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@ycmjason ycmjason/db.js
Created Jun 27, 2018

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A neat way to interact with mongoclient, without caring too many proxies.
const MongoClient = require('mongodb').MongoClient;
const DB_NAME = 'mydb';
const MONGO_URL = process.env.MONGO_URL;
const dbPromise = MongoClient.connect(
{ useNewUrlParser: true },
).then(client => client.db(DB_NAME));
// if anything went wrong connecting db
dbPromise.catch(e => {
console.error('Cannot connect to mongodb...');
module.exports = new Proxy({}, {
get(target, collectionName) {
return new Proxy({}, {
get(target, methodName) {
return async (...args) => {
const collection = await dbPromise.then(db => db.collection(collectionName));
return collection[methodName](...args);
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