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Salmiakki Recipe


Licorice Liquor


  • Kossu, Vodka, Klarer or any other clear, neutral tasting liquor
  • Hot Turkish Pepper candy ("Tyrkisk Pejber" or "Turkin Pippuri")
  • A clean, empty bottle with an opening large enough that your candy can be dropped in

Try to get a hand on the original scandinavian, hot version ("Tyrkisk Pejber" or "Turkin Pippuri" with three flames on the packaging).

  1. Generate the file:
$ awk 'BEGIN { for(c=0;c<10000000;c++) printf "<p>LOL</p>" }' > 100M.html
$ (for I in `seq 1 100`; do cat 100M.html; done) | pv | gzip -9 > 10G.boomgz
  1. Check it is indeed good: