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Bash shortcuts

Command Description
Ctrl + a To the beginning of the line
Ctrl + e To the end of the line
Alt + b One word back
Alt + f One word forward
Ctrl + k Delete to the end of the line
Ctrl + u Delete to the beginning of the line
Alt + d Delete to the end of the word
Ctrl + w Delete to the beginning of the word
Ctrl + p Previous command or arrow up
Ctrl + n Next command or arrow down
Ctrl + r Search history (fzf is a good, 3rd party alternative)
Ctrl + u Remove line
Ctrl + l Clear screen
Ctrl + b Move back one character
Ctrl + f Move forward one character
Ctrl + d Delete current character
Ctrl + - Undo
Ctrl + y Paste the last cut


  • z is a good util to jump around folders.
  • jq is a fast and flexible command line JSON processor.
  • httpie is a fancy cURL alternative.
  • ExplainShell is great website to explain how a command or chain of commands work.
  • The Art of Command Line
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