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ygjb / Controller.cs
Created Oct 12, 2015
Elevator Scripts
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using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class Controller : MonoBehaviour {
public float moveSpeed = 3.0f;
public CharacterController myController;
void Start () {
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void ClearField()
GameObject[] targets = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Target");
foreach (GameObject target in targets)

*** The BSidesVancouver Kickstarter was run from January 21, 2014 through February 7, 2014, was successfully funded and made a major contribution to our event. Hopefully this blog post helps people who are considering running a kickstarter project! ***

In 2013 Darren and I ran the first BSidesVancouver event, on a shoe-string budget, with the help of some awesomely flexible and helpful sponsors and volunteers. I may or may not have sold a kidney to help cover costs...

The thing that was really awesome is that on more than one occasion I had people at the event try to give me money; I refused... we didn't set up anything to properly handle income, and we didn't have proper accounting set up (we didn't handle any cash or payments; sponsors paid vendors directly).

The event was awesome, almost entirely flawless, and we got enough community feedback that, with several of our volunteers promoted to team members, we decided t

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{% extends "sidebar_base.html" %}
{% block panel %}
<!-- Start Event List -->
<div id="events_list" class="page">
<h1>Upcoming Events</h1>
{% if articles %}
{% for article in articles if article.type == 'Event'%}
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"name": "Fuzz and Scan",
"description": "Run Skipfish to fuzz the application, and perform a ZAP scan.",
"workflow": [
"plugin_name": "minion.plugins.skipfish.SkipfishPlugin",
"description": "",
"configuration": {
ygjb / gist:6080431
Created Jul 25, 2013
Minion Alive Plugin sample
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class AlivePlugin(BlockingPlugin):
This plugin checks if the site is alive or not. If any error occurs, the whole plan
will be aborted. This is useful to have as the first plugin in a workflow. Anything
non-200 will be seen as a fatal error.
ygjb / gist:4543418
Last active Dec 11, 2015
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Kitherder is a web application that is designed to facilitate participation in the Security Mentorships program. Note that while this program is currently limited to security projects, the goal of KitHerder is to provide the matchmaking and relationship management features required to open the program to the Mozilla community.

The requirements here are driven by the documentation from the mentorship program and it is expected that the system will leverage accounts to reduce the amount of personal data stored in Kitherder, and issue badges using the Mozilla Foundation badge system based on participation criteria.


  • Mozillian - a user with an account on
  • Vouched Mozillian - a user who has been "vouched" on
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Basic Requirements


  • use BrowserID Authentication

Access Controls

  • group membership
  • group membership assignment via email address (e.g.,
  • permissions are assigned to groups
  • base permissions