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Use pulseaudio as bluetooth speaker on archlinux

Install packages

  • bluez
  • bluez-utils
  • pulseaudio-bluetooth

Enable bluetooth

Edit /etc/bluetooth/main.conf, uncomment following lines


Add /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf


Enable and start bluetooth service

sudo systemctl enable bluetooth
sudo systemctl start bluetooth

Follow this guide to connect bluetooth devices. Some devices may need explicitly trust in bluetoothctl.

Enable pulseaudio system wide

Create pulse user, it is very important add pulse to lp group which grants access to bluetooth control dbus

sudo groupadd --system pulse
sudo useradd --system -g pulse -G audio,lp --home-dir /var/run/pulse pulse
sudo groupadd --system pulse-access

Add yourself to lp and pulse-access if necessay.

Add file /etc/systemd/system/pulseaudio.service

Description=PulseAudio Daemon


ExecStart=/usr/bin/pulseaudio --system --realtime --disallow-exit --log-target=journal

Edit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf, uncomment

system-instance = yes

Add these lines to /etc/pulse/

load-module module-bluetooth-discover
load-module module-bluetooth-policy

Add file /etc/pulse/client.conf

default-server = /var/run/pulse/native
autospawn = no

Enable and start pulseaudio

sudo systemctl enable pulseaudio
sudo systemctl start pulseaudio

Config alsa if necessay, here is my /etc/asound.conf

pcm.!default {
    type plug
    slave {
        pcm "hw:0,0"

ctl.!default {
    type hw
    card 0

Load pulse module using pacmd

sudo PULSE_RUNTIME_PATH=/var/run/pulse -u pulse pacmd

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@tran1903alt tran1903alt commented Apr 11, 2021

Good, it worked!

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