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final class PhabricatorStandardCustomFieldSelect
extends PhabricatorStandardCustomField {
//Existing Code here
* Adding new function
protected function newExportFieldType() {
return new PhabricatorSelectExportField($this); //Need to inject a reference to the instance of the object
final class PhabricatorSelectExportField
extends PhabricatorExportField {
private $phabricatorStandardCustomSelectField;
function __construct($_phabricatorStandardCustomSelectField){
$this->phabricatorStandardCustomSelectField = $_phabricatorStandardCustomSelectField;
public function setPhabricatorStandardCustomSelectField($value){
$this->phabricatorStandardCustomSelectField = $value;
return $this;
public function getPhabricatorStandardCustomSelectField(){
return $this->phabricatorStandardCustomSelectField;
public function getTextValue($value) {
$field = $this->getPhabricatorStandardCustomSelectField();
$field_Options = $field->getOptions();
return $field_Options[$value];
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