled sites you've to disable security.csp.enable via about:config
    (...or look for a better solution [...and note it here!]).
(function (window, pathname, rawgit, master, file) {
if ( /\.\w+$/.test(pathname) ) {
window.location = rawgit + pathname.replace('/blob/', '/');
} else if ( (file = prompt('Insert a filename:', 'index.html')) ) {
window.location = rawgit + pathname.replace('/tree/', '/') + (~pathname.indexOf(master) ? '/' : master) + file;
}(window, location.pathname, '', '/master/'));
"name": "",
"description": "Opens a GitHub-file/path with",
"icon": "",
"link": ""
(function(b,a,c,d,e){if(/\.\w+$/.test(a))b.location=c+a.replace("/blob/","/");else if(e=prompt("Insert a filename:","index.html"))b.location=c+a.replace("/tree/","/")+(~a.indexOf(d)?"/":d)+e})(window,location.pathname,"","/master/");
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Why isn't this more popular??

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yckart commented Sep 3, 2014

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jasondavis commented Jul 2, 2016

THANK YOOOOU! Now we need to add auto clipboard copy capability. Maybe this

any interest?

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yckart commented Oct 30, 2016


Hmm... such a big library for this simple task?

Just replace window.location = ... with window.prompt('Copy to clipboard:', ...).

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