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Fighting a losing battle

Ross McLean yerbestpal

Fighting a losing battle
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yerbestpal /
Last active Dec 27, 2019
Notes transcribed from the Codecademy 'Learn Git' course.

Git & Github

These notes transcribed from the Codecademy 'Learn Git' course. They are for personal use to reinforce my own learning and are on Github purely for backup purposes. I do not claim ownership of any content at all provided by codecademy.

Git is a version control system used to track changes to source code and provide access to it to others, encouraging open contributions, bug reporting and testing.

Github is a website which hosts Git repositories which others can access to contribute to the project with bug reports, code contributions and testing.

yerbestpal / starship.toml
Last active Oct 19, 2021
Starship configuration file.
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# Starship command prompt configuration file. Colour choice and over-use of emoji
# is to help blend in with Ubuntu MATE default theme, Ambiant-Mate.
# disable starship from forcing a new line to be taken. Solved the empty line
# at start of terminal
add_newline = false
disabled = true