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yellows8/ Secret

Created Jul 19, 2017
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from struct import unpack as up
import sys, os, hashlib
# Originally written by SciresM.
# Modified by yellows8 for PFS0 support, and for dir-creation.
dirs, files = None, None
def read_at(fp, off, len):
def read_u8(fp, off):
return up('<B', read_at(fp, off, 1))[0]
def read_u16(fp, off):
return up('<H', read_at(fp, off, 2))[0]
def read_u32(fp, off):
return up('<I', read_at(fp, off, 4))[0]
def read_u64(fp, off):
return up('<Q', read_at(fp, off, 8))[0]
def read_filename(fp, off, l):
if l == 0:
return ''
s = read_at(fp, off, l)
if '\0' in s:
s = s[:s.index('\0')]
return s
def dump_file(name, offset, size, hsh_sz, hsh, fs_type):
global archive, out_dir
path = os.path.join(out_dir, name)
print 'Dumping %s (%012X-%012X) to %s...' % (name, offset, offset+size, path)
if fs_type==0 and hashlib.sha256( != hsh:
print 'Warning: Hash is invalid for %s!' % (name)
with open(path, 'wb') as f:
ofs = 0
sz = 0x800000
while ofs < size:
if size - ofs < sz:
sz = size - ofs
ofs += sz
print 'Dumped!'
def main(argc, argv):
fs_type = 0
if argc != 3:
print 'Usage: %s in_file out_dir' % argv[0]
global archive, dirs_off, files_off, fdata_off
archive = open(argv[1], 'rb')
magicnum = read_at(archive, 0, 4)
if magicnum != 'HFS0':
fs_type = 1
if magicnum != 'PFS0':
print 'Error: Invalid archive.'
print 'Failed to open %s.' % argv[1]
global out_dir
out_dir = argv[2]
if os.path.exists(out_dir) == False:
entrysize = 0x40
if fs_type==1:
entrysize = 0x18
magic, num_files, name_table_size, reserved = up('<IIII', read_at(archive, 0, 0x10))
name_table = read_at(archive, 0x10 + entrysize * num_files, name_table_size)
files = []
for i in range(num_files):
f_meta =
if fs_type==0:
offset, size, string_ofs, hsh_sz, unk2, unk3, hsh = up('<QQIIII32s', f_meta)
if fs_type==1:
offset, size, string_ofs, unk2 = up('<QQII', f_meta)
hsh_sz = 0
hsh = ''
name = name_table[string_ofs:]
if '\x00' in name:
name = name[:name.index('\x00')]
files.append((0x10 + entrysize * num_files + name_table_size + offset, size, name, hsh_sz, hsh))
for file in files:
offset, size, name, hsh_sz, hsh = file
dump_file(name, offset, size, hsh_sz, hsh, fs_type)
if __name__ == '__main__':
main(len(sys.argv), sys.argv)
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