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a = parseFloat(getUserInputValue("请输入土方下底面的长度", 100));
b = parseFloat(getUserInputValue("请输入土方下底面的宽度", 100));
x = parseFloat(getUserInputValue("请输入土方上底面的长度", 100));
y = parseFloat(getUserInputValue("请输入土方上底面的宽度", 100));
h = parseFloat(getUserInputValue("请输入土方的高度", 10));
totalArea = eachArea(a,b,x,y,h)+eachArea(b,a,y,x,h);
print("短梯形的高是: "+sqrt((square((b-y)/2)) + square(h)));
print("长梯形的高是: "+sqrt((square((a-x)/2)) + square(h)));
print("每个短梯形的面积是: "+(eachArea(a,b,x,y,h))/2);
print("每个长梯形的面积是: "+(eachArea(b,a,y,x,h))/2);
print("四个侧面梯形的面积总和是: "+totalArea);
function square(x){
return x*x;
function eachArea(a,b,x,y,h){
return (a+x)*sqrt((square((b-y)/2)) + square(h));
function getUserInputValue(dialogueTitle, defaultValue){
Dialog.addNumber(dialogueTitle+": ", defaultValue, 2, 8, "米"); //对话框标题,默认值,小数位数,输入框宽度,输入框右侧单位;
return Dialog.getNumber(); //将输入的数值赋给变量
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