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Last active Jan 2, 2016
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Local Git config file. To be put in as ~/.gitconfig
# Aliases for common git commands. E.g., enter "git d" for "git diff"
# These settings live in the ~/.gitconfig file.
b = branch
br = branch
ba = branch -a
ci = commit
co = checkout
d = diff
dc = diff --cached
fp = format-patch
g = !git gui &
gr = log --graph
go = log --graph --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit
k = !gitk &
ka = !gitk --all &
lc = log ORIG_HEAD.. --stat --no-merges
lp = log --patch-with-stat
mnf = merge --no-ff
mnff = merge --no-ff
mt = mergetool
p = format-patch -1
serve = !git daemon --reuseaddr --verbose --base-path=. --export-all ./.git
sra = svn rebase --all
sh = !git-sh
st = status
stm = status --untracked=no
stfu = status --untracked=no
pullsrb = !git stash save && git pull --rebase && git stash pop && echo 'Success!'
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