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Things you should take Note of b4 Writing a Software

#Things You Should Take Note of :

  1. What software are you writing ? ==> UpFront
  2. What technology are you using ? ==> UpFront
  3. How and where will it be deployed ? --> May I know ==> UpFront
  4. Front End Implementation Consideration (user)

#Front - End ?

  1. Software(Application) => interacts (Sometimes Through API) => User
  2. Imports Back-End packages
  3. They will be Bugs found... but not so important than the Back-End ==> As long as in the Back-End is free from Bugs

#Back - End ?

  1. Normally, Does not interact with the users.
  2. NEVER imports Front-End packages.
  3. Should be tested separately.
  4. Test until No Bugs => **Important
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