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@ydaniv ydaniv/shall.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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A mix of pub/sub and Promises that allows decoupled transfer of control from one component to another.
* Assuming an implementation of a pub/sub system that provides publish() and subscribe() functions.
* Also assuming a Promises A+ implementation.
* In this way a publisher that requires some unknown subscriber to either accept or decline can
* publish an event that will pass a deferred object to any subscribed component that can either
* resolve or reject the promise.
* A nice example is some action button that requires a modal confirm dialog to prompt the user to
* either accept or decline the action.
* This of course can be done by publishing an event back from dialog back to the action button,
* but by passing a deferred object behind the scenes we create a direct, yet loosely coupled,
* reverse connection between the subscriber and the publisher.
* The most straight forward benefit of this pattern is that there's no need for the 2 other events
* to publish and subscribe to, in the reverse direction.
* In the example above these would be the accept and decline events back from the dialog to the
* action button.
// somewhere: some component is subscribing
subscribe('topic', function (deferred) {
if ( && ) {
// somewhere else: some other component is publishing
var data = {
correct: true
shall('topic', data)
.then(function (value) {
// resolved
}, function (reason) {
// rejected
// where the implementation of shall() would be something along:
function shall (topic, data) {
return Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
publish(topic, {
resolve: resolve,
reject: reject,
data: data
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