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Last active November 17, 2020 14:20
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CF7SendWA - Single Product Buy
woo_checkout_first_name: your-name
woo_checkout_phone: whatsapp
woo_checkout_order_note: order-note
[cf7sendwa-quickshop products="current" detail="no"]
[md-form spacing="tight"]
[md-text label="Your Name" outlined="yes"]
[text* your-name]
[md-text label="WhatsApp Number" outlined="yes"]
[text* whatsapp]
[md-textarea label="Order Note"]
[textarea order-note]
[submit "Pesan Sekarang"]
Success message :
Pesanan telah kami terima, silahkan cek [cf7sendwa-received-link title="detail pesanan"] atau lakukan [cf7sendwa-payment-link title="pembayaran"]
Halo, mohon diproses pesanan berikut:
Nama : [your-name]
No HP/WA : [whatsapp]
Terima kasih
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