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Licorice Liquor


  • Kossu, Vodka, Klarer or any other clear, neutral tasting liquor
  • Hot Turkish Pepper candy ("Tyrkisk Pejber" or "Turkin Pippuri")
  • A clean, empty bottle with an opening large enough that your candy can be dropped in

Try to get a hand on the original scandinavian, hot version ("Tyrkisk Pejber" or "Turkin Pippuri" with three flames on the packaging).

The taste and color of the drink varies according to the type and the amount of candy you use.

  • light 10 candy per 350ml liquor
  • dark 20 candy per 350ml liquor


  1. Drop candy in bottle
  2. Let the candy dissolve over night
  3. Shake
  4. Taste

Speed up dissolving step by placing the bottle in dishwasher for half an hour.

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