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Public, protected and private methods in Ruby
# Note about `protected`:
# One use case for using `protected` is object comparator methods, where the method
# may need to call protected methods on `self` and another object of the same class.
# But 99% of the time, we don't write object comparator methods, that's why we almost
# Never use `protected`. See:
# See
class MyClass
# Internal Visibility / Implicit Receiver
def implicit_receiver_calls
puts public_method rescue puts "NG public"
puts protected_method rescue puts "NG protected"
puts private_method rescue puts "NG private"
# Internal Visibility / Explicit Receiver
def explicit_receiver_calls
puts self.public_method rescue puts "NG public"
puts self.protected_method rescue puts "NG protected"
puts self.private_method rescue puts "NG private"
def public_method; 'OK public' end
def protected_method; 'OK protected' end
def private_method; 'OK private' end
# Internal Visibility
puts "\nInternal Visibility / Implicit Receiver"
puts "---------------------------------------"
puts "\nInternal Visibility / Explicit Receiver"
puts "---------------------------------------"
# External Visibility
puts "\nExternal Visibility"
puts "---------------------------------------"
my_instance =
puts my_instance.public_method rescue puts "NG public"
puts my_instance.protected_method rescue puts "NG protected"
puts my_instance.private_method rescue puts "NG private"
Internal Visibility / Implicit Receiver
OK public
OK protected
OK private
Internal Visibility / Explicit Receiver
OK public
OK protected
NG private
External Visibility
OK public
NG protected
NG private
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