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@yi-jiayu yi-jiayu/
Created Mar 11, 2019

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A simple backtracking sudoku solver
def rows(puzzle):
return [puzzle[9 * i:9 * i + 9] for i in range(9)]
def columns(puzzle):
return [puzzle[i::9] for i in range(9)]
def boxes(puzzle):
return [puzzle[i:i + 3] +
puzzle[i + 9:i + 9 + 3] +
puzzle[i + 9 + 9:i + 9 + 9 + 3] for i in
(j * 3 + k * 27 for j in range(3) for k in range(3))]
def valid_group(group):
digits = [d for d in group if d != '.']
return len(set(digits)) == len(digits)
def valid(puzzle):
return all(valid_group(group) for group in rows(puzzle)) and all(
valid_group(group) for group in columns(puzzle)) and all(
valid_group(group) for group in boxes(puzzle))
def solved(puzzle):
return valid(puzzle) and '.' not in puzzle
def permutations(puzzle):
return [puzzle.replace('.', f'{i + 1}', 1) for i in range(9)]
def solve(puzzle):
stack = [puzzle]
while stack:
curr = stack.pop()
if solved(curr):
return curr
stack.extend(perm for perm in permutations(curr) if valid(perm))
def valid_input(inp):
return len(inp) == 81 and not set(inp) - set('.123456789')
def main():
puzzle = input()
if not valid_input(puzzle):
print('Invalid input!')
solved_puzzle = solve(puzzle)
if not solved_puzzle:
print('No solution!')
if __name__ == '__main__':
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